Create and Sell Logos Online: Make $50+ per hour

Create and Sell Logos Online: Make $50+ per hour

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Logo Designing
  3. Getting Started: Websites for Selling Logos
  4. Designing Logos with Canva
  5. Taking Logo Designing to the Next Level: Courses and Training
    • Udemy Courses on Logo Designing
    • Coral Draw for Advanced Logo Designing
  6. Success Tips for Logo Designing and Selling
    • Taking Action and Being Consistent
    • Patience and Perseverance
  7. Conclusion


Are you looking for a way to make money from the comfort of your own home, without any physical products to deal with? What if I told you that you could make $50 or more per hour by simply designing logos and selling them online? In this article, I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that using just a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection. The best part? This method is completely worldwide, so no matter where you are, you can start making money right away.

The Power of Logo Designing

A logo is more than just a visual representation of a brand. It's a powerful tool that can communicate the essence of a business and leave a lasting impression on its target audience. Businesses of all sizes, from startups to established companies, are willing to invest in professionally designed logos that can set them apart from their competitors. This presents a huge opportunity for creative individuals like you to capitalize on your logo designing skills and make a substantial income.

Getting Started: Websites for Selling Logos

One of the first websites I recommend for selling logos is This platform specializes in selling logos for websites, startups, and other businesses. As a logo designer, you can create high-quality logos and submit them to Brandcrowd for approval. Once your logo is approved, you can set your price and start earning money for each logo you sell. Brandcrowd offers cost-effective prices for buyers and provides a great opportunity for logo designers to showcase their creativity and make a profit.

Another popular platform for selling logos is Fiverr allows freelancers to offer their services, including logo design, to a wide range of buyers from around the world. As a logo designer on Fiverr, you can create a seller's account and start posting ads for your logo design services. With millions of potential buyers on Fiverr, there is ample opportunity to attract clients and make a substantial income. By setting competitive prices and offering high-quality designs, you can stand out in a highly competitive market.

Designing Logos with Canva

If you're new to logo designing or don't have advanced technical skills, don't worry. There are tools available that can make the process easier for you. One such tool is Canva. Canva is a user-friendly online design platform that offers a wide range of templates and design options, including logo design. With Canva, you can create professional-looking logos even without prior design experience. Simply sign up for a free account, choose a template, customize it to your liking, and you're ready to sell your unique logos on platforms like Brandcrowd and Fiverr.

Taking Logo Designing to the Next Level: Courses and Training

Udemy Courses on Logo Designing

If you're serious about logo designing and want to improve your skills, consider enrolling in online courses. Udemy is a popular platform that offers a wide range of logo design courses. You can find both free and paid courses that cover various aspects of logo design, from basic principles to advanced techniques. Taking these courses will not only enhance your design skills but also give you a competitive edge in the logo design industry.

Coral Draw for Advanced Logo Designing

While online tools like Canva are convenient and easy to use, it's always beneficial to have a solid understanding of design software like Coral Draw. Coral Draw is a powerful software that professionals use for logo designing and graphic editing. By learning Coral Draw and mastering its features, you can create intricate and unique logos that go beyond what online tools can offer. Invest time in learning this software through online tutorials or free courses to unlock the full potential of logo design.

Success Tips for Logo Designing and Selling

Taking Action and Being Consistent

The key to success in logo designing and selling is taking action and being consistent. Start by honing your design skills and creating a portfolio of high-quality logos. Then, actively promote your services on platforms like Brandcrowd and Fiverr. Be proactive in reaching out to potential clients and always deliver exceptional work. Success won't happen overnight, but with consistent effort and continuous improvement, you can build a thriving logo design business.

Patience and Perseverance

Patience and perseverance are vital when it comes to logo design and online entrepreneurship. Building a successful business takes time, especially in a competitive field like logo design. Don't get discouraged by rejections or initial slow progress. Stay committed to your craft, keep learning and adapting to the market's needs, and success will follow. Remember, every logo design project is an opportunity to grow and refine your skills.


With the right skills, mindset, and platforms, you can turn your passion for logo design into a profitable online business. Websites like Brandcrowd and Fiverr provide a global marketplace to showcase and sell your logos. Tools like Canva make the designing process accessible even to beginners. By investing in courses and learning industry-standard software like Coral Draw, you can take your logo designing skills to new heights. Stay persistent, deliver exceptional work, and success will come knocking at your door. So, why wait? Start creating and selling logos today!

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