Discover the Top Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify

Discover the Top Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Spocket: A Platform for Discovering Top dropshipping Products
    • Faster Shipping with US and EU Suppliers
    • A Wide Range of Unique Products
  3. Oberlo: The Most Installed Dropshipping App on Shopify
    • Directly Importing AliExpress Products
    • Excellent Integration with Shopify
  4. Printful: Print-on-Demand and Warehousing Service
    • Creating Custom Dropshipping Products
    • Fast Shipping Times
  5. De-essers: Processing Over a Hundred Orders at a Time
    • Efficient Order Syncing and Processing
    • Better Discounts and Deals with AliExpress Suppliers
  6. Modalist: Dropshipping from USA Suppliers and AliExpress
    • Custom Branding and Packaging
    • Offering Faster Shipping Times
  7. Dropified: Importing AliExpress and eBay Products
    • Automating Order Fulfillment
    • Advanced Ecommerce Training
  8. CJ Drop Shipping: Fulfillment Services from China
    • Direct Sourcing from China
    • Product Requests and Video Marketing
    • US Warehouse Shipping Option
  9. Conclusion

The Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify: A Comprehensive Guide

Dropshipping is a popular business model for entrepreneurs looking to sell products online without the hassle of managing inventory and fulfillment. With the rise of Shopify's app store, finding reliable dropshipping suppliers has become easier than ever. In this guide, we will explore the top dropshipping suppliers available on the Shopify app store and discuss their unique features and advantages.

1. Introduction

Dropshipping has revolutionized the e-commerce industry by offering a low-risk business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. The concept is simple: you set up an online store, market products that are provided by a supplier, and they handle the fulfillment and shipping aspects. This allows you to focus on marketing and growing your business without the burden of inventory management.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best dropshipping suppliers for Shopify, offering a diverse range of products and reliable services. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dropshipper, this guide will help you make an informed decision and find the perfect supplier for your Shopify store.

2. Spocket: A Platform for Discovering Top Dropshipping Products

Spocket is a premier platform for discovering top-quality dropshipping products from both US and EU suppliers. What sets Spocket apart is its focus on providing faster shipping times compared to many other suppliers. This is particularly advantageous for ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Spocket offers a wide selection of unique products that may not be found on other platforms. From women's fashion and jewelry to baby products and clothes, Spocket provides a diverse range of categories and product niches to choose from. This enables you to curate a collection of products that align with your target market's preferences.

One key feature of Spocket is its integration with AliExpress through the Ali Scraper plugin. This allows you to import products directly from while still benefiting from the seamless experience and curated list of supplier relations offered by Spocket. By combining the offerings of both platforms, you can expand your product selection and cater to a wider audience.


  • Faster shipping times compared to many other suppliers
  • Wide range of unique products
  • Integration with AliExpress for additional product sourcing options


  • Limited to products available on AliExpress for some suppliers

3. Oberlo: The Most Installed Dropshipping App on Shopify

Oberlo is another popular dropshipping app, boasting the title of the most installed app on the Shopify platform. Owned by Shopify itself, Oberlo offers a seamless integration and a user-friendly experience.

One of Oberlo's standout features is its direct integration with AliExpress. This allows you to import products from AliExpress directly into your Shopify store with just a few clicks. The process is simple and efficient, saving you time and effort compared to manual importation. Whether you're dropshipping low-ticket or high-ticket items, Oberlo provides options for everyone.

Since Oberlo is owned by Shopify, the integration between the two platforms is exemplary. This means that you can expect a smooth experience, hassle-free order fulfillment, and real-time inventory updates. Oberlo has established itself as a reliable and user-friendly dropshipping solution, making it a top choice for many Shopify store owners.


  • Directly import products from AliExpress
  • Excellent integration and seamless experience with Shopify


  • Limited to AliExpress products, lacking the variety offered by other platforms

4. Printful: Print-on-Demand and Warehousing Service

If you're looking for something different from traditional dropshipping, Printful offers a unique approach. They not only provide dropshipping services but also specialize in print-on-demand (POD) products and warehousing.

With Printful, you can create your own customized products, such as T-shirts or hats, by uploading your designs. This gives you the opportunity to add a personal touch and appeal to your target audience's specific interests. Whether you have a niche store focused on pugs or a general online apparel store, Printful allows you to bring your creative ideas to life.

In addition to print-on-demand, Printful also offers warehousing services. This means that you can store your own inventory at their facilities, allowing for faster order processing and shipping times. If you're looking for a comprehensive solution that combines print-on-demand and warehousing, Printful is an excellent choice.


  • Allows for custom dropshipping products with personalized designs
  • Faster shipping times through the use of warehousing services


  • Limited to products that can be customized and printed

5. De-essers: Processing Over a Hundred Orders at a Time

Processing a large volume of orders can become a time-consuming task, especially when you're fulfilling them one by one. De-essers provides a solution by allowing you to process over a hundred orders at a time, saving you valuable time and effort.

De-essers not only streamlines the order processing workflow but also offers better discounts and deals with top AliExpress suppliers. This gives you a competitive advantage in terms of pricing and sourcing, allowing you to offer your customers attractive deals and a diverse range of products.

If you're looking to scale your AliExpress dropshipping business and need a robust platform that can handle high order volumes, De-essers is a reliable option. Its efficient order syncing and processing capabilities make it a time-saving solution for busy entrepreneurs.


  • Ability to process over a hundred orders at a time
  • Better discounts and deals with top AliExpress suppliers


  • Limited to AliExpress products

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