Discover Winning Products: Local Supplier Method & Problem Solving

Discover Winning Products: Local Supplier Method & Problem Solving

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Method 1: The Local Supplier Method 2.1 Finding a Reputable Local Supplier 2.2 Using the MOAS Viability Calculator 2.3 Creating an Agreement with the Supplier 2.4 Examples of Local Supplier Partnerships 2.5 The Benefits of the Local Supplier Method
  3. Method 2: Problem Solving 3.1 Market Research for Product Ideas 3.2 Utilizing Tools for Inspiration 3.3 Improving Existing Products 3.4 Bringing Your Idea to Life 3.5 Protecting Your Designs 3.6 Funding Your Project 3.7 Recap and Choosing a Method
  4. Conclusion

Finding Winning Products: The Local Supplier Method and Problem Solving

In the world of ecommerce, finding winning products is crucial for success. Whether you're a beginner, an established brand, or a seasoned dropshipper, discovering new and unique products is essential. This article will explore two effective methods for finding winning products and explain why they are preferred over traditional dropshipping.

Method 1: The Local Supplier Method

The local supplier method is an excellent approach for beginners and established brands alike. It offers a straightforward process that minimizes issues such as long delivery times, language barriers, and faulty products. The premise is simple: find a reputable local supplier with a unique product. This can be someone who sells products in a local store or a local producer specializing in a specific item such as honey or olive oil. Before partnering with a supplier, it's essential to ensure they have enough production capacity and that their product meets your standards. Additionally, using the MOAS viability calculator will help determine if the product has enough margin potential to be profitable. Once the supplier is chosen, a simple agreement is made to sell their products online.

Examples of successful local supplier partnerships include collaborating with a local furniture store to create custom sofas, teaming up with a local sauce maker to establish a unique sauce brand, or partnering with a high-end local bakery to sell gourmet foods. The beauty of this method is that it not only benefits your business but also supports the local economy and provides opportunities for suppliers who may not have the means to engage in e-commerce independently. By emphasizing the story and unique value proposition of the product, you can effectively sell it as a premium item in your chosen niche. The local supplier method offers a rewarding experience for everyone involved and allows you to focus on your area of expertise - digital marketing.

While the local supplier method has many advantages, finding reliable suppliers can often be a challenge. Creating an easy marketplace, similar to a dropshipping app for local suppliers, would simplify the process and connect businesses with suitable partners. If such a marketplace exists or you have an idea for one, please share your thoughts in the comments or get in touch via email.

Method 2: Problem Solving

The problem-solving method entails identifying existing problems and finding innovative solutions to address them. This approach encourages creativity and allows you to differentiate your products from competitors. By understanding what customers need and improving upon existing products, you can create unique offerings that cater to specific niches.

To begin, conduct thorough market research to find successful products and gain inspiration. Online platforms like Charm and newsletters such as and provide valuable insights and ideas for potential products. Exploring tools like Junglescout and Exploding Topics can also shed light on popular trends and consumer demands. Analyze brands that are performing well and consider how you can improve upon their offerings. Ask yourself questions like: What can I do better? How can I make the product more effective? What are the pain points mentioned in negative reviews? Can I revamp the branding?

Once you have an idea, the next step is to bring it to life. Depending on the product, you may need to work with product designers and manufacturers to create prototypes and samples. Manufacturing costs and processes vary depending on the type of product, but certain niches, such as clothing and formulas, offer more affordable options. It is crucial to protect your designs and seek legal advice to ensure your intellectual property is secure. Exploring options like Kickstarter can also help fund your project if initial costs are a concern.

In conclusion, finding winning products involves innovative thinking and understanding market demands. The local supplier method taps into existing local resources and fosters partnerships for mutual benefit. Problem solving allows for the creation of unique products that address specific customer needs. By employing these methods, entrepreneurs can discover winning products that will set them apart in the competitive ecommerce landscape.


  • The local supplier method offers a straightforward approach to finding unique products.
  • Building partnerships with local suppliers supports the local economy.
  • Problem-solving enables entrepreneurs to innovate and create solutions for consumer needs.
  • Thorough market research and creative thinking are crucial in finding winning products.
  • Protecting designs and seeking legal counsel are vital to safeguard intellectual property.


Q: How can I find reputable local suppliers? A: Finding reputable local suppliers can be challenging, but attending local farmer's markets or exploring smaller boutique stores can be a good starting point. Look for brands that have a reputable presence and sufficient production capacity.

Q: Can I private label products obtained through the local supplier method? A: Private labeling is possible but depends on the agreement with the supplier. Some suppliers may be open to private labeling, allowing you to create your own brand.

Q: What is the benefit of the problem-solving method? A: The problem-solving method allows entrepreneurs to identify existing problems and innovate products to solve them. This approach can lead to unique and highly sought-after offerings.

Q: How can I protect my designs when working with manufacturers? A: It is essential to seek legal advice and ensure you have proper agreements and contracts in place to protect your designs and intellectual property.

Q: Can crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter help fund my product idea? A: Yes, Kickstarter and similar platforms can be used to crowdfund your product idea and generate funds for production and development.

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