Discover the Power of Gorgeous | Streamline Customer Support Operations

Discover the Power of Gorgeous | Streamline Customer Support Operations

Table of Contents


Setting up Gorgeous

  • Accessing Gorgeous
  • Logging in
  • Home Screen Overview

Managing Tickets

  • Shared Views
  • Creating Private Views
  • Searching for Customers
  • Filtering Customers
  • Ticket Statistics

Automation and Reports

  • Automation Setups
  • Automation Reports

Self-Service Interactions

  • Self-Service Options
  • Tracking Orders

Settings and Integrations

  • API Integration
  • One-Click Integrations
  • Managing Phone Numbers
  • Help Center Setup

Tags and Satisfaction

  • Creating Tags
  • Sending Surveys
  • Managing Billing

Rules and Macros

  • Setting Up Rules
  • Using Macros

User and Team Management

  • Managing Users
  • Teams and Audit Logs

Business Availability and Ticket Assignment

  • Business Availability Options
  • Ticket Assignment Settings

Leveraging Gorgeous for Revenue

  • Tracking Revenue
  • Driving Revenue with Gorgeous


A Comprehensive Guide to Using Gorgeous for Customer Service

Customer service plays a critical role in the success of any business. With the rising demand for exceptional customer support, it becomes essential for businesses to invest in tools and apps that streamline and enhance the customer service experience. In this guide, we will delve into Gorgeous, Shopify's number one customer service app. We will explore its features, functionalities, and how it can revolutionize your customer service operations. So, let's dive in and uncover how Gorgeous can help you provide outstanding customer support and drive revenue.

Setting up Gorgeous

Before we dive into the functionalities of Gorgeous, let's first understand how to set it up and get started. Here is a step-by-step guide to accessing and logging into Gorgeous and an overview of the home screen.

Accessing Gorgeous

To access Gorgeous, you need to visit the Gorgeous URL designated for your brand. Typically, it will be your brand name followed by "" Once you reach this web address, you can proceed to log in and access your account.

Logging in

After reaching the Gorgeous URL, you will be prompted to log in. Once logged in, you will be directed to your home screen. This screen provides a quick overview of essential metrics such as first response time, resolution time, customer satisfaction survey options, and automation rates. We will explore these metrics in detail later in this guide.

Managing Tickets

Efficiently managing customer inquiries and support tickets is crucial for delivering exceptional customer service. In this section, we will explore how Gorgeous helps you organize tickets and streamline your customer service workflow.

Shared Views

Gorgeous offers shared views that allow you to categorize tickets based on their status, such as open, closed, or assigned. You can also create custom sections and views to sort tickets based on different criteria like communication channels, order status, or returns.

Creating Private Views

In addition to shared views, Gorgeous enables the creation of private views. These views are accessible only to specific agents or teams, providing personalized ticket management options for different individuals or departments within your organization.

Searching for Customers

Gorgeous simplifies the process of accessing customer information. You can manually add customers or search for specific customers based on various filters such as group created date. This feature ensures that your customer service team has quick and easy access to customer data, allowing them to provide a personalized support experience.

Filtering Customers

Gorgeous allows you to filter and segment customers based on specific criteria. By applying filters such as tags, order history, and support interactions, you can create targeted customer lists and offer tailored support.

Ticket Statistics

To gain valuable insights into your customer service performance, Gorgeous provides comprehensive ticket statistics. These statistics include the number of open and unassigned tickets, agent availability, support performance historically, and revenue generated through customer service interactions. Monitoring these metrics helps you gauge your team's performance and identify areas for improvement.

Automation and Reports

Automating repetitive tasks and generating insightful reports can significantly improve your customer service efficiency. Gorgeous offers robust automation and reporting features to streamline your operations and track performance.

Automation Setups

Gorgeous allows you to automate various actions, such as closing non-support emails or assigning specific agents to high-value order issues. You can create customized rules using triggers and actions to ensure that tickets are appropriately handled, minimizing manual intervention.

Automation Reports

Gorgeous provides detailed reports on automation performance. These reports highlight the effectiveness of your automation setups and help you identify areas where further automation can be implemented.

Self-Service Interactions

Empowering customers with self-service options can alleviate the workload on your customer service team while providing quick and convenient solutions for customers. In this section, we will explore Gorgeous's self-service features and how they enhance the customer experience.

Self-Service Options

Gorgeous offers self-service options that customers can access through various channels such as email and chat. Customers can track orders, cancel orders, initiate returns, and report issues using these self-service features. By encouraging customers to utilize self-service, you can reduce the volume of inquiries and improve response times.

Tracking Orders

Gorgeous allows customers to track their orders by inputting their email or order number. This self-service option provides customers with real-time updates on their order status, reducing the need for direct communication with your support team.

Settings and Integrations

Customizing Gorgeous settings and integrating it with other tools and platforms is essential to optimize its functionality. Let's explore the various settings and integrations available in Gorgeous.

API Integration

Gorgeous provides API integration options, allowing you to connect it with other software or systems within your tech stack. This integration empowers you to streamline data flow and automate processes between different platforms.

One-Click Integrations

Gorgeous offers easy one-click integrations with popular tools and apps such as SMS providers, loyalty platforms, and more. These integrations enhance the capabilities of Gorgeous and enable seamless communication with customers.

Managing Phone Numbers

Within Gorgeous, you can manage and configure the phone numbers associated with your customer service operations. This feature ensures that customers can reach out to you via phone, providing an additional communication channel.

Help Center Setup

Gorgeous allows you to set up a help center where customers can find answers to frequently asked questions or access self-service options. This feature helps customers find solutions to common issues independently, reducing the need for direct support.

Tags and Satisfaction

Effectively categorizing and measuring customer satisfaction is vital for delivering exceptional support. Gorgeous provides features that help you manage tags and send surveys to gauge customer sentiment.

Creating Tags

Gorgeous allows you to create tags to categorize tickets based on specific criteria. By assigning tags such as "return" or "exchange," you can quickly filter and manage tickets related to specific topics or issues.

Sending Surveys

Gorgeous offers the ability to send customer satisfaction surveys. You can configure the survey settings to determine whether to send surveys via email, chat, or both. Monitoring customer satisfaction levels helps you identify areas for improvement and measure the effectiveness of your support team.

Managing Billing

Gorgeous provides billing management options, allowing you to handle payment-related tasks within the platform. You can manage billing details, update payment information, and access invoicing records conveniently.

Rules and Macros

Creating predefined rules and macros can significantly streamline your customer service operations. In this section, we will explore how Gorgeous enables you to set up rules and leverage macros to automate various actions.

Setting Up Rules

Gorgeous allows you to create rules based on triggers and actions. For example, you can create a rule to tag high-value order issues for immediate attention. These rules ensure that tickets are automatically categorized and assigned, saving time and reducing the chance of oversight.

Using Macros

Gorgeous provides a library of predefined macros that you can utilize to respond to common customer inquiries quickly. Macros help standardize responses and ensure consistent communication across your customer service team.

User and Team Management

Efficient user and team management are crucial for maintaining a smooth customer service workflow. Explore how Gorgeous facilitates user and team management and ensures accountability.

Managing Users

Gorgeous allows you to manage user accounts and access control settings. You can add and remove users, assign roles and permissions, and control visibility to maintain data security and ensure smooth collaboration.

Teams and Audit Logs

By organizing agents into teams, you can optimize ticket assignment and ensure efficient task delegation. Gorgeous keeps a record of all user actions through audit logs, providing visibility into who performed specific actions and when.

Business Availability and Ticket Assignment

Configuring business availability and ticket assignment settings is essential to maintain consistent customer service operations. In this section, we will explore how Gorgeous enables you to set up business availability and manage ticket assignment efficiently.

Business Availability Options

Gorgeous offers flexibility in defining your business availability hours. By configuring business hours, you can manage customer expectations and ensure prompt responses during active hours.

Ticket Assignment Settings

Gorgeous allows you to assign tickets to specific agents or teams automatically. By setting up rules and triggers based on ticket criteria, you can ensure that each ticket is assigned to the most appropriate team or agent.

Leveraging Gorgeous for Revenue

While providing exceptional customer service is a priority, leveraging customer service interactions to drive revenue is equally important. Explore how Gorgeous enables you to track revenue and maximize revenue generation through customer support.

Tracking Revenue

Gorgeous provides tools and features to track revenue generated through customer service interactions. By measuring the revenue impact of support conversations, you can identify opportunities for upselling and optimize your support team to drive additional revenue.

Driving Revenue with Gorgeous

Gorgeous offers mechanisms to create upsell opportunities and generate revenue through customer service interactions. By equipping your customer service team with valuable customer data, you can proactively drive revenue while resolving customer inquiries.


In conclusion, Gorgeous is a robust customer service app designed to enhance your Shopify store's support operations. By implementing the functionalities covered in this guide, you can streamline your customer service workflow, provide exceptional support, and even drive revenue. Embrace Gorgeous as your go-to customer service tool, and watch your support team thrive while delivering exceptional customer experiences.


  • Set up Gorgeous: Learn how to access and log in to Gorgeous, and explore the home screen overview.
  • Manage Tickets: Discover shared views, private views, customer search, and ticket statistics.
  • Automate and Generate Reports: Streamline your workflow with automation setups and analyze performance through automation reports.
  • Enhance Self-Service Interactions: Empower customers with self-service options and enable smooth order tracking.
  • Customize Settings and Integrations: Explore API integration, one-click integrations, phone number management, and setting up a help center.
  • Tagging and Satisfaction: Effective tag management, survey sending options, and billing management.
  • Streamline Operations with Rules and Macros: Learn how to set up rules and utilize macros for efficiency.
  • User and Team Management: Manage users and teams, and access user action logs for accountability.
  • Optimize Business Availability and Ticket Assignment: Configure business availability and automate ticket assignments.
  • Leveraging Gorgeous for Revenue: Track revenue from support interactions and drive revenue with customer service conversations.


Q: Can Gorgeous integrate with other Shopify apps? A: Yes, Gorgeous integrates seamlessly with various Shopify apps, enhancing its functionality and enabling smooth data flow.

Q: How can Gorgeous help reduce response times? A: Gorgeous offers features like automation setups, macros, and self-service options that minimize manual intervention, allowing for quick and efficient responses to customer inquiries.

Q: Can I personalize the customer support experience with Gorgeous? A: Absolutely! Gorgeous provides shared and private views, filtering options, and customer segmentation features, allowing for personalized support based on customer preferences and history.

Q: Can Gorgeous help identify upsell opportunities? A: Yes, Gorgeous allows for revenue tracking and provides valuable customer data to identify and capitalize on upsell opportunities during customer service interactions.

Q: Can I customize the help center in Gorgeous? A: Yes, you can set up and customize a help center within Gorgeous, enabling customers to find answers to common questions and access self-service options.

Q: How can I access audit logs in Gorgeous? A: Gorgeous keeps detailed audit logs, allowing you to track user actions, identify accountability, and gain visibility into who performed specific actions.

Q: Is Gorgeous suitable for large-scale customer service operations? A: Yes, Gorgeous is designed to support businesses of all sizes. Its features and functionalities are scalable and can efficiently handle high volumes of customer inquiries.

Q: Can I track customer satisfaction with Gorgeous? A: Definitely! Gorgeous allows you to send customer satisfaction surveys via email or chat, providing valuable insights into the satisfaction levels of your customers.

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