Create Personalized Stamps with Stamp It: A Review

Create Personalized Stamps with Stamp It: A Review

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding Stamp It: A Custom Rubber Stamp Provider
  3. Designing the Stamps 3.1 Sketching Ideas 3.2 Choosing the Best Design 3.3 Exporting and Saving Designs
  4. Browsing the Stamp It Website 4.1 Exploring the Stamp Collection 4.2 Selecting the Perfect Size
  5. Placing an Order 5.1 Uploading Artwork and Customizing Stamps 5.2 Adding Additional Items to the Cart 5.3 Calculating the Total Cost 5.4 Selecting Shipping Options
  6. Unboxing and Reviewing the Stamps 6.1 Packaging and Presentation 6.2 Different Wooden and Acrylic Handle Options 6.3 Testing the Stamps on Various Materials
  7. Conclusion

Stamp It: A Review of Custom Rubber Stamps

Introduction Welcome to my review of Stamp It, a custom rubber stamp provider. In this article, I will share my experience with designing, ordering, and testing the quality of their stamps. Whether you're a small business owner, a crafter, or simply someone looking to add a personal touch to your stationery, custom rubber stamps can be a fantastic addition to your collection. Read on to find out more about the process and my thoughts on Stamp It.

Finding Stamp It: A Custom Rubber Stamp Provider When I decided to purchase custom rubber stamps, I began my search by Googling "custom rubber stamps UK." Stamp It was the first result that caught my attention. Their website impressed me with its professional design and wide range of options. After comparing a few other sites, I ultimately chose Stamp It for its reputation and excellent reviews.

Designing the Stamps Before placing my order, I needed to design the stamps. Using my iPad and the Procreate app, I sketched several ideas for the stamps. These designs would be used on our Etsy shop's envelopes, packages, and our exclusive Marshmallow Club post on Patreon. Once I had a few options, I turned to Instagram to gather feedback from my followers. Based on their input, I selected the best design and outlined it with a solid black color using a suitable brush in Procreate.

Browsing the Stamp It Website With my designs finalized, I headed over to the Stamp It website to browse their stamp collection. They offer a variety of options, including embossed rubber stamps, self-inking stamps, and large stamps for big packages. However, I opted for their custom rubber stamps. I measured the size I needed using Procreate and a ruler, and I selected the EW7 stamp in reclaimed vintage oak (50 by 30 millimeters) for the corner stamps and the 70 by 10 millimeter wooden handle stamp in acrylic for the round ones.

Placing an Order Stamp It's website made it incredibly easy to place an order. I uploaded my artwork, selected the desired stamps, and added them to my cart. I also included an ink pad and an additional ink pad from their pop-up section. The total cost of my order came to £64.30, but as a registered VAT customer, my grand total after tax was £53.58. I chose the DHL Express next-day delivery option for £12.99 to ensure a prompt arrival.

Unboxing and Reviewing the Stamps The stamps arrived the next day in a basic white box, which I appreciated for its simplicity. Inside, I found the stamps neatly arranged. The wooden stamps had a traditional and rustic appearance, while the acrylic stamp featured a sleek and modern look. I tested the stamps on various materials, including plain paper, regular envelopes, a glassine envelope, and a pip box. The stamps performed exceptionally well, with crisp and fine lines. The ink pads provided good coverage and added a pleasing texture to the paper.

Conclusion Overall, Stamp It exceeded my expectations. The ordering process was straightforward, the stamps arrived quickly, and the quality of the stamps and ink pads was excellent. Whether you're a business owner looking to brand your packaging or a creative individual in need of personalized stationery, I highly recommend Stamp It for all your custom rubber stamp needs.


  • Stamp It offers a wide range of custom rubber stamps, including different handle options and sizes.
  • The ordering process is simple and efficient, with the ability to customize your stamps and add additional items to your cart.
  • The stamps arrive quickly, even with the option for next-day delivery. The packaging is minimal but protects the stamps well.
  • The stamps perform exceptionally well on various materials, providing crisp and fine lines.
  • The ink pads are of good quality, offering good coverage and adding a pleasing texture to the paper.

FAQ: Q: Can I use my own artwork for the stamps? A: Yes, Stamp It allows you to upload your own artwork for customization.

Q: Are the stamps suitable for different materials? A: Yes, the stamps work well on various materials, including paper, envelopes, and even glassine.

Q: How long does it take for the stamps to arrive? A: The delivery time depends on the shipping option you choose. Next-day delivery is available for those who need their stamps quickly.

Q: Are the stamps and ink pads of good quality? A: Yes, both the stamps and ink pads provided by Stamp It are of excellent quality, ensuring clear and well-defined impressions.

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