Discover the Top Dropship Suppliers for Your Shopify Store

Discover the Top Dropship Suppliers for Your Shopify Store

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. CJ Drop Shipping
  3. Costco
  4. Sam's Club
  5. DHgate
  6. Costway
  7. Alibaba
  8. Walmart
  9. AliExpress
  10. Etsy
  11. Banggood
  13. Shine
  14. Target
  15. Wayfair
  16. eBay
  17. Home Depot
  18. Amazon
  19. Auto DS Suppliers
  20. Auto DS Warehouse
  21. Conclusion

Finding Reliable Drop Shipping Suppliers for Your Shopify Store


When running an e-commerce business, finding a reliable drop shipping supplier is crucial. You want a supplier that offers quality products, competitive prices, and timely shipping. In this article, we will explore 18 of the best drop shipping suppliers for your Shopify store. Whether you're looking for a diverse product selection, exclusive membership benefits, or specialized niche offerings, the suppliers mentioned here are worth considering. We'll cover wholesalers and retailers, providing you with a comprehensive list to choose from. So let's dive in and discover your next trusted supplier.

  1. CJ Drop Shipping

CJ Drop Shipping is a China-based company with a vast product selection. Unlike some suppliers, CJ Drop Shipping does not focus on a specific niche, allowing you to find almost any type of product on their website. They have no minimum order quantity, or in some cases, a very low minimum order quantity. While communication and quality control issues may arise, these can easily be resolved. Simply order samples to test the speed and quality of delivery. Additionally, CJ Drop Shipping offers private label services, allowing you to add your logo to the packaging—a great option for branding your products.

  1. Costco

Costco is a multinational corporation that offers exclusive membership benefits. Their prices are competitive, and they have some of the fastest shipping times in the industry. Their customer service is renowned for its excellence and support. However, Costco does require membership fees, which can be offset by the savings you'll receive. If you prefer not to pay the fee, you can still purchase from Costco, but each transaction will have a slight price increase.

  1. Sam's Club

Similar to Costco, Sam's Club is a membership-exclusive supplier. They offer great prices and have their private brand, which can further reduce costs. While Sam's Club only accepts major credit cards for payment, you can use Auto DS as a workaround to pay through PayPal. However, return policies can vary depending on the item category, so having a generic return policy for your Shopify store's products simplifies the process.

  1. DHgate

DHgate is another Chinese-based company with an extensive network of suppliers. They offer a wide range of products at affordable prices, and their customer service is reliable. DHgate also provides global shipping and a buyer protection program to address any potential issues. It's essential to test product quality by making small purchases from different suppliers on the platform.

  1. Costway

Costway specializes in home and outdoor supplies, offering a vast catalog within this niche. Their customer service is exceptional, and they provide a three-month product warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction. With worldwide shipping and domestic orders shipping within two days, Costway proves to be a reliable supplier.

  1. Alibaba

As one of the largest wholesale suppliers, Alibaba offers competitive pricing and private labeling services. Minimum order quantities can vary, so contacting the supplier directly for more information is recommended. It's important to note that Alibaba is a wholesale supplier, unlike the previous retail suppliers mentioned.

  1. Walmart

Walmart is renowned for its extensive product range, competitive pricing, and customer service. They offer free shipping, a price match policy, and even have a loyalty program called the "Red Card" that provides additional discounts and benefits to members. While product prices may be slightly higher, the trust and convenience of shopping at Walmart outweigh the cost increase.

  1. AliExpress

AliExpress is a popular choice among new dropshippers as it offers a massive product catalog with affordable prices. While shipping times may be longer, leveraging different shipping options can reduce delivery time. AliExpress provides a wealth of data on top-selling products, allowing you to keep a finger on the pulse of market trends.

  1. Etsy

Etsy is an excellent platform for finding unique, personalized, and handmade goods. Most sellers on Etsy are small business owners, guaranteeing exceptional customer service and a personal touch. Shipping times may vary, depending on individual sellers, but global shipping is typically available.

  1. Banggood

Banggood offers a wide variety of products with quick shipping times. They frequently have promotions and coupon codes, providing additional savings. By shopping on Banggood, dropshippers can take advantage of member-exclusive discounts and install confidence in their customers with their reliable service.

  1. specializes in home and furniture items, with regular deals and promotions to help you save. They offer free delivery and a price match guarantee. Joining their rewards program, Club O, gives you additional perks such as discounts and rewards.

  1. Shine

Shine is a rapidly growing retail supplier with a vast catalog of clothing and accessories. They offer competitive prices and frequently provide deals and coupons. Some customers have reported inconsistent sizing, so requesting samples or including detailed sizing measurements on your website can help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

  1. Target

Target is known for its excellent customer service and high-quality items. They have a 90-day return policy and offer a membership program called the "Red Card" that provides free shipping and discounts. While prices may be higher than other suppliers, utilizing the Red Card program can offset these costs.

  1. Wayfair

Wayfair specializes in home and furniture products, offering an extensive product line and free shipping. Their "My Way Rewards" program grants exclusive access to certain items and discounts. Keep in mind that Wayfair primarily serves the United States, Mexico, and Canada, limiting the countries you can drop ship to.

  1. eBay

eBay is a well-known marketplace that offers a broad range of products. It's an excellent platform for finding products at lower prices than sourcing from traditional suppliers. With buyer protection and the ability to analyze competition, eBay provides many advantages to dropshippers.

  1. Home Depot

Home Depot focuses on home improvement and home decor products. They offer free delivery and a price match guarantee. For businesses exempt from taxes, their tax exemption program can save you additional money. However, their shipping is limited to the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is a highly popular retail supplier with fast shipping times and the renowned Amazon Prime program. While drop shipping directly from Amazon may not be recommended, utilizing fulfilled by Auto DS can help you navigate any potential account restrictions. With Auto DS, you can automate the drop shipping process and maintain excellent customer service.

  1. Auto DS Suppliers and Auto DS Warehouse

As an additional bonus, Auto DS offers its private suppliers and its own warehouse for drop shippers. These suppliers provide quick shipping times, allowing your customers to receive their orders promptly. The Auto DS Warehouse also offers branding options, enabling you to include your logo on products, providing a personalized touch for your customers.


Finding reliable drop shipping suppliers is an essential aspect of running a successful Shopify store. This article has provided an extensive list of wholesalers and retailers, each with their unique offerings and advantages. From large wholesalers like Alibaba to retail giants like Amazon, consider your business needs and target market to choose the best suppliers for your inventory. Remember to test different options, communicate with suppliers, and provide clear product details for your customers. With the right suppliers, you'll set your Shopify store up for success and cultivate a loyal customer base.


  • Discover 18 of the best drop shipping suppliers for your Shopify store.
  • Explore wholesalers and retailers, each with their unique advantages.
  • Benefit from competitive prices, fast shipping, and reliable customer service.
  • Leverage exclusive membership benefits and programs.
  • Ensure quality control by ordering samples and testing products.
  • Utilize fulfilled by Auto DS to avoid account restrictions and automate the drop shipping process.
  • Consider your niche and market when selecting the most suitable suppliers.


Q: Can I use multiple drop shipping suppliers for my Shopify store? A: Yes, you can work with multiple suppliers to diversify your product selection and take advantage of the specific benefits each supplier offers.

Q: How can I ensure quality control when drop shipping? A: It's essential to order samples from suppliers to assess product quality and shipping times. This allows you to ensure a positive customer experience.

Q: Are there any additional costs associated with drop shipping? A: Some suppliers may require membership fees or minimum order quantities. However, these costs can often be offset by the savings and benefits they provide.

Q: Can I brand the products I drop ship? A: Some suppliers, like CJ Drop Shipping and the Auto DS Warehouse, offer private labeling services, allowing you to add your logo to the packaging for a personalized touch.

Q: What if I need to return an item from a drop shipping supplier? A: Return policies can vary among suppliers. It's essential to communicate with each supplier and establish a clear return policy for your Shopify store to simplify the process for your customers.

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