Boost Your Shopify Sales with the Best Email Marketing App

Boost Your Shopify Sales with the Best Email Marketing App

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Email Marketing for Shopify Stores
  3. Choosing the Right Email Platform for Your Shopify Store
  4. Clavio: The Full-Featured Option 4.1. Integration with Shopify 4.2. Customization Options 4.3. Powerful Segmentation Abilities 4.4. List of Built-in Automations 4.5. Built-in Email Templates 4.6. Pros and Cons of Clavio
  5. Seguno: The Streamlined Option 5.1. Seamless Integration with Shopify 5.2. Product Showcase in Emails 5.3. Easy Application of Coupon Codes 5.4. Limited Automations 5.5. Lack of Customizability 5.6. Pros and Cons of Seguno
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQs


The Best Email Platforms for Your Shopify Store

When it comes to email marketing, Shopify store owners know that it's one of the most effective ways to generate revenue. With over 40 years of history, email marketing continues to be a key tool for generating sales. But with so many email platform options available, which one is the best fit for your Shopify store?

In this article, we'll explore two recommended email platforms for Shopify stores and discuss their features, pros, and cons. Whether you have a large marketing team or you're a solo entrepreneur, we have options for everyone.

Clavio: The Full-Featured Option

Clavio is widely considered the best email marketing platform for Shopify. It boasts over a hundred thousand active Shopify stores as users, and for good reason. Clavio offers a comprehensive range of features and seamless integration with Shopify.

Integration with Shopify

One of the main advantages of Clavio is its deep integration with Shopify. This allows for easy synchronization of customer data, purchase history, and website activity. With Clavio, you can personalize your email marketing efforts based on specific customer actions and behaviors.

Customization Options

Clavio offers unparalleled customization options for your email campaigns. Whether you have coding knowledge or prefer to use their drag-and-drop system, Clavio allows you to design emails that align with your brand's look and feel. With over a hundred ready-to-use templates, you can save time while maintaining a professional appearance.

Powerful Segmentation Abilities

Segmentation is crucial for effective email marketing, and Clavio excels in this area. You can segment your audience based on various factors such as product-specific audiences, loyal customers, and unengaged subscribers. Clavio also provides pre-built segments to help you target specific customer groups effortlessly.

List of Built-in Automations

Automation is a time-saving feature, and Clavio offers a comprehensive list of automations to cater to different needs. From welcome series to abandoned cart emails, Clavio has pre-designed templates that can be easily customized. These automations help you engage with customers at various stages of their journey, increasing the chances of conversion.

Built-in Email Templates

Clavio provides over a hundred professionally designed email templates. These templates are continuously updated to reflect seasonal promotions and events. While you can customize these templates to match your brand identity, Clavio gives you the freedom to unleash your creativity and create unique email campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Clavio


  • Seamless integration with Shopify
  • Extensive customization options
  • Powerful segmentation abilities
  • Pre-built automations for easy setup
  • Large selection of built-in email templates


  • Steeper learning curve for beginners
  • Higher pricing compared to some alternatives

Seguno: The Streamlined Option

For smaller brands or those with limited resources, Seguno is a highly recommended email marketing application. It offers simplicity and efficiency while providing essential features for effective email campaigns.

Seamless Integration with Shopify

Seguno offers seamless integration with Shopify, making it a breeze to connect your customer data and order information. This allows for easy product showcase in your emails, with automatic syncing of product details like images, prices, and descriptions. Seguno ensures that your emails reflect the latest information from your Shopify store.

Product Showcase in Emails

One of the standout features of Seguno is its ability to showcase products directly in your emails. By pulling data from your Shopify store, Seguno populates your emails with the most up-to-date product information. This includes product images, descriptions, and even a "Buy Now" or "Shop Now" button. Customers can make purchases with ease directly from your emails.

Easy Application of Coupon Codes

Seguno simplifies the process of applying coupon codes to your email campaigns. During the campaign creation process, you can add a discount code, and Seguno automatically displays the discounted price on the featured products. Additionally, the coupon code is applied to all links in the email, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for customers.

Limited Automations

While Seguno does offer some automation options, they are more limited compared to Clavio. Basic automations like welcome series and abandoned cart reminders are available, but more complex workflows may require manual tagging using Shopify's customer tags. While not as robust as Clavio in terms of automations, Seguno provides enough functionality for smaller brands and solo entrepreneurs.

Lack of Customizability

Compared to Clavio, Seguno offers less flexibility in terms of email customization. While you can brand your emails with your logo and color scheme, the level of customization is more limited. However, many successful brands have leveraged Seguno's streamlined features to quickly and efficiently send out emails, proving its effectiveness despite the minimal customization options.

Pros and Cons of Seguno


  • Seamless integration with Shopify
  • Effortless product showcase in emails
  • Easy application of coupon codes
  • Streamlined email creation process
  • Suitable for smaller brands and solo entrepreneurs


  • Limited automation capabilities
  • Less customization compared to Clavio


Choosing the right email platform for your Shopify store depends on the size of your marketing team and your specific needs. Clavio is an excellent choice for businesses with a larger marketing team, offering a wide range of features, customization options, and powerful automation capabilities. On the other hand, Seguno is a streamlined option that provides essential email marketing tools, ideal for smaller brands and solo entrepreneurs who prioritize efficiency.

Evaluate your requirements, consider the pros and cons, and select the email marketing software that aligns best with your goals and resources. With the right email platform in place, you can unlock the full revenue-generating potential of your Shopify store.


Q: Can I use Clavio or Seguno for my WooCommerce store? A: Clavio and Seguno are specifically built for Shopify stores. However, similar email marketing solutions are available for WooCommerce and other e-commerce platforms.

Q: Does Clavio or Seguno offer A/B testing capabilities? A: Yes, both Clavio and Seguno support A/B testing for your email campaigns. This allows you to optimize your content, subject lines, and various other elements to improve engagement and conversion rates.

Q: Can I migrate from Seguno to Clavio or vice versa? A: Yes, it is possible to migrate your email marketing data from one platform to another. However, the process may require some manual work or assistance from the respective platforms' support teams.

Q: What type of support do Clavio and Seguno provide? A: Clavio and Seguno offer various support channels, including documentation, tutorials, and customer support via email or live chat. Clavio also provides access to a community forum where users can exchange ideas and seek assistance.

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