Build a Winning Shopify Landing Page with these 3 Easy Methods

Build a Winning Shopify Landing Page with these 3 Easy Methods

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: Boosting Conversion Rates with Shopify Landing Pages
  2. What is a Shopify Landing Page?
  3. Benefits of Using Shopify Landing Pages
  4. How to Build a Shopify Landing Page
    • Designing it Yourself
    • Using Liquid to Create Custom Landing Pages
    • Using a Landing Page Builder for Shopify (PageFly, Shogun)
  5. Optimizing Your Shopify Landing Page for Conversion
    • Above the Fold: Key Elements to Include
      • Writing a Killer Headline
      • Conveying Value with Your Subheading
      • Using Visuals to Showcase Your Product
      • Including Social Proof
      • Making the Next Step Obvious
    • Beneath the Fold: Sealing the Deal
      • Outlining Features and Overcoming Objections
      • Including More Social Proof
      • Adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section
      • Final Call to Action
  6. Conclusion: Designing Effective Shopify Landing Pages
  7. FAQ section

Boosting Conversion Rates with Shopify Landing Pages

In the world of e-commerce, driving traffic to your website is crucial, but it's equally important to convert that traffic into paying customers. One way to achieve this is by creating effective landing pages on your Shopify store. According to Unbounce, a well-designed landing page can have an average conversion rate of 9.7%. With the right strategies and optimizations, you can take your Shopify landing page from basic to, boosting your conversion rates and ultimately increasing your sales.

What is a Shopify Landing Page?

A Shopify landing page is a standalone page on your online store that is specifically designed with a conversion goal in mind. Unlike generic product pages, landing pages provide a more targeted and relevant experience to your users. For example, if you are promoting a spring sale on Facebook, sending customers to a landing page specifically designed for the sale with spring-themed copy and visuals can significantly improve conversions. Shopify landing pages allow you to tailor the customer journey and increase the chances of them taking your desired action.

Benefits of Using Shopify Landing Pages

Using Shopify landing pages offers several benefits that can significantly impact your conversion rates and overall success in e-commerce. By leveraging landing pages, you can:

  • Provide a more relevant and personalized experience to your users, increasing their engagement and interest.
  • Capture the attention of your visitors with compelling headlines and persuasive copy.
  • Showcase your products or offers effectively through high-quality visuals and videos.
  • Boost credibility and authority by including social proof such as media mentions and customer reviews directly on the landing page.
  • Make the next step in the customer journey clear and obvious with highly contrasted and compelling call-to-action buttons.

How to Build a Shopify Landing Page

When it comes to building a Shopify landing page, you have a few options to consider. The most basic is designing it yourself directly on the Shopify platform. Head over to your online store in Shopify, navigate to the "Pages" section, and click on "Add Page." From there, you can input all the necessary details, upload content, and customize it according to your preferences.

If you have coding experience or a developer on hand, you can also utilize Liquid, Shopify's coding language, to create custom landing page templates. This allows for a higher level of customization, enabling you to tailor each section of the landing page to your specific needs, including shared content, products, and images. By creating a unique and personalized landing page, you can better connect with your target audience and drive higher conversion rates.

However, if you don't have coding skills or access to a developer, there are various landing page builder apps available on Shopify that offer user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces. These builders come loaded with advanced features like heat mapping, mobile-responsive templates, and proven conversion elements. Two popular options are PageFly and Shogun, which provide comprehensive solutions for building and optimizing your landing pages without requiring extensive design or coding knowledge.

Optimizing Your Shopify Landing Page for Conversion

Simply building a landing page is not enough to achieve optimal results. To truly maximize conversions, you need to know how to design and optimize your landing page effectively. Whether you are using a landing page builder or creating it yourself, there are key elements to consider for optimal performance.

Above the Fold: Key Elements to Include

The area above the fold refers to the visible portion of the landing page without scrolling. It is crucial to capture visitors' attention and encourage them to take action. Here are some essential elements to include in this prime real estate:

  1. Write a Killer Headline: Your headline acts as a magnet, pulling visitors in. Make it compelling by summarizing the main benefit of your product and addressing potential objections. Example: SmileDirectClub addresses the objection of expensive dental care with "A Smile You'll Love for Less Than $3 a Day."
  2. Convey Value with Your Subheading: Use the subheading to explain what you do and highlight secondary benefits that resonate with your customers. Example: Look at the subheading by Quip, "A Lifetime of Good Habits with Electric Toothbrushes, Refillable Floss, and More for the Whole Family."
  3. Use Visuals to Showcase Your Product: Incorporate high-quality videos or images above the fold to visually showcase your product and create a captivating first impression. Example: Hims does this beautifully with stunning visuals that grab attention.
  4. Include Social Proof: Boost credibility by highlighting media mentions and customer reviews, showcasing that others trust and value your brand. Example: Place media mentions and customer reviews prominently on your landing page.
  5. Make the Next Step Obvious: Your call-to-action (CTA) button should be highly contrasted to make it stand out. Direct attention to the CTA to prompt visitors to take action. Example: Trade Coffee uses a highly contrasting red button that immediately draws the eye.

Beneath the Fold: Sealing the Deal

While the above-the-fold section grabs attention, the content beneath the fold plays a crucial role in converting visitors into customers. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Outline Features and Overcome Objections: Clearly highlight the benefits and features of your product or offer. Address common objections to alleviate any doubts or concerns. Example: HelloFresh uses icons to emphasize the benefits of their meal kits while addressing potential sticking points beneath the fold.
  2. Include More Social Proof: Let your customers do the talking by incorporating additional customer testimonials or success stories. This adds further credibility and builds trust.
  3. Add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section: Address any lingering objections or questions visitors may have. Reframe common customer objections as questions and provide clear answers to alleviate concerns.
  4. Final Call to Action: If a visitor has made it to the bottom of your landing page, they are likely interested. Make it easy for them to take the next step by including a compelling and contrasting call-to-action button. Use this opportunity to address any remaining objections and inspire confidence in the visitor.

Conclusion: Designing Effective Shopify Landing Pages

Creating effective Shopify landing pages is essential for maximizing your conversion rates and driving sales. By understanding the importance of relevancy, user experience, and optimization, you can design landing pages that resonate with your target audience and prompt them to take action. Remember to keep testing and experimenting to find the perfect mix of elements that inspire visitors to convert. If you have any questions or need guidance, don't hesitate to reach out or leave a comment below. We're here to help you succeed on your e-commerce journey.


Q: How can Shopify landing pages boost conversion rates? A: Shopify landing pages provide a more relevant and personalized experience to users, increasing their engagement and likelihood of converting.

Q: Can I design a Shopify landing page myself? A: Yes, you can design a landing page yourself directly on the Shopify platform using the Pages section. Alternatively, you can use Liquid to create custom landing page templates if you have coding knowledge or access to a developer.

Q: Are there landing page builder apps available for Shopify? A: Yes, there are landing page builder apps like PageFly and Shogun that offer user-friendly drag-and-drop interfaces, making it easy to create professional and effective landing pages.

Q: What elements should be included above the fold on a Shopify landing page? A: Above the fold, it is crucial to have a killer headline, convey value with the subheading, use visuals to showcase the product, include social proof, and make the next step obvious with a contrasting call-to-action button.

Q: What elements should be included beneath the fold on a Shopify landing page? A: Beneath the fold, you should outline features and overcome objections, include more social proof, add a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, and provide a final call to action.

Q: How important is testing and experimentation in optimizing landing pages? A: Testing and experimenting with different elements and layouts is crucial to finding the most effective combination for your specific audience. By analyzing data and making iterative improvements, you can continually optimize your landing pages for maximum conversions.

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