Create Branded and Well-Designed Emails in Klaviyo

Create Branded and Well-Designed Emails in Klaviyo

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding the Need for Branded and Well-Designed Emails
  3. Designing Emails in Figma 1.Designing the Desktop Version
    1. Designing the Mobile Version
  4. Building the Email in Clavio
    1. Adding Images and Alt Text
    2. Creating Text-Based Sections
    3. Using Tables and Columns for Complex Sections
    4. Ensuring Mobile Compatibility
  5. Tips for Enhancing Email Deliverability and Searchability
  6. Conclusion

Building Branded and Well-Designed Emails in Clavio

Email marketing is an essential aspect of any successful business strategy, but standing out in a crowded inbox can be a challenge. One common concern among email marketers is how to create branded and well-designed emails without relying heavily on images. In this article, we will explore the process of building such emails using Clavio, a leading email marketing platform. We will start by understanding the importance of branded emails and the need for incorporating custom fonts and text sections. Then, we will discuss the step-by-step process of designing the emails in Figma, a popular design tool. Finally, we will dive into Clavio and build the email templates, ensuring they are both visually appealing and deliverable. So, let's get started!

1. Understanding the Need for Branded and Well-Designed Emails

Branded emails are essential for maintaining consistency in your marketing efforts and establishing a strong brand identity. By using custom fonts, text sections, and well-designed layouts, you can make your emails instantly recognizable and memorable to your subscribers. Additionally, relying less on images can improve email deliverability, as text-based emails are more likely to land in the inbox instead of being flagged as promotional content. Thus, it is crucial to know how to create visually appealing emails that effectively communicate your brand message.

2. Designing Emails in Figma

To begin the email design process, we will utilize Figma, a versatile design tool. Figma allows you to create pixel-perfect email templates for both the desktop and mobile versions. By designing the emails upfront, you get a clear vision of how they should look before building them in Clavio. This step helps in ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing email design throughout the campaign.

2.1 Designing the Desktop Version

We start by creating a design in Figma that includes all the necessary elements for our email. This includes the logo, text sections, images, and a footer. By designing the email template, you can experiment with different layouts and get a better idea of the final result. Once complete, the design can be exported as an artboard, ready to be built in Clavio.

2.2 Designing the Mobile Version

Mobile optimization is critical as a significant portion of email users access their emails on their smartphones. In Figma, we replicate the desktop design and ensure it adapts well to smaller screens. This involves repositioning and resizing elements to maintain a visually appealing layout on mobile devices. Making sure your emails are mobile-friendly enhances the user experience and engagement.

3. Building the Email in Clavio

Now that we have our email design ready, it's time to bring it to life in Clavio. We'll guide you through the process of building the email step by step, utilizing Clavio's features and templates.

3.1 Adding Images and Alt Text

We begin by inserting the images into the email using image embeds. It is essential to add alt text to each image to ensure accessibility for subscribers who may have images disabled or are using assistive devices. Alt text provides a concise description of the image content, allowing users to understand the email's context even without the visuals.

3.2 Creating Text-Based Sections

Text-based sections are crucial for conveying information to your subscribers effectively. In Clavio, we create text-based sections and format them using appropriate font styles, colors, and sizes. By updating the heading styles, paragraphs, and adjusting padding, we can ensure the text sections look visually appealing and well-designed.

3.3 Using Tables and Columns for Complex Sections

Creating visually appealing sections with complex layouts requires the use of tables and columns in Clavio. We demonstrate how to structure these sections using tables, allowing us to add text, images, and buttons side by side. By utilizing columns within tables, we can achieve more advanced layouts and design flexibility, creating a visually appealing and engaging email.

3.4 Ensuring Mobile Compatibility

After building the email template, it is crucial to test its compatibility on mobile devices. In Clavio, we switch to the mobile preview to verify if the design elements, formatting, and readability translate well to smaller screens. Adjustments may be necessary to ensure a seamless experience for mobile users, enhancing engagement and overall satisfaction.

4. Tips for Enhancing Email Deliverability and Searchability

While designing branded and well-designed emails is essential, we cannot overlook two crucial aspects – email deliverability and searchability. Ensuring your emails reach your subscribers' inboxes and are easily searchable by search engines is vital for the success of your email marketing campaigns. We provide useful tips and strategies to optimize your emails for deliverability, including using appropriate subject lines, avoiding spam triggers, and optimizing email content. Furthermore, we discuss techniques to enhance searchability, such as optimizing email live text and leveraging relevant keywords.

5. Conclusion

Building branded and well-designed emails in Clavio requires a combination of creativity, attention to detail, and technical expertise. By adhering to the process outlined in this article, you can create visually stunning emails that effectively represent your brand and engage your subscribers. Remember to leverage tools like Figma to design your emails beforehand, and Clavio's features to bring them to life. By focusing on both design aesthetics and email deliverability/searchability, you can achieve outstanding results in your email marketing efforts. So, start implementing these strategies today and see the positive impact on your email campaigns.


  • Learn how to build branded and well-designed emails in Clavio
  • Understand the importance of custom fonts and text sections in emails
  • Design email templates using Figma for desktop and mobile versions
  • Step-by-step guide to building emails in Clavio, including image handling, text-based sections, tables, and mobile compatibility
  • Tips for improving email deliverability and searchability
  • Enhance your email marketing campaigns with visually stunning and effective emails


Q: Can I create visually appealing emails without relying on images? A: Yes, by incorporating custom fonts, well-designed text sections, and utilizing tables and columns in Clavio, you can create visually appealing emails without relying heavily on images.

Q: How can I ensure my emails are mobile-friendly? A: Firstly, design your emails using tools like Figma, ensuring they adapt well to smaller screens. Then, test the mobile compatibility in Clavio's mobile preview and make necessary adjustments to provide a seamless experience for mobile users.

Q: What can I do to enhance the deliverability of my emails? A: Using appropriate subject lines, avoiding spam triggers, optimizing email content, and maintaining a healthy sender reputation are all key factors in improving email deliverability.

Q: How can I make my emails more searchable by search engines? A: Optimize your email text with relevant keywords, improve email live text, and follow search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to enhance the searchability of your emails.

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