Find the Best Dropship Suppliers for Shopify Dropshipping

Find the Best Dropship Suppliers for Shopify Dropshipping

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Methods to Find Drop Shipping Suppliers
    • Drop Shipping Supplier Directories
    • Drop Shipping Marketplaces
    • Attend Drop Shipping and Wholesale Trade Shows
  3. Evaluating Drop Shipping Suppliers
    • Checking Supplier Reviews
    • Checking Customer Reviews
    • Asking about Return Policy
    • Inquiring about Drop Shipping Fees
    • Checking Product Quality
    • Checking for Inventory Automation
  4. Drop Shipping Supplier Directories
    • Worldwide Brands
    • Salehoo
    • Doba
    • Wholesale2B
    • Spocket
    • Supply Me Direct
  5. Drop Shipping from E-commerce Marketplaces
    • AliExpress
    • CJ Drop Shipping
    • AliDropship
    • Modalist
  6. Attending Drop Shipping and Wholesale Trade Shows
    • How to Find Trade Shows
    • Approaching Suppliers
  7. Conclusion

How to Find the Best Drop Shipping Suppliers

Drop Shipping is a popular method for starting an online store without the need to hold inventory. However, finding reliable and high-quality Drop Shipping suppliers can be challenging. In this article, we will explore different methods to find the best Drop Shipping suppliers and discuss the criteria to consider when evaluating them.


Starting a Drop Shipping business requires finding suppliers who are willing to fulfill orders on your behalf. These suppliers can be found through Drop Shipping supplier directories, Drop Shipping marketplaces, or by attending drop shipping and wholesale trade shows. Each method has its pros and cons, and we will delve into them further in this article.

Methods to Find Drop Shipping Suppliers

Drop Shipping Supplier Directories

Drop Shipping supplier directories are databases of pre-vetted wholesale suppliers who offer Drop Shipping for their products. By using a directory, you can save time and gain instant access to reputable suppliers. Some popular Drop Shipping supplier directories include:

  • Worldwide Brands: A directory of Drop Shipping wholesalers offering over 16 million certified wholesale products.
  • Salehoo: A directory of international dropshipping suppliers, spanning over 2.5 million products in various niches.
  • Doba: A hybrid Drop Shipping company that connects you with thousands of Drop Shipping suppliers and manages all ordering and fulfillment operations.
  • Wholesale2B: A platform that handles your Drop Shipping needs, providing access to over a million dropship products.
  • Spocket: A platform that allows you to find Drop Shipping suppliers from the US and EU, offering fast shipping and real-time order tracking.
  • Supply Me Direct: A service that offers end-to-end fulfillment and a database of 15,000 products across various categories.

Drop Shipping Marketplaces

Drop Shipping from e-commerce marketplaces allows you to access millions of products without the need to build relationships or negotiate pricing. Here are some popular e-commerce marketplace apps for Drop Shipping:

  • AliExpress: Known as the "eBay of the East," AliExpress offers a vast variety of products. However, shipping times from China can be long, and product quality can vary.
  • CJ Drop Shipping: Connects you with suppliers from AliExpress, offering US-based warehouses for faster shipping. They also source from 1688 and Taobao.
  • AliDropship: Allows you to quickly list products from AliExpress on your online store, offering a turnkey store option hosted on their servers.
  • Modalist: Provides access to millions of products from AliExpress, as well as designer brands from the US, UK, and Europe.

Attend Drop Shipping and Wholesale Trade Shows

Attending drop shipping and wholesale trade shows allows you to meet suppliers face-to-face and establish direct relationships. This method can be highly effective in forming strong partnerships with reliable suppliers. To find local trade shows in your area, websites like Wholesale Central provide comprehensive calendars. It's essential to come prepared with questions about shipping, fees, returns, and inventory management when approaching suppliers at these events.

Evaluating Drop Shipping Suppliers

Finding a reliable Drop Shipping supplier is crucial to running a successful business. When evaluating suppliers, consider the following criteria:

  1. Check Supplier Reviews: Look for online reviews and complaints against the supplier. Use platforms like the Better Business Bureau to assess their reputation.
  2. Check Customer Reviews: Ensure the supplier sells high-quality products by reviewing consumer feedback for the products you intend to sell.
  3. Ask about Return Policy: Understand how returns, defective merchandise, and shipping issues are handled by the supplier.
  4. Inquire about Drop Shipping Fees: Know if the supplier charges per-order Dropship fees and be aware of any extra fees that may impact your profitability.
  5. Check Product Quality: Purchase and test the products yourself to assess their quality. This firsthand experience will help you provide a better shopping experience for your customers.
  6. Check for Inventory Automation: Managing inventory is essential for a profitable Drop Shipping store. Look for suppliers that support real-time inventory tracking through EDI or other automation methods.

By thoroughly evaluating suppliers based on these criteria, you can identify the ones that best align with your business goals.


Finding the best Drop Shipping suppliers requires careful research, evaluation, and relationship-building. Whether you choose to use a Drop Shipping supplier directory, a Drop Shipping marketplace, or attend trade shows, it's important to establish strong partnerships with reliable suppliers. By considering the criteria discussed in this article, you can confidently choose suppliers that will help you run a successful Drop Shipping business.

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