Discover Hidden Chests and Secrets in Diamond Beach!

Discover Hidden Chests and Secrets in Diamond Beach!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Chest Locations in Diamond Beach 2.1. Chest Location 1 2.2. Chest Location 2 2.3. Chest Location 3 2.4. Chest Location 4
  3. Exploring the Cave in Diamond Beach 3.1. Cave Entrance 3.2. Speculations about the Cave 3.3. Insights into Wave 2 of the Update 3.4. Comparisons with Skyrim 3.5. Secrets of the Secret Cave
  4. Conclusion

Chest Locations in Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach in Roblox Royal High is packed with hidden chests waiting to be discovered. Here, I'll walk you through the locations of these chests and the valuable treasures they hold.

Chest Location 1

Upon spawning at the middle part of Diamond Beach, head straight towards the lighthouse. Keep going until you find a cozy little Bungalow. The first chest is located right here, offering a surprise gift. In one of my previous videos, I stumbled upon this chest and found a Canadian flag inside. It's a rather easy chest to find, and it's a great starting point to kick off your treasure hunt.

Chest Location 2

Starting from the same spot as before, fly above the apartments. Ascend towards the top of the hill, where you'll discover another hidden chest. As you open it, you'll be delighted to find a generous reward of 4,700 diamonds. Make sure to stay in this spot as you move on to the next location.

Chest Location 3

Navigate your way through the windmills, flying directly between them. You'll soon stumble upon a cozy spot with a piano. And right next to it is the third chest, waiting to be unlocked. Inside, you'll find 2,500 diamonds that can come in handy when you're in need of a quick boost in your diamond count.

Chest Location 4

Return to the spawn area and start walking towards Ocean's Nursery. Pass by the pizza place and take a hard right turn. Voila! You've arrived at yet another chest location. This time, you'll be rewarded with an American flag, a staple item that appears in the game's Fourth of July updates. It's a great spot to come and collect the flags every year.

Exploring the Cave in Diamond Beach

Beyond the chest locations, there's an intriguing cave in Diamond Beach that holds even more mysteries. In this section, we'll delve into the secrets and speculations surrounding this cave.

Cave Entrance

To access the cave, head back down towards the cave system from the windy hill. The scenery and lighting of the cave have a breathtaking aesthetic. It feels both intriguing and slightly eerie at the same time. The textures and lighting effects in this area create a unique ambiance that sets it apart from the rest of Diamond Beach.

Speculations about the Cave

As of now, the nature and purpose of the cave remain a mystery, but players have been speculating that it's related to the second wave of updates. Many believe that it might be a part of an upcoming quest. Given the grand scale and distinct features of the cave, it's a reasonable assumption that it will play a significant role in future gameplay.

Insights into Wave 2 of the Update

Wave 2 of the update is highly anticipated by the Royal High community. Players are excited to see what the developers have in store for them. The cave is a constant reminder that there are more surprises and adventures to come. The waiting game might be challenging, but it only adds to the thrill and anticipation.

Comparisons with Skyrim

The aesthetics of the cave bear a striking resemblance to the mystical dungeons of the popular game Skyrim. The ominous lighting, textured walls, and hidden passages create an immersive atmosphere that echoes the sense of adventure found in Skyrim. If you're a fan of Skyrim, you'll likely find yourself reminiscing about the exciting quests and hidden treasures.

Secrets of the Secret Cave

Venturing deeper into the cave, you'll discover a secret world hidden beneath the water. The underwater scenery is stunning, with cascading waterfalls and enchanting visuals. However, at the bottom of a waterfall, there seems to be something mysterious, only to discover that it's just a void. Despite this, the cave holds the promise of future quests and adventures, making it a location worth keeping an eye on.


In this article, we explored the chest locations and the secrets of the cave in Roblox Royal High's Diamond Beach. From hidden chests offering valuable rewards to a cave shrouded in mystery, Diamond Beach is an exciting location to explore. Keep an eye out for future updates and quests, as the developers continue to expand the game world and bring new adventures to players.


  • Discover hidden chest locations in Diamond Beach
  • Explore the intriguing cave and its secrets
  • Speculate on the upcoming wave 2 of the update
  • Marvel at the aesthetic similarities to Skyrim's dungeons
  • Unearth the mysteries that await in the secret underwater world of the cave


Q: Are the chest locations always the same for every player? A: Yes, the chest locations in Diamond Beach remain the same for all players, ensuring everyone has a fair chance to find them.

Q: Can I collect the American and Canadian flags from the chests every year? A: Yes, the flags are a recurring item in the game's Fourth of July updates, allowing players to collect them annually.

Q: Will the cave play a significant role in future quests? A: While it's still speculation, many players believe that the cave will be an integral part of upcoming quests in the game.

Q: Are there more secrets to uncover in Diamond Beach? A: Diamond Beach is an ever-evolving location in Roblox Royal High, and the developers continuously add new surprises and adventures for players to discover. Keep exploring to find more hidden gems!

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