Confronting the Rise of Entitlement: From Schools to Air Travel

Confronting the Rise of Entitlement: From Schools to Air Travel

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Age of Entitlement
    • Rejecting Superstition for Logic and Reason
    • The Rise of Entitlement
  3. Entitlement in Education
    • The Case of the Girls School Protest
    • Challenging Authority in the Classroom
  4. Entitlement and Air Travel
    • The Demand for Extra Seats
    • The Cost of Travel for All Passengers
  5. The Scourge of Limitless Entitlement
    • Heckling and Self-Importance at Stanford University
    • Ludicrous Ideas of Compensating for History's Evils
  6. Entitlement and Accountability
    • Demanding Better Grades
    • The Cost of Living Crisis
  7. Calling Out Entitlement
    • Recognizing Entitlement and Its Consequences
    • Standing Against Self-Entitlement
  8. The Need for Discipline and Respect
    • Importance of Discipline in Schools
    • Upholding Authority and Setting Rules
  9. Fat Flyers and Free Seats
    • Debating the Idea of Extra Seats for Obese Passengers
    • Airplanes Designed to Accommodate All Passengers
  10. Conclusion

The Age of Entitlement: Examining the Rise of Self-Entitlement

In today's world, where logic and reason are highly valued, it seems paradoxical that entitlement has become a prevailing characteristic among individuals. The era known as the Age of Enlightenment marked a turning point in history when superstition was rejected in favor of rational thinking. However, we now find ourselves in what can be aptly described as the Age of Entitlement. In this age, the world's biggest brains are defying logic and behaving unreasonably, believing they are entitled to special treatment and privileges.

The Age of Entitlement

The Age of Entitlement is characterized by a sense of deservingness that pervades various aspects of society. It is a period where individuals, driven by their own self-importance, challenge authority and demand preferential treatment. One striking example of this phenomenon can be seen in the domain of education.

Entitlement in Education

Recently, a prestigious girls' school witnessed a protest by its own students against a teacher who greeted them with the words "good afternoon girls." The students raised placards and demanded an apology from the teacher. Eventually, the teacher was forced to issue a groveling apology, fearing disciplinary action. This incident raises questions about the limitations of entitlement and the erosion of respect for authority in educational institutions.

Challenging the authority of teachers and promoting personal social causes undermines the foundations of education. Students attending a girls' school should respect the purpose of their institution and the expectations that come with it. If a student does not identify as a girl, perhaps attending a different school that aligns with their identity would be more appropriate. Students should not be entitled to dictate how teachers conduct themselves in the classroom.

Entitlement and Air Travel

Another area where entitlement has gained traction is air travel. An influencer recently launched a campaign demanding that airlines provide extra seats free of charge to plus-sized passengers. The argument put forth is that overweight individuals face discomfort, embarrassment, and discrimination while navigating air travel. While it is crucial to ensure inclusivity and accommodation for all passengers, it is unreasonable to expect others to bear the cost of an individual's size.

Proponents of this entitlement argue that obese passengers should be entitled to one or even multiple free seats, depending on their size. However, such demands disregard the fact that airplanes are designed to accommodate a specific number of passengers. The cost of providing extra seats to every overweight individual would significantly increase airfares for everyone. It is important to find solutions that balance inclusivity with practicality.

The Scourge of Limitless Entitlement

The Age of Entitlement extends beyond schools and air travel. It permeates society, leading to absurd demands and irrational thinking. At prestigious universities like Stanford, students resort to heckling visiting judges simply because they disagree with their politics. The limitless entitlement displayed by these students reflects a generation that believes it is entitled to everything without considering the consequences.

Ludicrous ideas emerge, such as the notion that every white person should pay compensation to every black person as a result of historical injustices. This misguided proposal fails to recognize individual responsibility and perpetuates a victim mentality. Similarly, applauding children for participation rather than achievement and demanding better grades for simply being present dilutes the value of hard work and undermines the notion of meritocracy.

Calling Out Entitlement

Rather than succumbing to the pressures of entitlement, it is essential to recognize its presence and the detrimental effects it can have on society. The first step is to acknowledge that entitlement exists and that it is a collective responsibility to address it.

When individuals believe the world owes them a favor, it comes at the expense of others. The cost of living crisis, for example, is fueled by this sense of entitlement from those who demand more while contributing less. It is imperative for society to challenge these entitlements and hold individuals accountable for their actions.

The Need for Discipline and Respect

Discipline and respect play a vital role in combating entitlement. In schools, a structured environment that fosters discipline is essential for students' development. Students must understand and appreciate the authority of teachers and administrators. Upholding discipline and setting clear rules in educational institutions creates a conducive learning environment for all.

It is crucial to differentiate between genuine concerns and entitlement-driven protests. While it is reasonable to address issues related to gender identity, genuine grievances should not be overshadowed by entitlement. Students attending a girls' school should respect the intentions and values of the institution.

Fat Flyers and Free Seats

One contentious issue related to entitlement in air travel is the demands for extra seats for obese passengers. While it is evident that larger individuals may require additional space, it is not reasonable to expect airlines or other passengers to foot the bill for this. Airplanes are designed with a limited number of seats, and accommodating every obese passenger with extra seats would inflate costs for all passengers.

Instead, a more pragmatic approach would involve working with airlines to find solutions that provide comfort and inclusivity without burdening others. Some airlines already offer discounted seating options or the ability to purchase additional seats. This allows individuals to take responsibility for their size while ensuring fairness for all passengers.


The rise of entitlement in society has reached alarming levels. From challenging authority in schools to demanding special treatment during air travel, this sense of self-importance erodes respect, accountability, and inclusivity. It is crucial for individuals and society as a whole to confront and challenge entitlement, fostering a culture of discipline, respect, and responsibility. By doing so, we create a more balanced and equitable society that values the rights and needs of all individuals.

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