Boost Sales with the Best Shopify Apps of 2021

Boost Sales with the Best Shopify Apps of 2021

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Social Proof: Increasing Credibility with Customer Reviews
  3. Product Upsells: Increasing Average Order Value
  4. Email Marketing: Building and Growing Your Email List
  5. Customer Experience: Enhancing the Journey for Repeat Customers
  6. Loyalty Rewards: Incentivizing Customer Loyalty
  7. Bonus: Financing Options for Customers
  8. Conclusion

Top Five Shopify Apps for Increasing Sales and Conversions

In this article, we will explore the top five Shopify apps for 2021 that can help you boost your sales and increase conversions in your Shopify store. With over 5600 different apps available in the Shopify app store, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones for your business. However, after careful research and testing, I have narrowed it down to five essential categories: social proof, product upsells, email marketing, customer experience, and loyalty rewards. Additionally, I will provide a bonus add-on that can further enhance your store's performance.

1. Social Proof: Increasing Credibility with Customer Reviews

Social proof is crucial when it comes to gaining trust from potential customers. By showcasing customer reviews and testimonials on your website, you can significantly increase credibility and convince visitors to make a purchase. One app that stands out in this category is "Looks." Looks allows you to incorporate photo reviews on your site, providing a visual representation of customer satisfaction. By displaying these reviews in multiple areas on your site, you ensure that prospective customers see them wherever they land. Photo reviews give a sense of authenticity and relatability, as customers can see others who have faced similar problems or benefited from your product. Looks also simplifies the process of collecting reviews by automating email requests to previous customers and offers incentives for submitting photo reviews.

2. Product Upsells: Increasing Average Order Value

Product upsells present an excellent opportunity to increase your average order value. After putting in the effort to drive traffic to your store, it makes sense to maximize each customer's purchase potential. The "Bold Upsell" app is the go-to choice for this category. It allows you to implement both product upsells and cross-sells, enticing customers to add more items to their cart. With upsells, you can offer customers a higher-tier alternative of the same product or a bundle that adds value to their purchase. Cross-sells, on the other hand, involve suggesting complementary products. By strategically placing upsell and cross-sell offers on the product page and cart page, you can encourage customers to spend a little more while they are already engaged and ready to make a purchase.

3. Email Marketing: Building and Growing Your Email List

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience and generate repeat business. Building a list of email subscribers allows you to communicate directly with interested customers, keeping them informed about new products, promotions, and other updates. The "Just Uno" app is an excellent choice for collecting email addresses from visitors to your site. It offers various pop-up options, providing incentives for visitors to share their email addresses. What makes this app stand out is its advanced targeting rules, which enable you to display pop-ups at specific points in the customer journey. By targeting visitors based on their time spent on your site, cart value, or other variables, you can increase the likelihood of them subscribing to your newsletter.

4. Customer Experience: Enhancing the Journey for Repeat Customers

Creating a positive customer experience is essential for encouraging repeat business and fostering customer loyalty. The "Aftership" app enhances the post-purchase experience by providing customers with a branded tracking page and automated notifications. The branded tracking page maintains consistency with your brand's look and feel, while also presenting cross-selling opportunities and product recommendations. Automating notifications keeps customers informed about the progress of their order, reducing the need for customer support inquiries. By offering a seamless and informative experience, you can leave a lasting impression on your customers and increase the likelihood of them returning for future purchases.

5. Loyalty Rewards: Incentivizing Customer Loyalty

Loyalty rewards are an effective way to motivate customers to make repeat purchases and become advocates for your brand. The "" app offers a comprehensive solution for implementing a loyalty program in your Shopify store. With, you can create a branded program that rewards customers for their engagement and purchases. By assigning loyalty points for every dollar spent, customers are incentivized to keep coming back. You can also encourage them to share your products with their friends and receive rewards for successful referrals. By turning your customers into loyal advocates, you can tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and generate additional sales effortlessly.

Bonus: Financing Options for Customers

As the eCommerce landscape evolves, providing flexible payment options becomes increasingly important. "QuadPay" is an add-on that integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store, allowing customers to pay for their purchases in four installments over time. By breaking down the total cost into more manageable payments, customers may be more inclined to make larger purchases. Offering financing options provides a sense of financial flexibility and accessibility, making it easier for customers to afford your products.

In conclusion, by utilizing the top Shopify apps in each category mentioned above, you can optimize your store for increased sales and conversions. From enhancing credibility with customer reviews to incentivizing loyalty with rewards, these apps address critical aspects of running a successful Shopify store. Additionally, providing financing options can further improve the overall customer experience. By leveraging these tools and strategies, you can maximize the potential of your online business and achieve long-term success.

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