Boost Your Shopify Sales with Top Email Marketing Apps

Boost Your Shopify Sales with Top Email Marketing Apps

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Clivio: The Leading E-Commerce Marketing Platform
  3. Omnisen: Increase Sales with Automated Workflows
  4. ConvertKit: Grow Your Audience and Earn a Living
  5. Mailchimp: The All-in-One Marketing Strategy
  6. Privy: Turn Contacts into Sales on Your Shopify Store
  7. Comparison and Decision-Making Factors
  8. Conclusion


In this article, we will be discussing and comparing the top Shopify email marketing apps: Clivio, Omnisen, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, and Privy. Email marketing is a crucial component of any successful e-commerce business, and these apps offer a range of features to help you boost sales, engage with customers, and automate your marketing campaigns. We'll dive into the unique features, pricing options, integrations, and customer reviews for each app. By the end of this article, you'll have a clearer understanding of which Shopify email marketing app is the best fit for your business.

Clivio: The Leading E-Commerce Marketing Platform

Clivio is a leading e-commerce marketing platform in the Shopify ecosystem. With nearly 300,000 stores around the world utilizing Clivio, it is a powerful tool for personalized email and SMS marketing. The scalability of Clivio allows businesses to grow without obstacles or platform switching. Clivio offers a range of features, including powerful pre-built integrations, free and flexible account options, templates, automations, personalization, targeting, dynamic forms, best-in-class segmentation, growth-focused reporting, SMS marketing, social advertising, and insights and guidance.

Omnisen: Increase Sales with Automated Workflows

Omnisen is an email and SMS marketing platform used by nearly 100,000 e-commerce merchants. Their easy-to-use rating of 9.3 makes them stand out as a powerful marketing automation platform. With Omnisen, you can automate various workflows such as cart abandonment, product abandonment, new subscribers, and customer reactivation. They also offer customer feedback and product reviews, stunning newsletters, robust segmentation, combined email and SMS campaigns, campaign analysis, headless commerce compatibility, and 24/7 support. Omnisen integrates with popular e-commerce platforms and services.

ConvertKit: Grow Your Audience and Earn a Living

ConvertKit is a platform designed to help creators grow their audience, foster their community, and earn a living online. This tool is ideal for musicians, authors, podcasters, and coaches who want to spend less time on marketing and more time creating. ConvertKit offers features such as turning visitors into subscribers, building meaningful relationships with followers, and monetizing your creative work. With robust segmentation, you can target high-value customers and combine email with SMS and push notifications. ConvertKit integrates with many website platforms, scheduling tools, CRM systems, and email service providers.

Mailchimp: The All-in-One Marketing Strategy

Mailchimp needs no introduction, as it is one of the leading email marketing platforms in the industry. With Mailchimp, you can start selling online in minutes by connecting your online store. They offer a range of tools to automate your marketing campaigns, expand your reach, and analyze your customer data. Mailchimp's user-friendly interface and over 300 integrations make it a versatile and popular choice. Features include automations, campaigns, marketing CRM, segmentation, audience dashboard, built-in analytics, and flexible pricing plans. Mailchimp also provides comprehensive resources, guides, and support for its users.

Privy: Turn Contacts into Sales on Your Shopify Store

Privy is an all-in-one marketing tool that focuses on turning contacts into sales on your Shopify store. With Privy, you can send professional-looking newsletters, recover abandoned carts, send purchase follow-up emails, and provide coupon reminders. Their user-friendly platform includes features like pop-ups, email campaigns, marketing automation, customer win-back emails, and built-in analytics. Privy offers easy integrations with various e-commerce platforms, email service providers, and SMS marketing tools. Pricing options include a free version, as well as tiered plans based on your subscriber count.

Comparison and Decision-Making Factors

When choosing the right Shopify email marketing app for your business, there are several factors to consider. First, evaluate your specific marketing needs, target audience, budget, and historical experience. Each app offers unique features and integrations, so it's important to assess which align with your goals. Additionally, consider customer reviews, pricing options, and the overall user experience. Evaluating these factors will help you make an informed decision and select the app that best suits your business requirements.


In conclusion, the top Shopify email marketing apps Clivio, Omnisen, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, and Privy all offer unique features and benefits. Whether you value personalized marketing, automated workflows, community-building, all-in-one marketing strategies, or turning contacts into sales, there is an app for your business. By assessing factors such as scalability, ease of use, integrations, and pricing, you can narrow down the options and make an educated decision. Remember that the best Shopify email marketing app for your business depends on your specific needs and goals. Choose wisely and watch your e-commerce business thrive.


  • Clivio: The leading e-commerce marketing platform
  • Omnisen: Increase sales with automated workflows
  • ConvertKit: Grow your audience and earn a living
  • Mailchimp: The all-in-one marketing strategy
  • Privy: Turn contacts into sales on your Shopify store
  • Comparing features, integrations, pricing, and customer reviews
  • Factors to consider when choosing the right app for your business
  • Making an informed decision based on your marketing needs and goals
  • Selecting the best Shopify email marketing app for your business
  • Thriving e-commerce business with the right email marketing strategy


Q: Is there a free version of Clivio available? A: Yes, Clivio offers a free version that you can install with the option to upgrade as you grow.

Q: Can I automate my email campaigns with Omnisen? A: Yes, Omnisen offers a range of pre-built workflows and automations, including cart abandonment, product abandonment, and customer win-back emails.

Q: Is ConvertKit only suitable for creators? A: ConvertKit is designed with creators in mind, such as musicians, authors, podcasters, and coaches. However, it can also be used by other businesses looking to grow their audience and foster their community.

Q: How many integrations does Mailchimp have? A: Mailchimp integrates with over 300 apps and tools, ranging from website platforms and customer support services to loyalty programs, payments, and analytics.

Q: Does Privy offer a free version? A: Yes, Privy offers a free version with limited features, as well as tiered pricing plans based on the number of subscribers.

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