Boost Sales with Member Discounts in Shopify

Boost Sales with Member Discounts in Shopify

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • What is a member discount?
    • Why offer VIP discounts?
    • The benefits of wholesale discounts
  2. Creating a Customer Group
    • Default customer groups in Shopify
    • Creating custom groups with tags
    • Using filters for more targeted groups
    • Tagging customers for specific groups
  3. Creating a Discount Code
    • Checking existing discount codes
    • Creating a new discount code
    • Selecting the customer group for the discount
  4. Using the Automatic Guest Discount and Gift App
    • Overview of the app
    • Creating a new promotion
    • Setting the discount code and customer group
    • Defining trigger conditions
  5. Testing the Discount
    • Applying the discount in the checkout process
    • Testing with different customer email addresses
  6. Conclusion
    • Recap of the two ways to implement customer discounts
    • Future videos and resources for further information

How to Create and Apply Member Discounts in Shopify

In the competitive world of e-commerce, offering discounts to loyal customers can be a great way to foster customer loyalty and boost sales. In this article, we will explore how to create and apply member discounts in Shopify, specifically focusing on VIP discounts and wholesale discounts. By implementing these strategies, you can provide exclusive benefits to your customers and incentivize repeat purchases.


What is a member discount?

A member discount is a special pricing offer given to customers who belong to a specific customer group. These groups can be based on various criteria such as loyalty, purchase history, or any other segmentation that aligns with your business goals. Member discounts can be a powerful tool to encourage customer retention and increase customer satisfaction.

Why offer VIP discounts?

VIP discounts are a popular way to reward and retain high-value customers. By providing exclusive discounts and perks to your most loyal customers, you can make them feel valued and appreciated. VIP discounts not only encourage repeat purchases but also incentivize customers to spend more in order to maintain their VIP status.

The benefits of wholesale discounts

If you are a retailer or have a business-to-business (B2B) component, offering wholesale discounts can be beneficial. Wholesale discounts allow you to attract and retain wholesale customers, who often make larger and more frequent purchases. By offering discounted prices to wholesalers, you can foster long-term relationships and secure consistent orders.

Creating a Customer Group

Before diving into the discount creation process, it's essential to create a customer group to apply the discounts to. In Shopify, you have default customer groups, such as "New," "Returning," "Abandoned Checkout," and groups based on geographical regions. Additionally, you can create custom groups using tags and filters, which allow for more specific targeting.

To create a custom group with tags, navigate to the Customers section in your Shopify admin panel. Select the customers you want to include in the group by applying filters and tags. For example, you can tag customers who qualify for free shipping and save them as a group called "Free Shipping." Once you've saved the filters, a new customer group will be created.

Creating a Discount Code

To apply the member discounts, you need to create a discount code in Shopify. First, check if any existing discount codes suit your purpose. If not, create a new discount code by selecting "Create Discount Code" in Shopify's discount section. Give the code a relevant name, such as "Free Shipping," and choose the discount type, such as a monetary discount or free shipping.

Next, select the customer group you created earlier, specifically the "Free Shipping" group, to ensure that the discount applies only to them. Save the discount code once you've made the selections.

Using the Automatic Guest Discount and Gift App

To automate the application of discounts, you can use the Automatic Guest Discount and Gift app. This app allows you to control when and how the discount code is triggered during the checkout process.

After installing the app, create a new promotion within the app's interface. Enter the discount code you created earlier, in this case, "Free Shipping." Specify that the discount code should only be applied to customers grouped in "Free Shipping" and define the trigger conditions. For example, you can set a minimum cart value or select specific products or collections for the discount to activate.

Once you've set up the promotion, you can test it to ensure everything works as expected. Make sure to activate the promotion and save the settings before testing it.

Testing the Discount

To verify that the member discount is working correctly, proceed to the checkout process with various customer scenarios. For customers who are part of the "Free Shipping" group, the discount should be automatically applied, granting them the benefit of free shipping. However, for customers who are not part of the group, like a random email address, the discount should be invalidated and not applied.

By testing different customer email addresses and observing the discount's behavior, you can ensure that the discount system is functioning correctly and providing the intended benefits to the targeted customer group.


Offering member discounts, such as VIP discounts or wholesale discounts, can be an effective strategy to retain customers and boost sales. By creating customer groups, creating discount codes, and utilizing apps like the Automatic Guest Discount and Gift app, you can easily implement these discounts in your Shopify store. Remember to test the discounts thoroughly and make adjustments as necessary to provide a seamless experience for your customers.


  • Member discounts in Shopify can be created using customer groups and discount codes.
  • VIP discounts and wholesale discounts are two popular types of member discounts.
  • Custom customer groups can be created using tags and filters in Shopify.
  • The Automatic Guest Discount and Gift app helps automate the application of member discounts.
  • Testing the member discounts with different customer scenarios is crucial to ensuring their proper functionality.

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