Ecwid Review 2022: Affordable Pricing and User-Friendly Interface

Ecwid Review 2022: Affordable Pricing and User-Friendly Interface

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Pricing
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Features
  5. Next Gen Instant Website Builder
  6. Integration with Other Website Builders
  7. Limitations of Certain Plans
  8. Limitations of Next Gen Instant Website Builder
  9. Limited Features on Free Plan
  10. SEO Tools


In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of Ecwid, an e-commerce platform. We will explore its pricing, ease of use, features, next-gen instant website builder, integration with other website builders, limitations of certain plans, limitations of the website builder, limited features on the free plan, and SEO tools. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of Ecwid and whether it is suitable for your e-commerce website.


One of the key advantages of Ecwid is its pricing. The platform offers a range of packages, starting from a free plan and going up to $99 per month. If you opt for annual payment, you can enjoy two months free, which results in significant savings. Additionally, there are no transaction fees or annual turnover limits, making Ecwid a reasonably priced e-commerce solution.

Ease of Use

Ecwid is known for its user-friendly interface, making it ideal for beginners in the e-commerce world. From signing up and getting started to managing inventory and orders, the entire platform is simple and easy to navigate. This sentiment is echoed by numerous users who have praised Ecwid for its simplicity and ease of use.


Ecwid offers a wide range of features that cater to different types of products, whether physical, digital, or service-based. The platform also provides various e-commerce and marketing tools, making it a feature-rich solution. Furthermore, Ecwid has its own app store, which allows users to enhance their workflow and integrate with third-party software.

Next Gen Instant Website Builder

The addition of the next-gen instant website builder has greatly improved Ecwid's capability for building standalone websites. The drag-and-drop builder offers more customization options, making it a viable choice for creating visually appealing websites. This enhancement has made Ecwid a more versatile platform for website building.

Integration with Other Website Builders

Ecwid was initially designed to be a checkout solution for other website builders, particularly WordPress and Wix. While Ecwid has improved its own website builder, the integration with WordPress stands out as a fantastic feature. By integrating Ecwid with WordPress, users can create a secure and fully hosted checkout for their websites with just one plugin. This integration offers incredible flexibility and enhances the overall functionality of WordPress websites.

Limitations of Certain Plans

One downside of Ecwid is that some features and support options are limited to certain plans. If you require specific features or access to dedicated support, you may need to upgrade to a higher plan. However, these limitations are not major drawbacks and can be overcome by selecting the appropriate plan for your needs.

Limitations of Next Gen Instant Website Builder

Although the next-gen instant website builder on Ecwid has significantly improved, it remains more suitable for basic sites. The builder has limitations in terms of content creation options, such as the absence of custom pages and blog functionalities. For users seeking to build more complex websites, integration with platforms like WordPress and Wix may be a better choice.

Limited Features on Free Plan

As expected, the free plan of Ecwid has certain limitations in terms of features and functionality. Users on the free plan can only sell up to 10 physical products and have restricted access to various features. Additionally, custom domain names cannot be used on the free plan, requiring users to utilize Ecwid's domain names or integrate with WordPress or Wix for custom domains.

SEO Tools

Ecwid's SEO tools have received some criticism. While labeled as advanced SEO tools, they are considered to be basic, similar to what other e-commerce platforms offer. The ability to change meta titles and descriptions exists, but full control over URLs is not available. Furthermore, the addition of random letters and numbers to product listing URLs can negatively impact SEO efforts. In terms of overall SEO capabilities, Ecwid's instant website builder falls short compared to other platforms.

In conclusion, Ecwid is a solid option for building an e-commerce website, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Its affordable pricing, user-friendly interface, extensive features, and integration with other website builders make it a valuable e-commerce solution. However, for larger-scale businesses or those with complex website requirements, there may be better alternatives available. Consider the specific needs of your business before making a decision.


  • Ecwid offers competitive pricing with free and paid plans, catering to different business sizes and budgets.
  • The platform is user-friendly and ideal for beginners in the e-commerce world.
  • Ecwid provides a wide range of features, including e-commerce and marketing tools, as well as integration with third-party apps.
  • The next-gen instant website builder has made Ecwid a more viable option for standalone websites.
  • Integration with other platforms, particularly WordPress, enhances the versatility and functionality of websites.
  • Some features and support options are limited to certain plans, requiring users to upgrade for additional functionalities.
  • The limitations of the instant website builder may make it more suitable for basic sites rather than complex websites.
  • The free plan has restrictions on the number of products and limited access to features and custom domain names.
  • Ecwid's SEO tools are considered basic, and the URL structure may negatively impact SEO efforts.
  • Ecwid is a recommended option for small to medium-sized businesses, offering simplicity and value, but may not be suitable for large-scale enterprises.


Q: Is Ecwid a suitable choice for large-scale businesses? A: While Ecwid caters to small to medium-sized businesses, it may not be the ideal solution for large-scale enterprises with substantial traffic and sales. Other e-commerce platforms offer more robust features and scalability for such businesses.

Q: Can I use my own custom domain name with Ecwid's instant website builder? A: The free plan of Ecwid restricts the use of custom domain names. However, if you integrate Ecwid with platforms like WordPress or Wix, you can use your custom domain name in conjunction with Ecwid's e-commerce functionalities.

Q: Are there any transaction fees with Ecwid? A: Ecwid does not charge any transaction fees, allowing businesses to maximize their profits. However, it's important to review the pricing plans to ensure that additional charges or limitations do not apply.

Q: Can I sell digital or service-based products on Ecwid? A: Yes, Ecwid supports the sale of various types of products, including physical, digital, and service-based offerings. Its diverse set of features caters to different business models and industries.

Q: Is Ecwid suitable for beginners in the e-commerce world? A: Absolutely! Ecwid's user-friendly interface and simplicity make it an excellent choice for beginners. The platform's intuitive design and easy-to-use features enable users to quickly set up and manage their online stores without technical expertise.

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