Create Custom Mugs for Shopify in 4 Steps

Create Custom Mugs for Shopify in 4 Steps

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How Fulfillment Providers Print on Mugs
    1. The Wraparound Method
    2. Print Areas on Mugs
  3. Step 1: Creating a Product Base
    1. Importing a Mug from Providers' Catalog
    2. Creating a Product Manually
  4. Step 2: Preparing Artworks for Print Areas
    1. The Mug's Print Area Shape
    2. Artworks for Different Mug Sizes
  5. Step 3: Setting Up a Campaign
    1. Creating a New Campaign
    2. Connecting Artworks to Print Areas
    3. Adding Mock-up Images
    4. Enhancing Mock-up Images
  6. Conclusion

Connecting Artwork with Print Areas Correctly

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of connecting artwork with print areas correctly. When it comes to printing on mugs, fulfillment providers typically use the wraparound method. However, the print area on a mug is usually in a horizontal rectangle shape and does not divide into front or back. To ensure your designs are printed correctly, we will show you step by step how to set up your mug on a Shopify store.

1. Introduction

Before we dive into the details, let's understand how fulfillment providers print on mugs and the unique features of the print areas. This will give you a better understanding of the process and help you ensure the accuracy of your designs.

2. How Fulfillment Providers Print on Mugs

Fulfillment providers often utilize the wraparound method to print on the outside of mugs. This method allows them to cover the entire surface of the mug with the design. To accommodate this method, the print area on a mug is usually a horizontal rectangle shape.

2.1 The Wraparound Method

The wraparound method involves printing the design in one continuous wrap around the mug. This technique ensures that the design covers the entire circumference of the mug, providing a visually appealing and seamless result.

2.2 Print Areas on Mugs

Unlike other products, mugs do not have separate front and back print areas. The print area of a mug is a single horizontal rectangle, which allows the design to seamlessly wrap around the entire mug. Understanding this unique aspect of mug printing is crucial when preparing artwork for your mugs.

3. Step 1: Creating a Product Base

To start, you need to create a product base for your mugs. There are two ways to do this: importing directly from a provider's catalog or creating the product manually.

3.1 Importing a Mug from Provider's Catalog

If you choose to import a mug from an integrated fulfillment provider like Printful, the print area will automatically be connected to the corresponding variant. This ensures that when customers place an order, the design will be generated in the correct print area size.

3.2 Creating a Product Manually

Alternatively, you can create a product manually. In this case, you will need to add mock-up images, print areas, and variants to your product. Enable the custom variants print area toggle and select the correct print area for each variant.

4. Step 2: Preparing Artworks for Print Areas

To ensure your artwork fits perfectly within the mug's print area, it is essential to create artwork with the correct dimensions. The print area on a mug is a horizontal rectangle shape, so your artwork should be designed accordingly.

4.1 The Mug's Print Area Shape

The standard shape of a mug's print area is a horizontal rectangle. This means that any artwork you create should fit within this shape for optimal printing results. Using a template guideline provided by your fulfillment provider can help ensure your artwork matches the correct dimensions.

4.2 Artworks for Different Mug Sizes

If you offer mugs in different sizes, such as 11 ounces and 15 ounces, you may need to create multiple artworks. However, if the size and ratio between the artworks are not significantly different, you can use the same artwork for all print areas. This saves time and effort while maintaining a consistent design.

5. Step 3: Setting Up a Campaign

Once your product base and artwork are ready, it's time to set up a campaign. This involves connecting the artwork to the print areas and adding mock-up images to showcase your mugs.

5.1 Creating a New Campaign

In your campaign page, create a new campaign and select the mug you have imported or created. The corresponding print areas will be shown automatically, reflecting the variants you have set up.

5.2 Connecting Artworks to Print Areas

You have two options for connecting artwork to print areas. You can use different artworks for each print area, ensuring a perfect fit for each variant. Alternatively, you can use the same artwork for all print areas and resize it using the locate artwork button to fit each specific dimension.

5.3 Adding Mock-up Images

To make your mug mock-ups more attractive and realistic, consider uploading your own images. While fulfillment providers may provide mock-up images, adding your own images can personalize the mock-ups and showcase the other side of the mug.

5.4 Enhancing Mock-up Images

To further enhance your mock-up images, use the enable mask feature to crop the print area. By adjusting the mask, you can hide or reveal specific elements of your design. This allows you to create visually appealing mock-ups that accurately represent the final product.

6. Conclusion

Setting up your mugs for printing correctly is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction and a seamless printing process. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can confidently create and connect artwork to print areas, resulting in high-quality mugs for your customers to enjoy.


  • Understanding the wraparound method of printing on mugs
  • Creating a product base for mugs in two ways: importing or manual creation
  • Preparing artwork that fits the horizontal rectangle print area of a mug
  • Connecting artwork to print areas correctly in a campaign
  • Enhancing mock-up images for realistic and attractive mug presentations


Q: Can I use the same artwork for mugs of different sizes? A: Yes, if the size and ratio between the mugs' print areas are similar, you can use the same artwork for all print areas.

Q: How can I create mock-up images that show both sides of the mug? A: To create mock-ups that showcase both sides of the mug, upload your own images that depict the desired perspective.

Q: What is the purpose of the enable mask feature in the mock-up editor? A: The enable mask feature allows you to crop the print area and selectively hide certain elements of the design, resulting in visually appealing mock-up images.

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