Choosing the Right Shopify Plan: A Comparison of Shopify Plans

Choosing the Right Shopify Plan: A Comparison of Shopify Plans

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Shopify Plans
  2. Shopify Lite
  3. Shopify Basic
  4. Shopify Plan
  5. Shopify Advanced Plan
  6. Shopify Plus Plan
  7. Shopify Point of Sale System
  8. Comparing Shopify Basic and Shopify Plus
  9. Pros and Cons of Shopify Plans
  10. Conclusion

Introduction to Shopify Plans

Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce platforms that offers a range of plans to cater to different business needs. In this article, we will explore the various Shopify plans available, their features, and when it makes sense to upgrade to a higher plan. Whether you are just starting your online store or have an established business, choosing the right Shopify plan is crucial for your success. So, let's dive in and understand the differences between each plan.

Shopify Lite

The first plan we will discuss is Shopify Lite. Priced at $9 per month, Shopify Lite is perfect for individuals who want to add a buy button to their existing website. It allows you to manage inventory and customers through Shopify's system while integrating with other website creator software. This plan is suitable for those who have a WordPress blog with high SEO rankings and do not want to lose that or for those who want to put a buy button on a separate website.

Shopify Basic

Moving on to the next plan, Shopify Basic, priced at $29 per month, offers more comprehensive features suitable for most online store owners. With Shopify Basic, you have access to inventory management, client management, and order management, along with the user-friendly Shopify website builder. This plan allows you to install various apps from the Shopify app store, providing added functionalities to enhance your store's performance. However, it is important to note that transaction and credit card fees apply to this plan.

Shopify Plan

The Shopify plan, priced at $50 per month, offers additional advantages over the Basic plan. While it may seem like an increased cost, the main benefit lies in the decreased transaction and credit card fees. As your business grows, the savings from these fees can offset the higher monthly cost. With the Shopify plan, you gain access to advanced reporting features, allowing for better communication in larger teams. It also enables you to sell in multiple languages and offers a custom URL for a more personalized shopping experience.

Shopify Advanced Plan

For businesses with higher sales volumes, the Shopify Advanced plan, priced at $299 per month, provides even more benefits. Along with further reduced transaction and credit card fees, this plan offers improved reporting capabilities, which are essential for effective communication within larger organizations. Additionally, it provides real-time shipper display rates, ensuring accurate shipping charges at checkout. Moreover, you gain access to advanced customization options for your store's checkout process, further enhancing the user experience.

Shopify Plus Plan

Shopify Plus is the most advanced plan offered by Shopify. It is specifically designed for businesses with significant online sales volumes, typically exceeding millions of dollars annually. The pricing for Shopify Plus is negotiated on an individual basis, but it typically starts at $2,000 per month. Besides substantial cost savings on transaction and credit card fees, Shopify Plus comes with features like account management, Shopify Flow for automated operations, Shopify Scripts for customized functionalities, and multi-currency support based on users' IP addresses. It also includes Shopify POS Pro for seamless integration with physical retail stores and advanced HR and staffing capabilities.

Shopify Point of Sale System

Shopify offers a point of sale (POS) system that allows you to sell in physical stores alongside your online store. The basic POS system is included with all Shopify plans, enabling inventory sync and basic selling functionalities. However, if you require advanced features such as in-store and buy online capabilities, product exchanges, or comprehensive HR and staffing tools, you would need to upgrade to the Shopify POS Pro version.

Comparing Shopify Basic and Shopify Plus

When comparing the Shopify Basic plan and Shopify Plus plan, there are significant differences in the available features and target customers. While both plans offer transaction and credit card fee reductions compared to lower-tier plans, Shopify Plus provides an enterprise-level experience with advanced customization options, dedicated account managers, expanded language support, and powerful automation tools like Shopify Flow and Shopify Scripts. Shopify Basic, on the other hand, is more suitable for smaller to mid-sized businesses that require essential e-commerce functionalities without the complexities of enterprise-level features.

Pros and Cons of Shopify Plans

Before making a decision, let's consider the pros and cons of Shopify plans:


  • Easy-to-use website builder with customizable themes
  • Wide range of apps and add-ons available in the Shopify app store
  • Different plans catering to various business sizes and needs
  • Advanced reporting and inventory management features
  • Multi-language support and personalized URLs for higher-tier plans
  • Shopify POS integration for offline and online selling


  • Monthly fees can increase as you move up to higher-tier plans
  • Transaction and credit card fees apply to all plans
  • Some advanced features limited to higher-tier plans
  • Customization options limited in lower-tier plans

Overall, the pros of using Shopify outweigh the cons, as it provides a comprehensive, user-friendly platform for building and managing your online store.


Choosing the right Shopify plan is crucial for the success of your online store. It is important to evaluate your business needs, sales volume, and desired features before making a decision. Whether you opt for the Shopify Lite, Basic, Advanced, or Plus plan, each offers different advantages and pricing structures to cater to varying business requirements. Consider the scalability, cost savings, and additional features offered by each plan to determine the best fit for your e-commerce venture. With the right Shopify plan, you can create a seamless and profitable online shopping experience for your customers.

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