Boost Sales with Loox: The Ultimate Shopify Review App

Boost Sales with Loox: The Ultimate Shopify Review App

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Looks?
  3. Adding Looks App in Shopify
  4. Changing Language and Personalizing Looks
  5. Setting Up Discount Codes and Referral Discounts
  6. Migrating from Another Review Solution
  7. Customizing Review Request Emails
  8. Managing Review Notifications
  9. Designing the Review Display
  10. Integrations with Other Platforms


In this article, we will explore the functionalities of Looks, a Shopify app that allows you to add and utilize photo reviews for your products. We will guide you through the process of adding the Looks app to your Shopify store and show you how to make the most of its features. From changing the language and personalizing the app's appearance to setting up discount codes and referral discounts, you'll learn how to leverage Looks to enhance your business. We will also discuss migrating from another review solution, customizing review request emails, managing review notifications, and integrating Looks with other platforms. So let's dive in and discover how Looks can boost your online presence and drive customer engagement.

What is Looks?

Looks is an app designed specifically for Shopify stores that enables you to incorporate photo reviews into your website. By harnessing the power of visual testimonials, Looks helps you build trust with potential customers and enhances the shopping experience. With Looks, you can easily showcase customer-generated photos alongside their reviews, making your product more appealing and credible. The app provides various customization options and features such as review reminders and referral discounts, allowing you to personalize how you engage with your customers and encourage them to leave feedback.

Adding Looks App in Shopify

To begin using Looks, you need to add the app to your Shopify store. The process is simple and straightforward. Start by searching for "Looks" in the Shopify App Store and selecting the Looks Photo Reviews & Referrals app. Click on the "Add app" button to begin the installation process. Allow the app the necessary permissions and click on "Install app." Once the installation is complete, you can start customizing the app according to your preferences.

Changing Language and Personalizing Looks

After adding the Looks app, the first step is to adjust the language settings to ensure a seamless user experience. From the app dashboard, navigate to the settings and choose the desired language, commonly English. You can also personalize the appearance of your photo reviews by selecting the color and widget layout that best aligns with your store's theme. Whether you choose a list or grid layout, the goal is to create an appealing and cohesive visual representation of your customer reviews.

Setting Up Discount Codes and Referral Discounts

Looks provides a unique opportunity to incentivize customers to leave photo reviews through discount codes and referral programs. By offering a discount code for submitting a review with a photo, you can encourage customers to share their experiences and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases. You can choose the discount value and customize the coupon code to align with your branding. Additionally, Looks allows you to set up referral discounts, further enhancing word-of-mouth marketing and expanding your customer base. Offering discounts to customers who recommend your products to their friends can significantly boost your sales and brand awareness.

Migrating from Another Review Solution

If you already have another review solution in place, Looks allows for a seamless transition. The app provides an easy migration process, ensuring that all your existing reviews are transferred smoothly. By integrating Looks into your store, you can take advantage of its advanced features and enhance the overall review experience for both your customers and yourself.

Customizing Review Request Emails

With Looks, you have the ability to customize the automated review request emails that are sent to your customers. You can personalize the content and timing of these emails, making them more engaging and relevant. By sharing how the products look and feel, you can motivate customers to share their reviews and contribute to the community. The review request email templates provided by Looks are effective in capturing customers' attention and generating a higher response rate.

Managing Review Notifications

Looks allows you to control the review notification settings to stay informed about new reviews. You can enable email notifications and customize the notification email templates to match your brand's tone and style. By knowing when new reviews are submitted, you can respond promptly and engage with your customers. Managing review notifications ensures that you are always aware of customer feedback, enabling you to address any concerns or questions swiftly.

Designing the Review Display

Looks provides various options for displaying customer reviews on your website. From configuring the appearance of the review widgets to activating pop-up and sidebar widgets, you have the flexibility to optimize the positioning and visibility of your customer reviews. The app offers customization features that allow you to adapt the review display according to your store's design and layout. By strategically placing the review widgets, you can showcase your positive reviews and improve the overall shopping experience for visitors.

Integrations with Other Platforms

To further enhance the functionalities of Looks, the app offers integrations with various platforms. You can seamlessly connect Looks with Facebook Pixel, Twitter, Klaviyo, Omnisend, VGLot,, and other popular apps. These integrations enable you to leverage the power of social media marketing, email campaigns, loyalty programs, and more. By synchronizing Looks with your preferred platforms, you can consolidate your marketing efforts and streamline customer interactions.

In conclusion, Looks is a valuable app that can transform your Shopify store by incorporating visually appealing and authentic customer reviews. By adding Looks to your business strategy, you can enhance customer trust, boost sales, and cultivate a loyal customer base. With its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and integration capabilities, Looks is a powerful tool that can help you establish a strong online presence. So why wait? Install Looks today and take your Shopify store to new heights.


  • Looks is a Shopify app that lets you add and utilize photo reviews for your products.
  • It improves customer trust and enhances the shopping experience.
  • You can customize the appearance and language settings in Looks to match your store's branding.
  • Discount codes and referral discounts can be set up to incentivize photo reviews and customer referrals.
  • Looks provides a seamless migration process for those transitioning from another review solution.
  • You can customize review request emails and manage review notifications to stay proactive.
  • The review display can be optimized by using widgets and integrating with other platforms.


Q: Can I customize the appearance of photo reviews with Looks? A: Yes, Looks allows you to choose the color and layout of your review display to match your store's design.

Q: Can I offer discounts for customer referrals with Looks? A: Yes, Looks provides options to set up referral discounts, encouraging customers to recommend your products.

Q: Can I integrate Looks with other platforms? A: Yes, Looks offers integrations with various platforms, including Facebook Pixel, Twitter, and Klaviyo, among others.

Q: Can I migrate my existing reviews from another solution to Looks? A: Yes, Looks provides a smooth migration process to ensure all your reviews are transferred seamlessly.

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