Create a Shopify Reward Program with SMS Notifications

Create a Shopify Reward Program with SMS Notifications

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up Shopify Model and Growth Tool
  3. Creating a Spending Threshold
  4. Tracking User Spending
  5. Sending Reward Coupons
  6. Clearing the Spending Threshold
  7. Integration and Automation
  8. Additional Tutorials and Resources
  9. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore how to implement a simple Shopify rewards program using ManyChat. We will guide you step by step on how to create a reward for customers who hit a spending threshold in your Shopify store. By integrating ManyChat Pro with Shopify, we can capture user information and opt them in for SMS or email notifications. This tutorial will focus on SMS notifications, although email integration is also straightforward.

Setting up Shopify Model and Growth Tool

To begin, we need to set up a Shopify model and a growth tool in ManyChat. The growth tool will allow users to opt in to join your rewards program. We will customize the growth tool to entice users to sign up. It is important to ensure that the legal text at the bottom of the widget is easily readable before saving and activating the widget. Next, we will decide when the growth tool should be displayed in your store. This could be during the add to cart process or after a few seconds. Additionally, we can specify how often it should show if manually closed by the user. Customizing the background and the thank you message for the growth tool is also recommended.

Creating a Spending Threshold

To track user spending, we need to create a custom field in ManyChat to store the spending threshold value. This custom field will be a number that keeps track of how much users have spent. We can create this custom field under the settings of ManyChat by navigating to "Cust Fields" and adding a new custom field called "Reward Threshold". Ensure that you label it as a number.

Tracking User Spending

After setting up the Shopify model and growth tool, we will proceed to build the flow in ManyChat to track user spending. The first step in the flow is to add a tag for the "Placed Order" trigger. This trigger will activate when an order is placed and paid for. We will then use actions and conditions to check the user's spending and determine if they have reached the spending threshold.

Sending Reward Coupons

If a user surpasses the spending threshold, we will integrate ManyChat's system SMS to send them a reward coupon. We will create an action to send an SMS message using a pre-written template. The template will thank the user for their order, inform them that they have earned a coupon, and provide the coupon code. The coupon code can be dynamically inserted using ManyChat's dynamic coupons feature. This feature allows you to create and manage coupons within ManyChat for easy redemption by customers.

Clearing the Spending Threshold

After sending the reward coupon, we need to clear the spending threshold to start tracking the user's spending again. To do this, we will create an action to set the reward threshold custom field to zero. This ensures that the threshold is reset and ready for the next tracking period. It is important to remember to clear the threshold after rewarding customers; otherwise, they will continue to receive the reward message every time they make a purchase.

Integration and Automation

Throughout this tutorial, we have focused on how to integrate ManyChat with Shopify to create a rewards program. We have explored the automation capabilities of ManyChat and how to send SMS notifications and dynamic coupons. By using ManyChat's system SMS and dynamic coupon features, you can easily implement a seamless rewards program for your Shopify store.

Additional Tutorials and Resources

If you want to learn more about each individual component and further details on integrating ManyChat with Shopify, we recommend checking out the rest of the videos on the "Baby Got Bot" channel. The channel covers Shopify integration in-depth and provides valuable tutorials and tips. We have also provided a link to a Shopify playlist in the description for your convenience.


Implementing a rewards program using ManyChat and Shopify can greatly enhance the customer experience and incentivize repeat purchases. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can create a seamless rewards program that tracks user spending, sends out reward coupons, and clears the spending threshold for future tracking. Remember to customize the messages and thresholds according to your business needs. Happy building and enjoy the benefits of a successful rewards program!


  • Learn how to implement a simple Shopify rewards program using ManyChat
  • Set up a growth tool and Shopify model to capture user information
  • Create a spending threshold to track user spending
  • Send reward coupons automatically when users hit the spending threshold
  • Clear the spending threshold to restart tracking
  • Integrate ManyChat with Shopify for seamless automation
  • Access additional tutorials and resources for more guidance
  • Enhance customer experience and incentivize repeat purchases


Q: Can I use email instead of SMS for notifications? A: Yes, ManyChat allows you to integrate email notifications as well. The setup process is similar to SMS integration.

Q: How do I customize the messages and thresholds? A: You can easily customize the messages and thresholds in ManyChat. The tutorial provides guidance on where to make these customizations.

Q: Can I send notifications via other platforms like Constant Contact? A: Yes, if you prefer to use platforms like Constant Contact or ActiveCampaign for sending messages, you can integrate them with ManyChat using appropriate actions.

Q: Is it necessary to clear the spending threshold after rewarding customers? A: Yes, clearing the spending threshold is important to ensure that customers do not receive the reward message repeatedly. It allows for accurate tracking and prevents unnecessary notifications.

Q: Can I test different display timings for the growth tool? A: Yes, it is recommended to run split tests with different display timings to determine what works best for your store. You can experiment with shorter or longer intervals before the growth tool appears.

Q: Where can I find more tutorials on ManyChat and Shopify integration? A: You can find more tutorials on ManyChat and Shopify integration on the "Baby Got Bot" YouTube channel. The tutorial also provides a link to a Shopify playlist for your convenience.

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