Enhance Customer Experience with Automatic Discount Notifications

Enhance Customer Experience with Automatic Discount Notifications

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Automatic Discount App Overview
  3. Discount Links
  4. Discount Rules
    • Creating Rules for Automatic Discounts
    • Applying Discounts at Checkout or Cart
  5. Notification Options
    • Displaying a Bar
    • Using a Pop-up
    • Customizing Fonts, Colors, and Buttons
  6. Note on Announcement Bar
  7. Testing the Application of Discounts
  8. Applying Free Shipping for Orders over $100
  9. Customizing the Pop-up Notification
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore how to effectively display a pop-up or a bar to notify customers about applied discounts. We will discuss the Automatic Discount app and its various features that allow you to create, customize, and display notifications to enhance the customer experience. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you'll be able to implement these features seamlessly onto your Shopify store.

Automatic Discount App Overview

The Automatic Discount app is a powerful tool that enables you to automatically apply discounts to your customers' carts during the checkout process. It consists of three main sections: Discount Links, Discount Rules, and Notifications.

Discount Links

The Discount Links section allows you to generate unique links that directly apply discounts to the customers' carts. These links can be shared via emails, social media, or any other marketing channels to provide customers with instant access to discounted prices.

Discount Rules

Creating specific rules for automatic discounts is made easy through the Discount Rules section. You can define conditions that, when met, trigger the application of discounts. These rules can be based on factors such as the quantity of items purchased, total cart value, or even specific product categories.

Creating Rules for Automatic Discounts

To create rules for automatic discounts, simply set the desired conditions within the Discount Rules section. For example, you can provide a 15% discount if the customer adds three or more units of the same item to their cart.

Applying Discounts at Checkout or Cart

Once the rules are defined, the Automatic Discount app seamlessly applies the discounts either at the checkout stage or directly in the cart. This ensures that customers are aware of the discounts before proceeding with the purchase.

Notification Options

The Notification section allows you to choose how you want to display the applied discounts to your customers. You can opt for a notification bar or a pop-up, or disable the notification entirely if preferred.

Displaying a Bar

The notification bar serves as a non-intrusive way to inform customers about the applied discount. You can customize the font color, background, title, and description of the bar to align with your store's branding.

Using a Pop-up

Alternatively, you can choose to display a pop-up notification. This option provides more visibility as it grabs the customer's attention and allows for further customization. You can even personalize the buttons within the pop-up, such as the "Continue Shopping" and "Go to Cart" buttons.

Note on Announcement Bar

It's important to note that the notification options in the Automatic Discount app do not replace the yellow or announcement bars commonly used in stores. Instead, they serve as a complementary feature to quickly notify customers about discounts applied at checkout or in the cart.

Testing the Application of Discounts

To ensure the functionality of the Automatic Discount app, it's advisable to test its capabilities with actual purchases. By opening a new private browser and applying the discount rules, you can replicate real-time scenarios and verify if the discounts are correctly applied.

Applying Free Shipping for Orders over $100

You can further enhance the customer experience by offering free shipping for orders that exceed a certain threshold. By utilizing the "Over a Hundred" rule within the app, you can automatically apply free shipping for orders over $100.

Customizing the Pop-up Notification

If you opt for the pop-up notification, you have the opportunity to customize its content to accurately convey the discount offer. You can tailor the title and provide a call-to-action button, such as "Click to Close" or "Go to Cart."


The Automatic Discount app simplifies the process of applying discounts and notifying customers about the savings they are making. By leveraging the features discussed in this article, you not only enhance the customer experience, but also motivate them to proceed with their purchases by displaying personalized notifications. Experiment with the customization options available and take advantage of the app's capabilities to boost sales and foster customer satisfaction.


  • Automatically apply discounts to customer carts during checkout
  • Generate unique discount links for instant access to discounted prices
  • Create rules based on quantity, cart value, or other conditions for automatic discounts
  • Choose between a notification bar or a pop-up to inform customers about discounts
  • Customize the appearance of the notification to align with your store's branding
  • Test the application of discounts to ensure correct functionality
  • Offer free shipping for orders exceeding a specific threshold
  • Personalize the pop-up's title and call-to-action button to optimize customer engagement


Q: Can customers see the applied discounts before reaching the checkout stage? A: Yes, the Automatic Discount app allows customers to see the applied discounts either in the cart or during the checkout process, ensuring transparency and clarity in pricing.

Q: Can I customize the notification bar or pop-up to match my store's branding? A: Absolutely! The app provides customization options for the notification bar, allowing you to select fonts, colors, and backgrounds that align with your store's branding. Additionally, you can personalize the pop-up's content, including the title and call-to-action buttons.

Q: Is it possible to offer free shipping for specific regions or countries only? A: Yes, the Automatic Discount app allows you to define conditions for free shipping, including specific regions or countries. This enables you to target and incentivize customers based on their location.

Q: What happens if a customer removes items from their cart that qualified for a discount? A: If a customer removes items from their cart that originally qualified for a discount, the Automatic Discount app will automatically adjust the applied discount, ensuring that only eligible items receive the discount.

Q: Can I use the Automatic Discount app for limited-time promotions or sales? A: Absolutely! The app's features allow you to create time-sensitive rules for automatic discounts, providing a convenient way to run limited-time promotions and sales on your Shopify store.

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