Discover the Fascinating Ratings of Different Genders

Discover the Fascinating Ratings of Different Genders

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Rating of Different Genders
    • Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB)
    • Assigned Male at Birth (AMAB)
    • Androgynous
    • Bigender
    • Binarism
    • Dysphoria
    • Cisgender
    • Heterosexual
    • Cisnormativity
    • Sexism
  3. Gender Identity
    • Damien the By
    • Image Gender Identity
    • Feminine of Center
    • Female to Male (FTM)
    • Pronouns
    • Gender Non-Conforming
    • Gender Questioning
    • Gender Roles
    • Gender Variant
    • Gender Fluid
  4. The Concept of Gender
    • Gender Loss
    • Masculine Presenting
    • Misgender
    • Omni-Gender
    • Poorly Gendered
    • Sex
    • Tri-Gender
    • Two-Spirit
    • The Limit Please Gender
  5. Conclusion

Rating of Different Genders

In this video, we join a German gender studies channel where the host rates various genders. The host begins by rating different genders based on their assigned birth sex. Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB) is considered a basic gender, receiving four stars, while Assigned Male at Birth (AMAB) is rated highly with five stars. Androgynous individuals, who possess characteristics of both men and women, receive a rating of 4.5 stars. Bigender individuals, who identify with multiple genders, are praised for their unique abilities and receive four stars. Binarism, the belief that there are only two genders, is regarded as boring, earning zero stars. Dysphoria, a gender identity characterized by a sense of detachment from one's assigned gender, receives a rating of three stars. Cisgender individuals, who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth, are considered boring and receive a rating of one star. Heterosexual individuals, who are attracted to the opposite sex, are also rated poorly with one star. Cisnormativity, which upholds the belief that cisgender individuals are superior, is criticized as boring and receives a rating of one star. Sexism also garners a rating of one star. Damien, a gender that defies easy classification, is described as confusing and receives three stars.

Gender Identity

The host then moves on to rate genders based on various gender identities. Image Gender Identity, which cannot be assumed based on appearance or social norms, is seen as intriguing and receives four stars. Feminine of Center is praised for its uniqueness and receives a rating of four stars. Female to Male (FTM), individuals who transition from female to male, are rated poorly if they lack certain physical attributes, earning one star. Pronouns are considered boring and receive a rating of two stars, with the exception of Exams, which is loved by the host and receives five stars. Gender Non-Conforming individuals, who challenge traditional gender roles, are regarded positively and receive a rating of five stars. Gender Questioning individuals, who are unsure of their gender identity, receive a rating of three stars. Gender Roles are seen as limiting and receive a rating of two stars. Gender Variant individuals, who deviate from traditional gender norms, are praised and receive a rating of four stars. Gender Fluid individuals, who experience a shift in their gender identity, are considered interesting and receive a rating of 4.5 stars.

The Concept of Gender

The host continues to explore different aspects of gender. Gender Loss, a gender associated with the feeling of losing one's gender, is met with confusion and receives three stars. Masculine Presenting individuals, who present themselves in a predominantly masculine manner, are preferred by the host and receive a rating of five stars. Misgender, a term used to describe being referred to by the wrong gender pronouns, receives a rating of four stars. Omni-Gender, a gender that encompasses all other genders, is deemed overpowered by the host and receives a rating of 10 stars. Poorly Gendered individuals, who possess multiple genders, receive three stars for each gender they exhibit. Sex, as a concept, is questioned by the host and receives a rating of zero stars. Tri-Gender individuals, who identify with three distinct genders, receive a rating of nine stars. Two-Spirit individuals, often associated with Native American cultures, are celebrated and receive five stars. Lastly, The Limit Please Gender, which can only be accessed by subscribing to a specific channel, is humorously awarded 69 stars.


In conclusion, this video provides a unique and somewhat satirical perspective on the rating of different genders. The host evaluates various genders based on assigned birth sex, gender identity, and the concept of gender itself. While some genders are praised for their uniqueness and diversity, others are criticized for their limited scope or traditional constraints. The host's ratings offer a tongue-in-cheek commentary on societal perceptions of gender and challenge conventional notions of identity.

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