Discover Winning Dropshipping Products for Free

Discover Winning Dropshipping Products for Free

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding Winning dropshipping Products for Free
    1. Using
    2. Exploring
    3. Discovering as seen on TV
    4. Searching on Google Shopping
    5. Using VIP links on AliExpress
    6. Validation through Google Trends and Awareness Days
    7. Checking Facebook Ad Library and TikTok for product demand
    8. Verifying through AliExpress orders
    9. Contacting AliExpress suppliers for validation
  3. Conclusion


Finding Winning Dropshipping Products for Free

In the world of dropshipping, finding winning products is the key to success. But what if I told you that you can uncover these lucrative products for free, without the need for expensive software or paid services? In this article, I will guide you through a series of methods that will enable you to discover high-performing dropshipping products that can generate over a thousand dollars a day.

1. Using is a well-established platform where people buy a variety of products. By creating a free account and exploring the site, you can find trending products that are doing exceptionally well. Save products to your feed and remove any related items to broaden your product selection. Dive into the "Customer Favorites" section and filter by ratings and popularity to uncover winning products across different niches.

2. Exploring is another excellent resource for finding winning products. Browse through the trending or recently visited sections and filter by different niches to discover products that are in high demand. Pay attention to customer ratings and popularity to ensure you are offering high-quality items. This website attracts a large customer base, making it a great place to identify profitable products.

3. Discovering as seen on TV

As Seen on TV is a treasure trove for finding unique and innovative products. Visit their website and explore their bestsellers or new arrivals sections. Look for products that pique your interest and have the potential to attract customers. These products have already gained popularity and are often associated with successful dropshipping ventures.

4. Searching on Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a powerful tool for uncovering trending products. Open an incognito tab and search for relevant keywords, filtering by shopping. Explore the shopping catalog and look for items that catch your eye. By leveraging Google's vast search data, you can identify products that are currently in demand and capitalize on the existing market trends.

5. Using VIP links on AliExpress

VIP links on AliExpress are designed for dropshippers who are doing significant numbers with their products. By searching for VIP links and filtering by reviews or orders, you can find products that are already proven winners. Take note of the suppliers offering these products and compare them to your existing list. These VIP links provide early access to products that have the potential to make substantial profits.

6. Validation through Google Trends and Awareness Days

To validate your product choices, leverage Google Trends and Look for upcoming events and popular dates that align with the products you have identified. By combining these events with the search trends on Google Shopping, you can ensure that there is a market demand for the products you intend to sell. Capitalize on the natural momentum associated with these events to boost your sales.

7. Checking Facebook Ad Library and TikTok for product demand

To determine if there is a demand for specific products, browse through the Facebook Ad Library and TikTok. Search for the product names or store names found through your earlier research. Look for active ads on Facebook, as they indicate that others are currently spending money on promoting these products. Additionally, explore TikTok to find related videos with high view counts, suggesting significant interest in the product.

8. Verifying through AliExpress orders

Use AliExpress to verify the demand for your chosen products. Search for the product name and sort by orders to identify the suppliers with the most sales. Look for products that have a significant number of orders, indicating that they are making money. Validate your findings by ensuring that multiple suppliers offer the same product, further confirming its popularity.

9. Contacting AliExpress suppliers for validation

Reach out to the AliExpress suppliers with the most orders to gain further validation. Craft a message explaining that you want to buy the product in bulk for your shop in the UK. Request insights into the recent sales performance of the product to boost your confidence in making a bulk purchase. This approach allows you to hear directly from the supplier, providing additional evidence of a product's success.

With these free methods, you can find winning dropshipping products that have the potential to generate over a thousand dollars a day. By leveraging different platforms, researching upcoming events, exploring existing demand, and verifying through AliExpress, you can build a profitable dropshipping business without relying on expensive software or services.


  • The methods described are accessible and do not require any expensive software or services.
  • By utilizing various platforms and validation methods, you can increase the likelihood of finding winning products.
  • The strategy involves research and market analysis, which can help you make informed decisions.


  • The process may be time-consuming, as you need to explore multiple platforms and validate the products.
  • The success of the approach depends on the availability of profitable dropshipping products on the platforms mentioned.
  • The final profitability of the dropshipping products may vary depending on market trends and competition.

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