Boost Your Shopify Store's Sales with Engage SMS

Boost Your Shopify Store's Sales with Engage SMS

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance of SMS Marketing in E-commerce
  3. The Challenge of Text Messaging in Shopify
  4. Introducing Engage SMS for Shopify
  5. Features of Engage SMS 5.1 Dashboard 5.2 Customers Tab 5.3 List Building 5.3.1 Keywords 5.3.2 Forms 5.3.3 Landing Pages 5.4 Campaigns 5.4.1 Standard Messages 5.4.2 Drip Messages 5.4.3 Activation 5.5 Automations 5.5.1 Abandoned Cart Sequence 5.5.2 Other Automation Templates 5.6 Support Bots 5.7 Inbox for Two-way Conversations 5.8 Integrations 5.8.1 Messenger Integration
  6. Pricing
  7. Exclusive Offer for Engage SMS
  8. Conclusion

The Power of Engage SMS: Boost Your Shopify Store's Sales with Text Message Marketing


In today's world of e-commerce, staying connected with your customers is essential. While email marketing is widely used, the power of SMS marketing cannot be underestimated. This article will explore the importance of SMS marketing for e-commerce businesses and introduce Engage SMS, a game-changing app exclusively designed for Shopify stores.

Importance of SMS Marketing in E-commerce

Email marketing has long been hailed as a highly effective tool for engaging customers. However, with over 80% of Shopify store traffic coming from mobile devices and 80% of consumers texting with other brands, incorporating text message marketing into your strategy is crucial. SMS marketing boasts a staggering 98% open rate compared to the average 15% of email marketing. Additionally, SMS messages have conversion rates of 35% to 45%, far surpassing the 1% to 5% conversion rates of email marketing. By leveraging SMS marketing, you can significantly increase sales, improve customer service, and establish stronger connections with your customers.

The Challenge of Text Messaging in Shopify

Despite the undeniable benefits of SMS marketing, Shopify store owners often face challenges when implementing text messaging solutions. Traditionally, there has not been a pre-built solution for integrating SMS marketing into Shopify stores, and existing apps can be prohibitively expensive compared to email marketing. These obstacles have hindered many e-commerce businesses from capitalizing on the immense potential of text message marketing.

Introducing Engage SMS for Shopify

Engage SMS for Shopify is a revolutionary app that addresses the limitations of traditional SMS marketing solutions. Built exclusively for Shopify, Engage SMS enables store owners to implement an all-in-one customer service and marketing solution through text messaging. With almost a decade of experience providing marketing, sales, and support messaging capabilities, the developers of Engage SMS have fine-tuned this app to meet the unique needs of Shopify stores.

Features of Engage SMS

Engage SMS offers a diverse range of features that make it a standout app for SMS marketing. Let's dive into some of its key features:

  1. Dashboard: Upon opening the app, you are greeted with a user-friendly dashboard that provides an overview of your subscribers, new subscribers, and messaging sales.

  2. Customers Tab: Easily access and manage all your customers who have submitted their phone numbers for text messaging.

  3. List Building: Engage SMS offers multiple options for list building, including setting up automatic keywords, creating forms for website pop-ups, and designing landing pages dedicated to collecting phone numbers.

  4. Campaigns: Create and send targeted SMS blasts to your entire list or specific segments. Choose between standard messages for immediate delivery or set up drip sequences for messages that stagger over time.

  5. Automations: Set up custom automations triggered by customer behavior, such as abandoned cart sequences. Engage SMS provides templates and guides to help you easily create effective automations.

  6. Support Bots: Make use of support bots to automate responses to common questions, significantly reducing the workload of customer service. Answer queries about return policies, refunds, and more instantly.

  7. Inbox for Two-way Conversations: Engage SMS provides an inbox where you can have real-time conversations with your customers through text messaging, allowing for personalized interactions.

  8. Integrations: Engage SMS integrates with various third-party tools. Notably, the upcoming Messenger integration will enable you to respond to Facebook page messages directly from the Engage app.


One of the standout features of Engage SMS is its pricing structure, designed to offer affordability and scalability. Unlike many SMS apps, Engage SMS provides an introductory offer that allows you to use the app for free! For the first 50 people who take advantage of this offer, Engage SMS offers 30,000 free SMS messages over six months. This introductory plan also includes unlimited sessions with an SMS strategist, who will guide you in utilizing the app's features effectively.

Exclusive Offer for Engage SMS

To access this limited-time introductory offer of Engage SMS for Shopify, click the link provided in the description. Simply enter your Shopify store domain, and the app will be installed in your store without requiring credit card information. As one of the first users of Engage SMS, you will receive unparalleled support and have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to further enhance the app's features. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!


Engage SMS for Shopify is a game-changing app that empowers e-commerce businesses to leverage the power of text message marketing. With its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing, Engage SMS offers an unparalleled solution for boosting sales, improving customer service, and streamlining marketing efforts. Don't wait to revolutionize your Shopify store - seize the opportunity with Engage SMS today!


  • Engage SMS is a groundbreaking app for text message marketing in Shopify.
  • SMS marketing is a must-have for e-commerce businesses, with a 98% open rate and higher conversion rates compared to email marketing.
  • Engage SMS offers a comprehensive range of features, including campaign management, automations, support bots, and two-way conversations.
  • The app's affordability and scalability set it apart from traditional SMS marketing solutions.
  • An exclusive offer allows users to access Engage SMS for free and receive expert support from an SMS strategist.


Q: Is Engage SMS available for platforms other than Shopify? A: Engage SMS is currently exclusive to Shopify, offering seamless integration for Shopify store owners.

Q: Can I try Engage SMS for free? A: Yes! Engage SMS offers an introductory offer that provides 30,000 free SMS messages over six months for the first 50 users who sign up.

Q: How does Engage SMS compare to other SMS marketing apps? A: Engage SMS stands out with its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, and affordability compared to other SMS marketing apps. It offers an all-in-one solution designed specifically for Shopify stores.

Q: Can Engage SMS automate customer support? A: Absolutely! Engage SMS includes support bots that can automatically answer common questions, streamlining your customer service. You can also have two-way conversations with customers through the Engage SMS inbox.

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