From $40 to $1.2m: The Success Story of a Small Jewelry Brand

From $40 to $1.2m: The Success Story of a Small Jewelry Brand

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Organic Social Media
  3. The Importance of Customized Products
  4. The Strategy Behind Share-Worthy Posts
  5. Leveraging TikTok for Growth
  6. The Role of Behind-the-Scenes Content
  7. Building Social Proof with Followers
  8. Controversial Content and Its Impact
  9. Developing Products for Social Media
  10. The Entrepreneurial Success of Liv Portillo


The success story of a small jewelry brand, Dbl Jewelry, is a testament to the power of organic social media marketing. Without any paid ads, founder Liv Portillo transformed a mere $40 initial investment into an annual revenue of $1.2 million within three years. This article will delve into the specific social media posts that propelled Dbl Jewelry to success and provide valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their own businesses.

The Power of Organic Social Media

Liv Portillo's journey to building a seven-figure business was primarily driven by her organic social media presence. She initially started by sharing photos of her custom name necklaces on Snapchat, which sparked interest and demand from her friends. This proved that even handmade and custom products can scale if approached strategically.

The Importance of Customized Products

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Liv's custom-made jewelry became a significant factor in her social media success. By showcasing customer photos wearing their personalized necklaces, Dbl Jewelry grew organically through user-generated content. The custom nature of the products motivated customers to share their purchase with friends and followers, creating a viral effect.

The Strategy Behind Share-Worthy Posts

Liv's success on Instagram paved the way for her expansion onto TikTok. Amidst the pandemic and quarantine restrictions, she downloaded the app and shared a TikTok video showcasing the process of making customized jewelry. This behind-the-scenes content resonated with customers who had become accustomed to seeing only polished finished products on Instagram.

Leveraging TikTok for Growth

One particular TikTok video in which Liv asked her followers for input on necklace designs garnered overnight success, amassing one million followers. This marked a crucial turning point for Dbl Jewelry as a new audience of potential customers grew through TikTok. Liv recognized the power of process-driven content, providing a fresh perspective that customers were eager to explore.

The Role of Behind-the-Scenes Content

Continuing her success on TikTok, Liv shared more videos of herself creating name necklaces. This behind-the-scenes content became a catalyst for sales as customers were increasingly excited to witness and engage with emerging brands. The authenticity and transparency captured in these videos allowed customers to connect with Dbl Jewelry on a personal level, fostering stronger brand loyalty.

Building Social Proof with Followers

Liv understood that followers on social media are often seeking valuable information rather than merely engaging with the individual behind the account. By openly sharing her business tools and techniques, she established herself as a reliable source for aspiring entrepreneurs. Liv's growing TikTok following became a social proof, attracting more customers to Dbl Jewelry.

Controversial Content and Its Impact

One of Liv's most controversial TikTok videos showcased a custom order involving a cheater's name necklace. While this video attracted arguments in the comments, it exemplified the power of customized products paired with intriguing stories. The success of this and related TikTok videos confirmed that good stories make for exceptional social media content.

Developing Products for Social Media

Liv's ingenuity extended beyond building a social media following. She recognized the demand for knowledge and entrepreneurship among her TikTok followers and launched Bosology, a series of educational videos on starting a business. This initiative solidified Liv as a thought leader and helped her further monetize her brand.

The Entrepreneurial Success of Liv Portillo

In recognition of her entrepreneurial achievements, Liv Portillo was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 youngest millionaires. Her hard work and determination in building Dbl Jewelry from scratch serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs. For those ready to embark on their own business journey, Liv's story is a testament to the potential for success through organic social media marketing.


  • Dbl Jewelry achieved $1.2 million in annual revenue through organic social media marketing.
  • Customized products played a vital role in the brand's success, contrary to conventional wisdom.
  • Share-worthy posts featuring customer photos contributed to Dbl Jewelry's organic growth.
  • Liv Portillo's strategic use of TikTok enabled the brand to attract a new audience and increase sales.
  • Behind-the-scenes content showcased the authenticity of Dbl Jewelry and fostered stronger customer connections.
  • Liv positioned herself as a reliable source on social media, attracting followers, and customers alike.
  • Controversial content, coupled with customized products, generated increased engagement and brand visibility.
  • Liv expanded her entrepreneurial endeavors through educational videos and mentoring classes.
  • Liv Portillo's success earned her a spot on Forbes 30 Under 30 list, solidifying her position as a young millionaire.


Q: How did Dbl Jewelry achieve such remarkable success without paid ads? A: Through strategic organic social media marketing, Dbl Jewelry leveraged share-worthy posts and behind-the-scenes content to engage and attract customers.

Q: What role did TikTok play in Dbl Jewelry's growth? A: TikTok became a game-changer for Dbl Jewelry, allowing Liv Portillo to showcase her jewelry-making process and build a massive following of potential customers.

Q: How did Liv Portillo establish herself as a trusted figure in the business world? A: Liv openly shared her business tools and techniques, providing valuable insights into entrepreneurship and establishing herself as a source of information and guidance.

Q: What contributed to the viral success of Dbl Jewelry's TikTok videos? A: The combination of controversy, intriguing stories, and customized products captured the attention and engagement of viewers, resulting in viral success on TikTok.

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