Create an Attractive Online Store with the Pipeline Shopify Theme!

Create an Attractive Online Store with the Pipeline Shopify Theme!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Pipeline Theme
  3. Setting up General Theme Settings
  4. Customizing the Header and Footer
  5. Exploring the Homepage Design
  6. Creating an Attractive Collection Page
  7. Optimizing the Product Page
  8. Positive Feedback and Support
  9. Drawbacks and Limitations
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to the Shopify Theme Review series by Page Flight Team! In this article, we will be reviewing the Pipeline theme, a premium Shopify theme developed by Groupthought. The Pipeline theme is known for its clean and simple design and offers both fundamental and advanced features to make your store stand out. With a price of just $140, it is cheaper than most paid themes on the Shopify Theme Store. Join us as we delve into the features and customization options of the Pipeline theme.

Overview of the Pipeline Theme

The Pipeline theme is renowned for its minimalistic yet modern design. It provides a range of features to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your store. Before diving into the specific elements of the theme, it is important to set up the general theme settings according to your preferences. These settings include color, typography, layout, parallax effects, and animation effects for images and text. You can also customize the product grid and integrate social media and a favicon image.

Setting up General Theme Settings

To begin building your store with the Pipeline theme, it is essential to configure the general theme settings. These settings allow you to personalize the appearance and functionality of the theme. You can customize the header by choosing different header styles, adding a logo, enabling a sticky or transparent header, and incorporating an announcement bar for free shipping or sales events. The footer section offers flexibility in adding menu items, custom box sections, and newsletter features. The theme provides user-friendly customization options while retaining cool features for an engaging user experience.

Customizing the Header and Footer

The Pipeline theme offers a variety of options to customize the header and footer sections. You can choose from different header styles, add your logo, and configure the sticky header and overlay header settings. Additionally, the navigation menu allows you to display images of featured products or collections in each menu item, enhancing visual appeal and making navigation more intuitive. The footer section allows for the addition of menu items, custom box sections for extra information, and a newsletter feature to capture leads.

Exploring the Homepage Design

The Pipeline theme is widely appreciated for its clean and modern homepage design. Numerous Shopify stores utilize the Pipeline theme to create a minimalistic and visually appealing homepage. The theme's modular block design enables an organized, simple, and compact layout. You can add slideshow banners with headings and call-to-action buttons to highlight your featured products and collections. The theme also offers image opacity options, which can be effectively used to highlight headings and improve readability. Other features include collection lists, featured collections, tags, videos, news sections, and logo lists.

Creating an Attractive Collection Page

With the Pipeline theme, you have the flexibility to create a simple collection page or enable advanced features such as collection sorting and advanced collection filtering. Collection filtering allows you to categorize products based on attributes such as color, brand, size, and type. By including relevant tags when adding products, customers can easily navigate and find products that match their preferences. The product grid customization options enable you to enhance the display of products, including hover effects, display of second images, pricing details, and sales notices.

Optimizing the Product Page

The Pipeline theme places great emphasis on visual aesthetics on the product page. The product image size is optimized to showcase your products effectively. The theme provides customization options for product layouts, text alignment, product variants, and description positioning. One notable feature is the product custom tab, which allows you to organize extensive product information such as size charts or shipping details into tabs, providing a streamlined and organized presentation. Overall, the Pipeline theme offers a presentable and visually appealing product page design.

Positive Feedback and Support

Customers using the Pipeline theme have provided positive feedback about its aesthetic design, user-friendly settings, and excellent support. The theme receives high marks for its clean and modern design, making it a popular choice among Shopify users. The support documents provided by the theme developers are extensive and helpful, covering a wide range of topics from basic setup to advanced customization. The availability of a comprehensive help center with search suggestions enhances the user experience and ensures that users can find solutions to their queries easily.

Drawbacks and Limitations

Despite its many advantages, the Pipeline theme has a few drawbacks and limitations. One limitation is the lack of optimal options for mobile responsiveness, such as image adjustment and margin padding for mobile layouts. The theme also lacks features for building an About Us page or landing pages, although it does support FAQ and Lookbook pages. To overcome these limitations, users may need to edit the theme code or utilize a page builder app, such as PageFly. Another inconvenience is that the theme only offers email support, omitting chat support options for immediate assistance.


In conclusion, the Pipeline theme offers a compelling package of clean design, user-friendly customization options, and a competitive price point. Its minimalistic design, visual appeal, and modern layout make it an attractive choice for Shopify store owners. Although it has some limitations regarding mobile responsiveness and page customization, the theme's positive features outweigh these drawbacks. If you prioritize a clean and simple design for your online store and take advantage of the theme's features, the Pipeline theme can be an appealing option to attract and engage your visitors.

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