Conquer Procrastination: Expert Advice for Shopify Success

Conquer Procrastination: Expert Advice for Shopify Success

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Key Takeaways from the Interview
  3. The Importance of Avoiding Procrastination
  4. The Value of Research
  5. Networking and Finding Support in the Ecosystem
  6. Understanding the Shopify Ecosystem
  7. Tips for Starting an Agency
  8. Gathering Data on Different Business Models
  9. Improving Pricing Strategies
  10. Analyzing Metrics and Analytics
  11. Building Trust with Customers
  12. Overcoming Challenges and Fostering Employee Satisfaction
  13. The Future of Shopify in 2020


In this article, we will dive into an interview between Eric, a merchant, and Mike, the founder of SMS Bump, a leading SMS marketing app for Shopify. The interview covers various topics related to the Shopify ecosystem and offers valuable insights for both beginners and experienced shop owners. Mike shares his expertise and provides tips for success in the world of e-commerce. We will explore key takeaways from the interview, including the importance of avoiding procrastination, the value of research, networking within the ecosystem, understanding the Shopify platform, tips for starting an agency, evaluating different business models, improving pricing strategies, analyzing metrics and analytics, building trust with customers, overcoming challenges, fostering employee satisfaction, and the future of Shopify in 2020.

Key Takeaways from the Interview

The interview with Mike from SMS Bump offers several key takeaways for anyone in the Shopify ecosystem. One of the most important points emphasized is the need to avoid procrastination. Mike emphasizes the importance of getting things done and delivering results consistently. Procrastination can hinder progress and growth, so it is crucial to take action and make daily efforts to move forward.

Another crucial takeaway from the interview is the value of research. Mike suggests that newcomers to the ecosystem should invest time in conducting thorough research. Understanding the total addressable market and gaining insights into successful agencies and developers can help shape a strategy for growth. By learning from those who have already found success, newcomers can set realistic goals and expectations.

The Importance of Avoiding Procrastination

Procrastination can be a significant obstacle for entrepreneurs and business owners in the Shopify ecosystem. Mike highlights the need for consistent action and delivering results. By taking daily steps towards one's goals, shop owners can avoid falling into the trap of procrastination. The ecosystem offers ample support for those who are willing to seek guidance and advice. It is crucial to leverage the supportive nature of the ecosystem and tap into the knowledge and experience of others.

The Value of Research

Research is a fundamental aspect of success in the Shopify ecosystem. As Mike suggests, understanding the total addressable market and the potential growth opportunities can guide business owners in making informed decisions. By researching successful agencies and developers, newcomers can gain valuable insights into best practices and strategies for growth. This knowledge can help them identify their unique selling points and differentiate themselves in the market.

Networking and Finding Support in the Ecosystem

The Shopify ecosystem is known for its supportive community. Mike emphasizes the importance of socializing and networking with other app developers and agencies. Attending meetups and events can provide opportunities for collaboration and learning. Seeking support from others who have already traveled the same path can provide valuable insights and guidance. The ecosystem is filled with like-minded individuals who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Understanding the Shopify Ecosystem

Shopify offers one of the best ecosystems for e-commerce in the market. Mike suggests that newcomers should take advantage of this supportive environment by seeking guidance and support from more experienced individuals. Shopify merchants and developers are always willing to provide assistance and direction. Engaging in conversations and socializing within the community can open doors to valuable collaborations, partnerships, and opportunities for growth.

Tips for Starting an Agency

Starting an agency within the Shopify ecosystem requires careful planning and strategy. Mike shares valuable tips for those interested in venturing into the agency space. He emphasizes the importance of starting with research and understanding the market. By studying the success stories of other agencies and developers, newcomers can gain insights into pricing strategies, common challenges faced, and potential earning opportunities. Building relationships within the ecosystem, even as a subcontractor for other agencies, can pave the way for future success.

Gathering Data on Different Business Models

In the Shopify ecosystem, different business models and store types exist. Each comes with unique challenges and potential pricing variations. Mike suggests gathering data and understanding the diverse range of business models. This information can help agencies tailor their services and pricing to meet the specific needs of different merchants. By analyzing successful case studies and understanding various pricing points, agencies can position themselves strategically in the market.

Improving Pricing Strategies

Pricing is a critical aspect of running an agency within the Shopify ecosystem. Mike advises continuously assessing and improving pricing strategies. Seeking feedback from clients and industry peers can provide valuable insights into the perceived value of services. By being open to feedback and willing to make adjustments, agencies can attract and retain clients. Understanding what the market is willing to pay and continually striving for improvement are essential factors in growing a successful agency.

Analyzing Metrics and Analytics

Analytics play a vital role in measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts and understanding customer behavior. Mike highlights the importance of analytics tools for merchants within the Shopify ecosystem. Accurate analytics can validate the success of SMS marketing campaigns and provide merchants with tangible results. By providing detailed analytics that are easy for merchants to interpret and share, agencies can build trust and grow their client base.

Building Trust with Customers

Trust is a crucial component of any successful business relationship. Mike emphasizes the importance of being transparent with customers and addressing any mistakes or issues promptly. By admitting and rectifying mistakes, agencies can build trust and loyalty with their customers. Offering incentives or sweeteners when addressing problems can further demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction. Going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations can lead to long-term relationships and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Overcoming Challenges and Fostering Employee Satisfaction

As an agency grows, it faces various challenges. Mike shares his experience in tackling these challenges and fostering employee satisfaction. Hiring and retaining the best employees is crucial for a successful agency. By treating employees well, showing appreciation, and creating a culture of transparency and support, agencies can build a strong team. Prioritizing employee happiness and satisfaction can lead to overall company success and growth.

The Future of Shopify in 2020

The interview concludes with thoughts on the future of Shopify in 2020. Mike predicts that there will be a surge in the number of app developers and agencies joining the platform. The ecosystem's reputation and market potential continue to attract investors and entrepreneurs. This influx of talent and innovation will likely result in market consolidation, creating a more diverse and competitive landscape. The interview ends with a reminder that now is an excellent time to join Shopify and take advantage of the vast opportunities it offers.


  • Avoid procrastination and take consistent action
  • Conduct thorough research to understand the market
  • Network and seek support within the Shopify ecosystem
  • Start an agency with proper research and planning
  • Gather data on different business models
  • Continuously improve pricing strategies
  • Analyze metrics and analytics to measure success
  • Build trust with customers through transparency and addressing mistakes
  • Overcome challenges and prioritize employee satisfaction
  • Look forward to promising developments in the Shopify ecosystem in 2020


Q: How can avoiding procrastination positively impact my success in the Shopify ecosystem? A: Avoiding procrastination ensures that you take consistent action toward your goals, leading to progress and growth.

Q: Why is research important in the Shopify ecosystem? A: Research allows you to understand the market, gather insights from successful agencies, and make informed decisions.

Q: How can networking help me in the Shopify ecosystem? A: Networking provides opportunities for collaboration, learning, and support from experienced individuals within the community.

Q: What tips can you provide for starting an agency in the Shopify ecosystem? A: Start with thorough research, establish relationships within the ecosystem, and consider starting as a subcontractor to gain experience.

Q: How can I improve my pricing strategies as an agency in the Shopify ecosystem? A: Continuously assess and adjust your pricing based on client feedback, industry standards, and the perceived value of your services.

Q: Why is analytics important for Shopify merchants? A: Analytics provide insights into the effectiveness of marketing efforts and help merchants understand customer behavior.

Q: How can I build trust with my agency's customers? A: Be transparent, address mistakes promptly, offer incentives when resolving issues, and strive to exceed customer expectations.

Q: What challenges may agencies face in the Shopify ecosystem, and how can they overcome them? A: Agencies may encounter challenges related to hiring and retaining talent, scaling operations, and staying competitive. Fostering employee satisfaction and creating a supportive culture can help overcome these challenges.

Q: What can we expect to see in the future of Shopify in 2020? A: The future of Shopify looks promising, with a surge in the number of app developers and agencies joining the ecosystem. This will lead to market consolidation and increased competition.

Q: Is now a good time to join the Shopify ecosystem? A: Yes, now is an excellent time to join Shopify due to its growing reputation and potential for success.

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