Effortlessly Extract eBay Data for Shopify with Ebay Scraper

Effortlessly Extract eBay Data for Shopify with Ebay Scraper

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Purpose of eBay Scraper
  3. Setting up the Scraper
    • Entering Country Code and Postal Code
    • Shopify Settings
  4. Editing Keywords and Search URL
  5. Selecting Categories and Generating URL
  6. Starting the Scraping Process
    • Monitoring Progress
    • Stopping the Process
  7. Analyzing the Results
    • eBay Result Tab
    • Shopify Template Tab
  8. Exporting Data to CSV
  9. Additional Features
    • Using Multiple URLs and IDs
    • Using Threads to Speed up Extraction
    • Duplicate Check
    • Resetting the Database
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the functionality and benefits of the eBay Scraper by Scraping Solutions. This software is designed to scrape product details from eBay sellers' shops and export the data into CSV files, allowing users to conveniently import the data into Shopify. We will cover the setup process, keyword editing, category selection, and the scraping process itself. Additionally, we will discuss the analysis of the extracted data, exporting options, and other features offered by the eBay Scraper.

The Purpose of eBay Scraper

The eBay Scraper serves as a tool for efficiently extracting product details from eBay sellers' shops. The primary aim is to provide users with a seamless method of exporting data into CSV format, which can then be easily imported into Shopify. This automated process eliminates the need for manual data entry and enables users to swiftly populate their Shopify stores with products from eBay sellers.

Setting up the Scraper

Before initiating the scraping process, it is essential to configure the settings of the eBay Scraper to ensure accurate and relevant data extraction. Users are required to enter their country code and postal code, providing location-specific information. Additionally, the software allows users to specify the Shopify template columns and their corresponding values.

Editing Keywords and Search URL

To refine the scraping process, users can edit keywords to display a comprehensive list of items sold by a specific seller on eBay. By entering the seller's user ID, the software will generate the entire list of products for that seller. Alternatively, users can select a specific category associated with the seller, filtering the results accordingly. Editing keywords and selecting the appropriate search URL are vital steps in tailoring the scraping process to individual preferences.

Starting the Scraping Process

Once the settings and keywords have been configured, users can initiate the scraping process. By clicking on the "Start" button, the software will begin extracting data from the specified eBay seller's shop. Progress can be monitored to ensure the smooth operation of the scraper. To halt the scraping process, users can click on the "Stop" button, providing more control over the extraction.

Analyzing the Results

The eBay Scraper provides two main tabs for analyzing the extracted data: the "eBay Result" tab and the "Shopify Template" tab. The former tab displays the data extracted solely for the main products of the seller, excluding variations. On the other hand, the "Shopify Template" tab features data extracted for all products, including variations. These tabs present an organized overview of crucial information such as listing ID, images, seller ID, title, category, price, quantity sold, postage details, description, and more.

Exporting Data to CSV

To make use of the extracted data, the eBay Scraper offers convenient exporting options. Users can select whether to export the eBay results or the Shopify template. By choosing the desired option and specifying a file name, users can save the data in either CSV or Excel format. This flexibility enables seamless integration with various applications and systems. The exporting feature streamlines the process of managing and using the scraped data.

Additional Features

The eBay Scraper offers several additional features to enhance the scraping experience. Users can input multiple URLs for different search categories and include various seller IDs, further diversifying the scraping process. The software also allows the utilization of threads to expedite data extraction. However, it is crucial to exercise caution, as excessive use of multiple threads may result in IP blocking. The eBay Scraper includes a duplicate check feature for users who wish to identify and avoid duplications in the extracted data. Furthermore, the software provides the option to reset the database, erasing all saved data for a clean start.


In conclusion, the eBay Scraper provided by Scraping Solutions presents an efficient and automated solution for extracting product details from eBay sellers' shops. With its customizable settings, keyword editing capabilities, accurate search options, and easy-to-use interface, the eBay Scraper streamlines the process of gathering data for Shopify store owners. By exporting data to CSV files, users can seamlessly integrate the extracted information into their Shopify stores, eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving valuable time. With additional features and excellent customer support, the eBay Scraper is a reliable tool for extracting data from eBay and enhancing business operations.


  • eBay Scraper by Scraping Solutions facilitates the extraction of product details from eBay sellers' shops
  • Data can be exported to CSV files for easy integration into Shopify stores
  • Configurable settings ensure accurate data extraction
  • Keyword editing and category selection options enable tailored scraping
  • The scraping process can be started, monitored, and stopped as desired
  • The eBay Result tab and Shopify Template tab provide organized data analysis
  • Exporting options allow users to save data in CSV or Excel format
  • Additional features include the use of multiple URLs and seller IDs, duplicate check, and database reset
  • The eBay Scraper enhances efficiency and eliminates manual data entry efforts
  • The software offers a customizable and user-friendly experience for Shopify store owners


  1. Can the eBay Scraper extract data from eBay sellers in any country?

    • Yes, the eBay Scraper supports extraction from eBay sellers in various countries. Users need to enter the appropriate country code during the setup process.
  2. How can I refine the scraping process to retrieve specific products from a seller's shop?

    • Users can edit keywords to display a comprehensive list of items sold by a specific seller or select a particular category associated with the seller for more targeted results.
  3. Can I export the extracted data to formats other than CSV?

    • Yes, the eBay Scraper allows users to export data to both CSV and Excel formats, providing flexibility in data utilization.
  4. Is it possible to use the eBay Scraper with multiple Shopify stores?

    • Yes, the eBay Scraper can be utilized for multiple Shopify stores by adjusting the Shopify template columns and values accordingly.
  5. Does the eBay Scraper provide ongoing support and updates?

    • Scraping Solutions offers a free twelve-month warranty on the software, ensuring compatibility with any HTML changes made by eBay. Additionally, the company provides customer support and customization services.

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