Boost Sales with Powerful Abandoned Cart Emails

Boost Sales with Powerful Abandoned Cart Emails

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Abandoned Cart Emails
  3. Why Abandoned Cart Emails are Necessary for Increasing Sales
  4. How to Create Killer Abandoned Cart Emails that Convert
    • Crafting an Effective Subject Line
    • Providing a Quick Intro
    • Showing the Products in the Cart
    • Linking to the Cart and Call to Actions
    • Overcoming Obstacles to Conversion
    • Including Optional Elements
  5. Building an Abandoned Cart Series
    • Adding a Second, Third, and Fourth Message
    • Creating a Sense of Urgency
    • Personalization Options
  6. Setting Up Automation with Omnisend
    • Choosing the Abandoned Cart Workflow Template
    • Customizing Trigger Rules and Message Delays
    • Editing Message Content and Optimizing
  7. Conclusion


Understanding Abandoned Cart Emails

In the world of e-commerce, abandoned carts are a common occurrence. It happens when a customer adds items to their online shopping cart but leaves the website without completing their purchase. This behavior can be quite frustrating for businesses, as it represents lost sales opportunities. However, with the right strategy, these abandoned carts can be turned into successful conversions. One effective method to recapture lost sales is through abandoned cart email marketing.

Why Abandoned Cart Emails are Necessary for Increasing Sales

Abandoned cart emails have proven to be highly effective in driving conversions. Research shows that four out of every ten people who click on an abandoned cart email go on to complete their purchase. This conversion rate is significantly higher than traditional pay retargeting ads. By implementing an effective abandoned cart email marketing strategy, businesses have the potential to recapture a substantial number of lost orders and boost sales.

How to Create Killer Abandoned Cart Emails that Convert

Crafting compelling abandoned cart emails requires careful consideration of the reasons why customers may have abandoned their carts in the first place. These reasons can include price concerns, shipping speed, product quality, or even external factors like waiting for a discount via email. By understanding these factors, businesses can create tailored email content that addresses customer hesitations and encourages them to complete their purchase.

Crafting an Effective Subject Line

The subject line of an abandoned cart email plays a crucial role in grabbing the recipient's attention. It should be obvious enough that the message relates to their cart and entices them to open the email. Subject lines like "Going, going, almost gone" or "Don't leave a good thing behind" can create a sense of urgency and intrigue.

Providing a Quick Intro

The introduction to an abandoned cart email should be short and friendly. It should let the recipient know what the email is all about and remind them that they were still shopping. A playful and straightforward tone can make the email more engaging and relatable.

Showing the Products in the Cart

To entice customers back to their carts, it's important to visually showcase the products they have abandoned. Dynamic insertion of the products in the email message allows customers to see the items they already liked and serves as a powerful reminder to complete their order. The simplicity and ease of use of email platforms like Omnisend make this feature readily accessible.

Linking to the Cart and Call to Actions

Convenience is key in abandoned cart emails. The email should include clear and direct links to the cart, eliminating the need for customers to search for their abandoned items. Additionally, call-to-action buttons can be strategically placed to guide customers back to their cart and encourage them to complete their purchase.

Overcoming Obstacles to Conversion

In abandoned cart emails, it's essential to address the obstacles that may have prevented the customer from making a purchase initially. Common obstacles include concerns about price, shipping speed, product quality, or fit. The email content should highlight value propositions such as friendly return policies, satisfaction guarantees, fast shipping, and positive testimonials. Overcoming these obstacles can instill confidence in customers and nudge them closer to completing their order.

Including Optional Elements

While the core components of an abandoned cart email are crucial, there are optional elements that businesses can choose to include based on their branding and customers. These elements can include discounts, product details (description and pricing), and hero images. Discounts can further incentivize customers to complete their purchase, while product details and hero images add a visually appealing and brand-enhancing touch to the emails.

Building an Abandoned Cart Series

To maximize the effectiveness of abandoned cart emails, it's recommended to create a series of messages rather than just one. This series allows businesses to engage with customers at multiple touchpoints and create a sense of urgency. Each subsequent message should build upon the previous one and include stronger calls to action, personalized content, and a greater sense of scarcity.

Adding a Second, Third, and Fourth Message

The timing and content of subsequent abandoned cart emails are crucial. It's important to strike a balance between being persistent and not overwhelming customers. Messages can be sent at intervals such as 12 hours, 24 hours, and 48 hours after abandonment. Each message should create a greater sense of urgency and highlight specific incentives, discounts, or limited-time offers.

Creating a Sense of Urgency

To increase the chances of conversions, later messages in the abandoned cart series should create a sense of urgency. Subject lines and intro text can mention that the products won't last long or that the cart itself will expire. Language like "Get it before it's gone" or "These products won't last long" can create a fear of missing out and prompt customers to take action.

Personalization Options

Abandoned cart emails can be further personalized based on factors such as the customer's cart total, purchase history, and specific products in their cart. With email marketing platforms like Omnisend, businesses can easily segment their audience and send relevant and personalized messages. For example, offering customized discounts or recommendations based on the customer's previous purchases can greatly improve conversion rates.

Setting Up Automation with Omnisend

Omnisend is a powerful email and SMS marketing platform that simplifies the process of setting up automated abandoned cart email series. By following a few simple steps, businesses can create and activate their workflow within minutes. Omnisend provides pre-built workflow templates specifically designed for abandoned carts. Customizations can be made to trigger rules, message delays, and content to suit the business's unique needs.


Abandoned cart email marketing is a highly effective strategy for increasing sales and recapturing lost orders. By understanding the reasons behind cart abandonment and crafting engaging and personalized emails, businesses can successfully convert potential customers into loyal buyers. With the right tools like Omnisend, businesses can easily automate their abandoned cart email series and maximize conversions. Don't let another sale walk out the door – start optimizing your abandoned cart emails today.

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