Experience the Unique World of Rise - A Game Changer TTRPG!

Experience the Unique World of Rise - A Game Changer TTRPG!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Rise?
  3. How Does Rise Work?
  4. Unique Features of Rise
  5. Creating Characters in Rise
    • Classless System
    • Specializations
    • Points-Based Leveling Up
  6. Gameplay in Rise
    • Resolving Outcomes with Dice Rolls
    • Doubles and Triples
    • Legendary Rolls
    • Conviction Points
  7. Combat in Rise
    • Roleplaying and Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
    • Various Combat Actions
  8. Other Aspects of Rise
    • Building Characters and NPCs
    • Races and Archetypes
  9. Conclusion
  10. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Rise: A Unique Tabletop RPG Experience

In the world of gaming, there is a plethora of tabletop role-playing games available, but one game that stands out from the rest is Rise. Created by Alex, this game offers a refreshing take on the traditional tabletop RPG experience, with an emphasis on imagination, suspense, and immersive storytelling.

What is Rise?

Rise, which stands for Role-playing Imaginative Suspenseful Entertainment, is a tabletop RPG that shares similarities with iconic games like Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). Players assume the roles of characters in a world created by the Game Master (GM), with the GM responsible for setting the stage, designing non-player characters (NPCs), creating narrative events, puzzles, and quests. The game revolves around collaborative storytelling, where players use their imagination to bring their characters to life.

How Does Rise Work?

Rise utilizes a classless system, giving players the freedom to change and evolve their characters as they level up. Unlike traditional RPGs, where players are bound by the limitations of their chosen class, Rise offers a point-based leveling up system that allows players to allocate points as they see fit. This flexibility results in an almost limitless number of character possibilities, ensuring a truly unique and personalized gaming experience.

Unique Features of Rise

Rise sets itself apart from other RPGs with its uniqueness and innovative elements. The game is designed to provide players with more options and freedom in character creation, encouraging creativity and personalized gameplay. Some of the notable features of Rise include:

  • Classless System: Players have the freedom to mold their characters to their liking, changing and adapting their abilities as they progress.

  • Specializations: Rise offers a multitude of specializations, providing players with a diverse range of character choices. From potions masters to shape-shifters, each specialization offers a unique playstyle and abilities.

  • Points-Based Leveling Up: As characters level up, they earn points that can be spent on purchasing new abilities, equipment, or enhancing existing skills. This system allows for a highly customizable character progression.

Creating Characters in Rise

Character creation is a fundamental aspect of Rise, offering players the opportunity to create truly unique and personalized characters. With the classless system and point-based level up mechanics, players have the freedom to build characters that reflect their interests and playstyle. Whether it's focusing on a single specialization or exploring multiple paths, the possibilities are endless.

Classless System

Unlike traditional RPGs that restrict characters to a specific class, Rise adopts a classless system. This means that characters are not confined to a predetermined archetype and are free to mix and match abilities from different specializations. This provides players with a greater level of customization and flexibility, allowing them to tailor their characters to fit their preferred playstyle.


Specializations in Rise represent different character classes or roles. Whether players choose to specialize in a single area or explore multiple paths, the game offers a wide range of options to cater to different playstyles. From the mystical powers of a seer to the combat prowess of a slayer, each specialization brings its unique set of abilities and gameplay mechanics into the mix.

Points-Based Leveling Up

In Rise, leveling up is not a linear progression. Instead, players earn points that can be allocated to the specific areas they wish to improve. This means that characters can grow and change organically as the game progresses. Whether it's acquiring new skills or diversifying their abilities, players have the freedom to shape their characters according to their preferences.

Gameplay in Rise

Rise offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience that blends combat, roleplaying, and problem-solving. The game is centered around resolving outcomes through dice rolls, with the results determining the success or failure of character actions. The game mechanics heavily rely on three six-sided dice, providing simplicity and ease of use.

Resolving Outcomes with Dice Rolls

In Rise, the game master sets the difficulty level for specific actions or challenges. Players must roll three six-sided dice and compare the results to a target number to determine the outcome. The higher the roll, the better the chances of success. This dice rolling mechanic adds an element of chance and excitement to the game, keeping players on the edge of their seats.

Doubles and Triples

One intriguing aspect of Rise is the inclusion of doubles and triples in dice rolls. If a player rolls two dice with the same value out of the three rolled, they generate doubles points. Doubles points can be used to unlock special actions or abilities during gameplay, allowing for unique and unexpected outcomes. Rolling three of a kind (triple) grants even more doubles points, increasing the possibilities for creative and strategic gameplay.

Legendary Rolls

A truly legendary roll occurs when all three dice land on the highest value of six. This rare occurrence grants players maximum doubles points, enabling them to unleash powerful, game-changing actions. Legendary rolls provide a sense of achievement and are often pivotal moments in gameplay.

Conviction Points

Another notable feature of Rise is the introduction of Conviction Points. Conviction Points represent a character's determination, resilience, or extraordinary ability to overcome obstacles. Players have access to Conviction Points, which can be spent to gain additional advantages during gameplay. This resource adds depth and strategic elements to the game, allowing players to push their characters to their limits.

Combat in Rise

While combat is an integral part of Rise, it is not solely focused on physical conflict. The game encourages players to engage in roleplaying and interact with diverse NPCs, creating rich and immersive combat scenarios. The GM has the freedom to design captivating encounters, incorporating dynamic elements such as environmental factors, puzzles, and unique combat actions.

Roleplaying and Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

Rise encourages players to fully embrace their characters, engaging in meaningful roleplaying interactions with both other players and the GM. The GM takes on the role of various NPCs, bringing the world to life and creating memorable interactions. This aspect adds depth and immersion to the game, allowing players to truly become their characters and shape the narrative.

Various Combat Actions

Rise offers a wide range of combat actions, allowing players to unleash their characters' unique abilities in battle. From intricate spellcasting to swift melee strikes, the game provides players with the tools to create dynamic and thrilling combat experiences. The inclusion of doubles points and special abilities adds tactical depth and strategic decision-making to combat encounters.

Other Aspects of Rise

Outside of character creation and gameplay mechanics, Rise offers additional elements and features that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Building Characters and NPCs

Rise provides players and GMs with a comprehensive framework for building characters and NPCs. This includes guidelines for attributes, skills, and abilities, ensuring that each character or NPC is well-balanced and contributes to the immersive storytelling experience.

Races and Archetypes

In addition to specializations, Rise incorporates a diverse range of races and archetypes to further enhance character customization. Players can choose from a variety of races, each with its unique traits and abilities. Furthermore, archetypes offer additional options for character development, allowing players to refine their playstyle and further differentiate their characters.


Rise presents an exciting and innovative tabletop RPG experience, offering players a flexible and immersive world to explore. With its classless system, point-based leveling up, and diverse specializations, the game encourages creativity and personalization. From thrilling combat encounters to immersive roleplaying interactions, Rise provides a platform for endless storytelling possibilities. Whether you are a seasoned RPG enthusiast or new to the genre, Rise offers a unique and captivating adventure awaits you.


  • Rise is a tabletop RPG that brings a fresh take on traditional role-playing games.
  • The game offers a classless system that allows for flexible character creation and evolution.
  • Characters in Rise can be tailored to individual playstyles by investing points in various abilities.
  • The game features unique mechanics like doubles and triples in dice rolls, providing strategic opportunities.
  • Combat in Rise goes beyond physical conflict, incorporating roleplaying and dynamic encounters.
  • Rise offers comprehensive character and NPC building frameworks, ensuring a balanced and immersive gaming experience.
  • With its diverse races, archetypes, and specializations, Rise offers endless possibilities for character development and customization.
  • Conviction Points in Rise allow players to tap into their characters' determination and resilience.
  • The game emphasizes immersive storytelling, encouraging players to fully embrace their characters and shape the narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What makes Rise different from other tabletop RPGs like D&D? A: Rise stands out with its classless system, allowing for more freedom in character creation and evolution. The point-based leveling up system and emphasis on imagination and storytelling are also unique aspects of Rise.

Q: Can I mix and match abilities from different specializations in Rise? A: Yes, Rise encourages players to explore multiple specializations and create unique character combinations. The classless system allows for flexibility in choosing abilities.

Q: How does combat work in Rise? A: Combat in Rise combines strategic dice rolls, roleplaying, and dynamic interactions. Players can utilize their characters' abilities to engage in thrilling combat encounters, with the GM designing exciting challenges.

Q: Are doubles and triples in dice rolls significant in Rise? A: Yes, doubles and triples in dice rolls play a crucial role in Rise. They generate doubles points, which can be used for special actions or abilities. Rolling triples grants even more doubles points, allowing for even greater possibilities.

Q: Can you explain the concept of Conviction Points in Rise? A: Conviction Points are a resource in Rise that represents a character's determination and resilience. Players can spend Conviction Points during gameplay to gain additional advantages or overcome obstacles.

Q: Is Rise suitable for both beginners and experienced RPG players? A: Yes, Rise caters to both beginners and experienced RPG players. The game offers a comprehensive framework for character creation and gameplay mechanics, ensuring a rewarding experience for all players.

Q: Can I incorporate my own storytelling ideas into Rise? A: Absolutely! Rise encourages players and GMs to engage in immersive storytelling and build their narratives. The game provides a flexible platform for players to shape the world and create compelling stories.

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