Choosing Between Shopify and Front-End Development

Choosing Between Shopify and Front-End Development

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Shopify App Development vs. Front-End Development
  3. Overlapping Skills: Front-End Development and Shopify Web Development
  4. Skills Required for Shopify Web Development 4.1. Managing Site Code Base in Shopify Plus 4.2. Building Shopify Storefronts 4.3. Managing Private Applications Built for Shopify 4.4. Constructing Design Solutions with E-Commerce Team 4.5. Working Closely with UX Designers 4.6. Working Closely with Brand Managers
  5. Front-End Development Curriculum at 5.1. Text Editors for Front-End Developers 5.2. HTML and CSS 5.3. Terminal for Developers 5.4. Advanced CSS: Flexbox and Grid 5.5. CSS Animation 5.6. JavaScript Basics and Beyond 5.7. Making Responsive HTML Emails 5.8. Deploying Websites and Debugging 5.9. Object-Oriented Programming with JavaScript 5.10. jQuery, ES6, and Beyond 5.11. Mastering React, Redux, and React Native
  6. Shopify App Development Skills 6.1. Experience with Shopify and Liquid Templating Engine 6.2. Building and Maintaining Private Apps on Shopify 6.3. Skills in PHP, Laravel, MySQL, React, Vue.js, and Node.js 6.4. Advanced Shopify App Development with PHP and Laravel 6.5. Utilizing Google Analytics and Facebook/Google Ads Marketing
  7. Shopify Plus as a Headless CMS
  8. Websites Using Shopify Plus and Storefront API 8.1. Inkbox 8.2. Staples 8.3. Chili's Bottles 8.4. Koala
  9. Combining Front-End Development and Shopify Development
  10. as a Learning Resource 10.1. Building a Comprehensive Skill Set 10.2. Progression Pathway for Future Development 10.3. Additional Courses on Shopify App Development and Headless CMS
  11. Conclusion

Shopify App Development vs Front-End Development: Which Path to Choose?

Shopify has become increasingly popular for e-commerce website development, raising the question of whether to pursue Shopify app development or front-end development. Both paths have significant overlap in terms of skills and requirements. Many job listings for Shopify web developers ask for similar proficiencies expected from front-end developers. In this article, we will explore the similarities, differences, and benefits of each path, helping you make an informed decision for your career in web development.


As the popularity of e-commerce continues to grow, the demand for skilled web developers who can create and maintain online stores has also increased. Among the options available, Shopify stands out as a leading e-commerce platform, offering powerful tools for businesses and developers alike.

With the rise of Shopify, many individuals interested in web development are faced with a common dilemma. They wonder whether to pursue a career in Shopify app development or focus on traditional front-end development. This article aims to shed light on this decision-making process by highlighting the overlapping skills between the two paths and the specific requirements for each.

Shopify App Development vs. Front-End Development

Before diving into the details, it's important to understand the key differences between Shopify app development and front-end development. Shopify app development involves creating applications, often utilizing back-end frameworks like PHP and Laravel, that extend the functionalities of Shopify stores. On the other hand, front-end development focuses on building the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) elements of a website, using technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

While these paths may seem distinct at first glance, they share common ground and often complement each other. Additionally, skills acquired in front-end development are highly transferable to Shopify development, making the choice between the two less daunting.

Overlapping Skills: Front-End Development and Shopify Web Development

One of the main reasons Shopify app development and front-end development overlap is due to the fact that Shopify web developers often require the same skill set as front-end developers. This is evident when examining job listings for Shopify web developers, which often ask for proficiencies in front-end development technologies. For example, a job posting for a Shopify web developer might include requirements such as:

  • Managing the site code base built on Shopify Plus
  • Ensuring the site's code is in use or removing deprecated code
  • Constructing design solutions in collaboration with the e-commerce team
  • Working closely with UX designers and brand managers

These requirements demonstrate that proficiency in front-end development is essential for Shopify web development. Furthermore, specific technologies such as React, Vue.js, and Node.js are commonly requested in job postings, signaling the importance of these skills.

Similarly, if we examine a typical front-end development curriculum at, we find that it covers a wide range of skills applicable to Shopify web development. The curriculum includes:

  • Text editors commonly used by front-end developers
  • HTML and CSS, the backbone of web development
  • Terminal usage for developers
  • Advanced CSS techniques like flexbox and grid
  • Animating elements using CSS animations
  • JavaScript basics and advanced concepts
  • Creating responsive HTML emails
  • Deploying websites and debugging efficiently
  • Object-oriented programming with JavaScript
  • Utilizing jQuery, ES6, and beyond
  • Mastering React, Redux, and React Native

This comprehensive curriculum provides learners with the fundamental skills needed for both front-end development and Shopify web development. By exploring topics such as debugging, object-oriented programming, and advanced JavaScript, learners build a strong foundation applicable to various web development fields.

Skills Required for Shopify Web Development

To gain a deeper understanding of the skills needed for Shopify web development, it's worth delving into the specific areas outlined in job postings for Shopify web developers. These skills include:

4.1 Managing Site Code Base in Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus is a powerful platform utilized by many large-scale e-commerce businesses. Shopify web developers must be proficient in managing and maintaining the code base of a site hosted on Shopify Plus. This entails ensuring that all code used on the site is up to date and in line with Shopify's best practices.

4.2 Building Shopify Storefronts

Building Shopify storefronts involves transforming mockups and wireframes into fully functional e-commerce platforms. Shopify web developers must be capable of building storefronts based on provided designs and implementing them seamlessly on Shopify.

4.3 Managing Private Applications Built for Shopify

Private applications are essential for customizing and extending the functionalities of Shopify stores. Shopify web developers must have experience in building and maintaining private applications that integrate smoothly with the Shopify platform.

4.4 Constructing Design Solutions with E-Commerce Team

Collaboration with the e-commerce team is crucial for Shopify web developers. This involves working closely with UX designers, brand managers, and other team members to construct design solutions that align with the brand's vision and user experience goals.

4.5 Working Closely with UX Designers

Shopify web developers need to have a strong understanding of user experience principles and work closely with UX designers to implement effective design solutions. This collaboration ensures that the final product meets both aesthetic and functional requirements.

4.6 Working Closely with Brand Managers

Working closely with brand managers is important for maintaining consistency in visual branding and adhering to brand guidelines. Shopify web developers must be able to incorporate branding elements seamlessly while still delivering a top-notch user experience.

Overall, the skills required for Shopify web development closely align with those expected from front-end developers. This highlights the overlapping nature of the two fields and emphasizes the value of a strong foundation in front-end development for those aspiring to become Shopify web developers.

(Note: The article will continue with subsequent headings and subheadings based on the provided Table of Contents)

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