Boost Sales with Abandonment Protector App!

Boost Sales with Abandonment Protector App!

Table of Contents:

I. Introduction II. Abandonment Protector App A. Functionality B. Features C. Advantages D. Cost III. Setting up Abandonment Protector A. Enabling the App B. Customizing the Follow-up Emails

  1. Template Design
  2. Scheduled Sending IV. Abandoned Checkout Process A. Checkout Example B. Customer Information Recording V. Email Inbox of Abandoned Checkout Customers A. Samples of Email Templates B. Coupon and Promotions VI. Recommendation and Conclusion

Abandonment Protector App – Save Your Sales

Are you looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to capture the customers who abandon the checkout process? Do you want to save lots of potential sales? Then Abandonment Protector App is for you. In this article, we will cover the app's features and why it's one of the necessary apps for your Shopify store.

Abandonment Protector App is an essential app that captures clients who are ready to abandon the checkout, follow them up with an email, and convert the sale into a successful one. It sends the customers three follow-up emails that ask them to reconsider their purchase. Moreover, it offers a discount to them. To add this app, go to Shopify's App Store, search for it, and download it. You can start with the 21-day free trial and continue by paying $8 per month to cover up to five thousand emails.


Abandonment Protector system works by recording the customer's information, especially email address, when they abandon the cart and sends them a follow-up email. The app can send three automated emails to convince the customer to return to checkout.


Abandonment Protector app boasts several robust features that make it indispensable to Shopify store owners who want to improve their sales. First, it sends automated emails with three customizable templates. Second, it records all necessary customer data, including name and email, in your Shopify store. Third, it includes a notification system that sends an email to the store owner when a customer abandons their cart.


Abandonment Protector app provides an efficient and cost-effective way to convert potential sales into successful ones. It enhances the customer experience by sending personalized follow-up emails and offering discount coupons. Moreover, it saves the store owner the time and effort required to manually follow up the customer.


Abandonment Protector App has a free trial period of twenty-one days. After that, the cost is $8 per month to cover up to five thousand emails per month.

Setting Up Abandonment Protector

Enabling the App

To enable the Abandonment Protector app, go to Shopify's App Store, search for it, and install it. Once installed, go to the app and enable it.

Customizing the Follow-Up Emails

To customize the follow-up emails, click on the email template option on the app's interface and set the templates' design and scheduled sending.

Template Design

Abandonment Protector App provides three customizable email templates to select and edit. Each of the emails can be personalized, including text, product images, product prices, discounts, coupons, and promotional messages.

Scheduled Sending

The Second feature of the Abandonment Protector app is scheduled sending, which allows you to set specific times the emails will be sent to your customers.

Abandoned Checkout Process

Abandoned Checkout is a Shopify feature found in the orders section, where all unfulfilled and abandoned orders are stored.

Checkout Example

When a customer clicks the checkout button, they are directed to this page, which collects all the necessary information and stores it in the customer's order page.

Customer Information Recording

When a customer abandons the checkout, the Abandonment Protector app records their details, including email, shipping address, and the items they selected and saved it in the abandoned checkout section.

Email Inbox of Abandoned Checkout Customers

Samples of Email Templates

The following are samples of email templates that the Abandonment Protector app sends to customers. They are customizable to fit the store owner's needs.

Coupon and Promotions

Abandonment Protector App also gives the customer a coupon to entice them to complete the purchase or use in future purchases. The coupon includes a product image, discount, and a link to their cart.

Recommendation and Conclusion

In conclusion, the Abandonment Protector app is an essential tool that complements Shopify's sales process. It saves potential sales and offers the customer a personalized checkout experience. It also saves the store owner the time and effort required to manually track and follow up with a customer's abandoned cart. I recommend using this app to enhance your Shopify store's efficiency and profitability.


Q. Is there a limit to the number of follow-up emails a customer can receive? A. Yes, by default, Abandonment Protector sends up to three follow-up emails to customers, but you can customize the number and timing.

Q. Can I use my custom email templates instead of the default ones provided by the app? A. Yes, you can customize the email templates to fit your brand's style and content.

Q. What happens when a customer clicks the discount coupon? A. The coupon redirects the customer to their abandoned cart to complete the purchase.

Q. Can I access the email list of customers who abandon their checkout process? A. Yes, the Abandonment Protector App stores all customer information automatically in the Shopify store.

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