Create Customized QR Codes for Website Links

Create Customized QR Codes for Website Links

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Create a QR Code for a Website Link 2.1 Choosing the Right QR Code Generator 2.2 Adding a URL to the QR Code 2.3 Customizing the QR Code 2.4 Adding a Logo to the QR Code 2.5 Customizing the Design of the QR Code
  3. Downloading the QR Code 3.1 Downloading as PNG 3.2 Downloading as SVG
  4. Testing the QR Code 4.1 Scanning the QR Code with a Mobile Phone 4.2 Verifying the QR Code Functionality
  5. Tracking the QR Code Usage 5.1 Using Premium Services for QR Code Tracking 5.2 Using URL Shorteners for QR Code Tracking 5.3 Using UTM Parameters for QR Code Tracking
  6. Enhancing the Website Experience 6.1 Using High-Quality Images 6.2 Exploring Free Image Websites

How to Create a QR Code for a Website Link

Are you looking to create a QR code for a website link to enhance your marketing efforts? In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a QR code that not only directs users to your website but also allows you to customize its appearance and track its usage. Let's get started!

Choosing the Right QR Code Generator

The first step in creating a QR code for your website link is to choose the right QR code generator. One recommended option is Once you land on the website, you'll notice that there are various options available, including URLs, text, email, phone, and SMS. For our purpose, we'll focus on creating a URL-based QR code.

Adding a URL to the QR Code

To add a URL to the QR code, you need to enter the URL of the webpage you want users to land on when they scan the code. Simply copy the URL from your website and paste it into the designated field on the QR code generator. You also have the option to enable statistics and editability, but these features are part of the premium version.

Customizing the QR Code

Next, let's make the QR code visually appealing by customizing its colors. Instead of settling for the default black and white version, you can choose a single color or even a specific hex code to match your branding. Experiment with different color combinations until you find the one that suits your brand identity.

Adding a Logo to the QR Code

To further personalize the QR code, consider adding your logo. offers a range of social media icons to choose from, but you can also upload your own logo. Simply select the desired logo option and generate the QR code again to see your logo incorporated into the design.

Customizing the Design of the QR Code

In addition to colors and logos, you can customize the design of the QR code itself. allows you to modify the body shape, iframe shape, and even the eyeball shape. These changes are purely aesthetic and do not affect the functionality of the QR code. Play around with different options to find the design that appeals to you.

Downloading the QR Code

Once you're happy with the appearance of the QR code, it's time to download it. provides the option to download the QR code as a PNG or an SVG file. If you need a high-resolution version, opt for the SVG format. Otherwise, the PNG format is sufficient for most purposes.

Testing the QR Code

Before implementing the QR code, it's crucial to test its functionality. Use a mobile phone with a QR code scanning feature to scan the code and verify that it directs you to the intended URL. If the code doesn't scan properly, refer to the video description for guidance on enabling QR code scanning on iPhones or Androids.

Tracking the QR Code Usage

Once you've placed the QR code in various locations, you may want to track its usage to measure its effectiveness. There are several options for tracking QR code usage. The premium services offered by QR code generator platforms provide detailed insights into the number of scans. Alternatively, you can use URL shorteners like Bitly to track statistics or utilize the UTM parameters in Google Analytics for more in-depth analysis.

Enhancing the Website Experience

A good first impression is key when users land on your website after scanning the QR code. One effective way to create a positive experience is by using high-quality images. In the next section, we'll explore some of the best websites offering free high-quality images that can enhance the visual appeal of your website.

Exploring Free Image Websites

To ensure your website features visually appealing images, consider using free image websites. These platforms offer a wide range of high-quality images that can be used to create a captivating visual experience for your users. Some recommended free image websites include Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay. Explore these platforms to discover stunning images that align with your website's theme and content.

In conclusion, creating a QR code for a website link is a simple yet effective way to enhance your marketing efforts. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can generate customized QR codes that direct users to your website and provide valuable tracking insights. Don't forget to optimize your website with high-quality images to leave a lasting impression on visitors. Start incorporating QR codes into your marketing strategy today for increased engagement and conversions.


  • Create customized QR codes for website links
  • Choose from various design options, including colors and logos
  • Track QR code usage for marketing analysis
  • Enhance user experience with high-quality images on your website
  • Utilize free image websites to find visually appealing images for your website


Q: Can I track how many people scan my QR code? A: Yes, there are multiple ways to track the usage of your QR code. Premium services from QR code generators offer detailed tracking insights. You can also use URL shorteners like Bitly or utilize UTM parameters in Google Analytics for tracking purposes.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of my QR code? A: Absolutely! You can customize the colors, add a logo, and even modify the design elements of the QR code. This allows you to align it with your brand identity and make it visually appealing.

Q: Are there any free image websites to enhance my website? A: Yes, there are several free image websites that offer high-quality images for commercial use. Some popular options include Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay. These platforms provide a vast collection of stunning images to enhance the visual appeal of your website.

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