Boost Shopify Sales with Personalized Discounts

Boost Shopify Sales with Personalized Discounts

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Problem with Generic Discounts
  3. Creating Personalized Discounts
  4. The Power of Post-Purchase Upsells 4.1. How ReConvert Can Help 4.2. Setting Up Your Post-Purchase Funnel Sequence 4.3. Customizing the Upsell Offers 4.4. Designing the Upsell Page 4.5. Adding Discount and Timer
  5. Maximizing Conversions with Downsell Offers
  6. Customizing the Thank You Page
  7. Additional Functionalities of ReConvert
  8. Conclusion

The Power of Personalized Discounts with ReConvert

In today's competitive business landscape, brands are constantly looking for ways to increase sales and move inventory. Many resort to discounting their products as a means to attract customers and create a sense of urgency. However, offering generic discounts and putting all your products on sale can actually cheapen your brand and fail to make a lasting impact on potential buyers. Thankfully, there is a better way to approach discounts, one that creates personalized offers tailored to your customers' needs and preferences. This is where ReConvert comes in, a powerful app that allows you to implement post-purchase upsells and maximize your conversions.


Discounting products has become a popular strategy for brands seeking to boost sales and clear out excess inventory. However, employing generic discounts across the board can dull the appeal of your brand and fail to create a sense of urgency among customers. To make a more meaningful impact, businesses need to explore personalized discount options that cater to individual customers and their specific purchase histories. One effective tool for achieving this is ReConvert, an app that allows you to offer post-purchase upsells to your customers, increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases and creating a customized shopping experience.

The Problem with Generic Discounts

Offering a standard discount, such as 20% off everything, may seem like a quick and easy way to entice customers. However, this approach often fails to create the desired sense of urgency and can even cheapen your brand image. When all your products are on sale, customers may perceive them as low-quality or overpriced originally. To truly make an impact with your discounts, it is crucial to personalize them and make them relevant to each customer's purchasing behavior.

Creating Personalized Discounts

Personalized discounts can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity among your customers, compelling them to take action and make a purchase quickly. ReConvert is an app that makes it easy to implement personalized discounts through post-purchase upsells. By providing customers with the option to purchase similar, complementary, or additional products after completing their original purchase, you can create a customized and relevant shopping experience that encourages repeat business.

The Power of Post-Purchase Upsells

Post-purchase upsells allow you to offer additional products to your customers immediately after they make a purchase. This powerful strategy not only increases the value of each transaction but also opens up opportunities for cross-selling and upselling. By enticing customers with irresistible offers on the thank you page, you can maximize your conversions and boost your revenue without negatively impacting your brand image.

How ReConvert Can Help

ReConvert is an app specifically designed to facilitate the implementation of post-purchase upsells on your Shopify store. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, ReConvert makes it easy to create and manage your post-purchase funnel sequence.

Setting Up Your Post-Purchase Funnel Sequence

To get started with ReConvert, you need to set up your post-purchase funnel sequence. This sequence determines which upsell offers will be shown to your customers based on various parameters, such as the products they purchased, order details, and customer information. By tailoring your funnels to specific products or collections, you can create highly targeted offers that cater to your customers' preferences.

Customizing the Upsell Offers

ReConvert allows you to customize your upsell offers to make them highly relevant to each customer's purchase. You can choose to highlight the most expensive product they purchased, recommend a specific product, or showcase the cheapest product as an upsell. By leveraging third-party apps or Shopify's product recommendation system, you can ensure that the upsell offer aligns perfectly with the customer's interests.

Designing the Upsell Page

The design of your upsell page plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of your customers and motivating them to make an additional purchase. ReConvert provides customizable templates that allow you to import product descriptions, stylize images, and tailor the overall design to match your brand's aesthetic. By creating visually appealing and engaging upsell pages, you can enhance the shopping experience and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Adding Discount and Timer

To create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to take advantage of the upsell offer, ReConvert enables you to add a countdown timer and discounts to the upsell page. You can specify the duration of the offer and set a discount value that entices customers to make a quick decision. The app generates and manages the discount codes automatically, eliminating the need for manual code management in Shopify.

Maximizing Conversions with Downsell Offers

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