Enhance Your Dropshipping Business with Custom Packaging 2.0

Enhance Your Dropshipping Business with Custom Packaging 2.0

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Authorizing Your Store
  3. Connecting Products in Your Store
  4. Custom Packaging Design
  5. Using Pre-designed Packaging
  6. Selecting Packaging Materials
  7. Minimum Order Quantity and Shipping Cost
  8. Redesigning Packages
  9. Applying Custom Packaging to Products
  10. Connecting Custom Packages to Products
  11. Purchasing Private Inventory
  12. Using Custom Packaging in Orders
  13. Checking Audit Status and Inventory Details



Are you looking to enhance your dropshipping business with custom packaging? In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of using the updated custom packaging service offered by CJ Dropshipping. Before getting started, make sure you have authorized your store and connected the products in your store or added them to your skill list. Let's dive into the steps and explore how to use this service effectively.

Authorizing Your Store

The first step is to log in to your CJ account and navigate to "My CJ". On the left-hand navigation bar, click on "Custom Packaging". Previously, there were three columns, including design model, pre-designed packaging, and my custom packaging. However, now there are only two columns: pre-designed packaging and my custom packaging.

Connecting Products in Your Store

Before diving into the custom packaging design, it is crucial to connect the products in your store to CJ Dropshipping. This can be done by simply adding the products to your authorized store or adding them to your skill list. Once this step is completed, you can move on to designing your own packaging.

Custom Packaging Design

The design model page allows you to design your own packaging. It provides you with the flexibility to unleash your creativity and customize the packaging according to your brand. But how do you conduct your packaging design now? In the next section, we will discuss the updated features and guide you through the process.

Using Pre-designed Packaging

If you prefer not to design your own packaging from scratch, CJ Dropshipping offers a wide range of pre-designed packaging options. This feature makes it convenient for those who want to check out specific packaging options without going through the entire design process. Let's explore this feature in more detail.

Selecting Packaging Materials

When browsing through the pre-designed packaging options, you will notice a new feature: packaging materials. This allows you to select the type of material you prefer for your packaging. You can choose from different materials and get a glimpse of the packages available with that specific material.

Minimum Order Quantity and Shipping Cost

For each pre-designed packaging option, you will see a title starting with "M OQ" followed by a number. This refers to the minimum order quantity for the custom packaging. When you hit the "purchase" button, you will notice that the quantity is automatically set as the MOQ. Furthermore, keep in mind that the shipping cost may be slightly higher for custom packaging, as some packages may weigh more than others.

Redesigning Packages

The updated custom packaging service allows you to redesign packages according to your preferences. You can now upload images or add text to the packages, or even do both. This feature provides you with immense flexibility and makes it easier to personalize the packaging to align with your brand image.

Applying Custom Packaging to Products

Now that you have your custom packaging ready, it's time to apply it to your products. Head over to the "Connection" or "Skill List" section to connect your custom packages with the products you want. Keep in mind that the "Packaging Connection" in the skill list is for Excel orders or manually created orders, while the "Auto Synchronized Connection" is for orders synchronized from your store.

Connecting Custom Packages to Products

In the connection section, you will see all the products you have connected from your authorized store to CJ Dropshipping. On the very right side, there is a button labeled "Action". From the drop-down menu, select "Packaging Connection". This option allows you to apply the custom packaging to your orders effectively. If you have multiple products in an order and you want to use one package for all of them, select the "Group Box" option. If not, you can connect one product with multiple packages or even up to five packages.

Purchasing Private Inventory

To use custom packaging, you need to purchase private inventory to store these custom packages in the CJ Dropshipping warehouse. When purchasing the private inventory, remember to select the same warehouse for the packages as your products. This will save processing time during the packing process. Depending on the type of products you are dropshipping, select the appropriate warehouse.

Using Custom Packaging in Orders

After purchasing the private inventory for your custom packaging, you now have the option to use it in your orders. When placing an order, you will need to pay for the package again in the order. If there is no more inventory available, you will receive a notification. You can choose to skip the custom packaging or proceed with paying for it and wait for it to be restocked. You can monitor the audit status of your custom packaging in the "My CJ Purchase List" and check the details of your custom packaging inventory in "My Inventory Packing Inventory".

Checking Audit Status and Inventory Details

After completing the payment, make sure to check the audit status in the "My CJ Purchase List". This will allow you to track the progress of your custom packaging order. Additionally, you can find the details of your custom packaging inventory in the "My Inventory Packing Inventory" section. This will provide you with valuable information regarding the quantity and availability of your custom packaging.


By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can effectively use the updated custom packaging service offered by CJ Dropshipping. This will add a professional touch to your dropshipping business and help you create a unique brand identity. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to your agent or our customer service. Get started with custom packaging today and take your dropshipping business to new heights!

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