Discover the Power of SEO-friendly Content on Fiverr

Discover the Power of SEO-friendly Content on Fiverr

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of SEO-friendly Content
  3. The Challenges of Creating SEO-friendly Pages
  4. Exploring the Alternative: Fiverr
  5. Testing SEO Copywriters on Fiverr
    • 5.1 Level 1 Copywriter
    • 5.2 Level 2 Copywriter
    • 5.3 Pro Copywriter
  6. Evaluating the Deliveries
  7. The Power of Unique Content
  8. The Results: Ranking on Google
  9. Leveraging Fiverr for Digital Marketing Needs
  10. Conclusion

The Power of SEO-friendly Content on Fiverr

SEO copywriting plays a crucial role in driving traffic to your website and getting your business noticed online. However, creating content that is both high quality and SEO friendly can be a time-consuming task that requires specific skills. This is where Fiverr, a popular marketplace for digital services, comes into play.


As the founder of Ranked Academy Cote UK, my goal is to help small businesses grow online by providing them with the best tools, tips, and tricks. One of the biggest challenges I face when working with clients is creating SEO-friendly pages for their websites. These pages need to rank well on Google for their services, but it often involves a lot of research and effort.

The Importance of SEO-friendly Content

To understand the importance of SEO-friendly content, let's consider an example. I recently built a single page for an electrician client, and it now ranks for 779 keywords, with 89 of them ranking on the first page of Google. This demonstrates the power of creating content that is tailored to your target audience and optimized for search engines.

The Challenges of Creating SEO-friendly Pages

While SEO-friendly content can yield powerful results, the process of creating it can be challenging and time-consuming. As a small business owner, I couldn't afford to hire a full-time employee solely for SEO copywriting. So, I decided to explore alternative options, and that's when I turned to Fiverr.

Exploring the Alternative: Fiverr

Fiverr is a digital services marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers who can help with various digital marketing needs. It offers a vast pool of freelancers with different skill levels and expertise. By using filters and searching for specific services, you can find the right freelancer to meet your requirements.

Testing SEO Copywriters on Fiverr

To determine if Fiverr could be a viable solution for my business, I decided to test SEO copywriters at different levels. I purchased gigs from a level 1 writer, a level 2 writer, and a writer with pro status. For each gig, I provided the same brief - to write a 1,500-word landing page for an electrician client, targeting specific keywords and including a frequently asked questions section.

5.1 Level 1 Copywriter

The level 1 copywriter delivered the content within two days, but upon reviewing it, I discovered instances of duplicate content. This was a significant concern as unique content is crucial for SEO success. I reported the seller to Fiverr's customer support, and they promptly deleted the seller from the platform.

5.2 Level 2 Copywriter

The level 2 copywriter delivered the content within ten days, and the article was well-structured and aligned with the provided example page. The keywords were included, and the content passed the duplicate content check. Overall, this delivery seemed solid and suitable for my client's website.

5.3 Pro Copywriter

The pro copywriter, who had been hand-vetted by Fiverr, delivered the content in just three days. The copy was easily readable, flowed nicely, and included relevant details without being overly technical. It matched the structure of the example page and included the targeted keywords effectively. The content was unique, with no instances of duplicate content found.

Evaluating the Deliveries

Based on my evaluation, the pro copywriter stood out as the most reliable and high-quality option among the three tested. The level 2 copywriter also provided satisfactory results. However, the level 1 copywriter's delivery was subpar, with duplicate content issues.

The Power of Unique Content

Having unique content is crucial for ranking in Google and ensuring that your efforts and investment in creating the page are not wasted. Duplicate content will be ignored by search engines, hampering your chances of appearing in search results. Therefore, it is essential to verify the uniqueness of your content using tools like Copyscape.

The Results: Ranking on Google

After publishing the page created by the pro copywriter for just a week, it already ranks for 15 keywords on Google. While it's still early days, these initial results are promising, with relevant rankings already observed. It demonstrates the potential power of using Fiverr to create SEO-friendly content that drives traffic to your website.

Leveraging Fiverr for Digital Marketing Needs

Fiverr offers a valuable option for businesses to tackle their digital marketing needs. It provides access to a vast pool of freelancers who can assist with various tasks, including SEO copywriting. However, it is crucial to choose the right seller and provide a detailed brief to ensure your expectations are met.


In conclusion, SEO-friendly content is paramount in attracting traffic and boosting your online presence. Fiverr can be a valuable resource for finding skilled copywriters, but it requires careful selection and thorough evaluation of the deliveries. By leveraging Fiverr effectively, you can create high-quality content that ranks well in search engines, helping your business succeed online.


  • Creating SEO-friendly content is crucial for driving traffic to your website.
  • Fiverr provides a marketplace for hiring freelancers for digital marketing needs.
  • Testing SEO copywriters on Fiverr helps find reliable and high-quality options.
  • Unique content is vital for ranking on Google and avoiding duplicate content issues.
  • Fiverr can be leveraged effectively to create SEO-friendly content that boosts online visibility.


Q: What is Fiverr? A: Fiverr is a marketplace for digital services, connecting businesses with freelancers who can assist with various tasks.

Q: How can I find a reliable SEO copywriter on Fiverr? A: You can use filters and search for specific services to narrow down the results. It's also essential to review the seller's level, ratings, and reviews before making a decision.

Q: Why is unique content important for SEO? A: Search engines like Google prioritize unique content and ignore duplicate content. Having unique content increases your chances of ranking well in search results.

Q: Can Fiverr help my business with other digital marketing needs? A: Yes, Fiverr offers a wide range of digital marketing services, including graphic design, social media management, website development, and more.

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