Boost Customer Loyalty with Yappo Rewards

Boost Customer Loyalty with Yappo Rewards

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up Rewards
  3. Creating Earning Rules
  4. Building Your Referral Program
  5. Securing Your Program
  6. Customizing On-Site Modules
  7. Designing a Rewards Page
  8. Effective Communication
  9. Managing Customers
  10. Analyzing Program Performance
  11. Integrating with E-commerce Tech Stack
  12. Conclusion


Welcome to Yappo Loyalty and Referrals! In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up and launching your own rewards program using the Yappo admin platform. Rewarding your customers and generating referrals is a powerful way to boost customer loyalty and drive sales. Let's get started!

Setting Up Rewards

Before launching your rewards program, you need to decide how you will reward your customers. In the "Rewards Program" tab, you can create reward coupons that can be associated with specific earning rules. The settings may vary depending on the e-commerce platform you are using, as different platforms allow for different redemption options. Take time to configure your rewards settings to align with your business objectives.

Creating Earning Rules

Earning rules are the various ways in which your shoppers can participate in your loyalty program and earn rewards. By clicking on the "Ways to Earn" tab under the "Rewards Program" section, you can explore the different earning rules available. A successful program requires a good mix of quick win rules and long-term ones. Quick win rules aim to generate immediate ROI, such as points for purchases and puncher campaigns, while long-term rules like birthday or anniversary rules create engaging relationships to increase retention and lifetime value. Reward settings allow you to choose whether to reward shoppers with points or coupons.

Building Your Referral Program

Your referral program plays a vital role in growing your customer base. To create a successful referral program, head to the dedicated referral program section in the admin. Here, you can set rewards for both referring customers and their referred friends. It's important to consider security settings to prevent fraud. In the "Settings" tab, click on "Fraud Prevention" to review and update the necessary measures. By limit referrals from the same IP address and email address, as well as blocking certain domains, you can ensure the program's integrity.

Securing Your Program

After creating your rewards, earning rules, and referral program, it's crucial to make sure that shoppers can access them securely on your site. On-site modules allow you to build widgets and pages where shoppers can interact with your loyalty and referral program. Increase program engagement by enabling the reward sticky bar, which displays shoppers' point balance and allows them to easily redeem points from any page on your site. Additionally, a dedicated rewards page with comprehensive program information is recommended.

Customizing On-Site Modules

To fully align your loyalty and referral program with your brand, customize the look and feel of on-site modules. By clicking on the "Display on Site" tab and selecting "Reward Sticky Bar" under "Basic Modules," you can access and personalize the expandable banner visible throughout your store. As a Gold plan member, you also have access to the rewards page builder. Take advantage of this feature to create a customized rewards page that includes information on how to earn and redeem rewards, as well as details about your referral program.

Designing a Rewards Page

The rewards page is an essential component of your loyalty program. It communicates key information to shoppers and encourages their participation. To design your rewards page, go to the "Display on Site" section and click on the "Rewards Page Builder" tab. Here, you can customize the sections you want to include, arrange their order, edit text and buttons, and ensure the page matches your brand's look and feel. A well-designed rewards page enhances the overall user experience and encourages shoppers to engage with your program.

Effective Communication

A successful loyalty program requires effective communication with your shoppers. Enable emails that update your customers about their loyalty status, existing discounts, and point balance. Yappo provides pre-existing email templates that you can customize to better fit your brand. In the "Communications" tab, click on "Loyalty Emails" to edit the content and appearance of your emails. You can even integrate Yappo with existing email service providers, such as Clavio, for seamless communication.

Managing Customers

In the "Customer Management" section of the admin, you can view and manage your customers, as well as perform various actions at the customer level. Adjust point balances, give rewards, and choose what to include or exclude in reports. The customer management section provides you with the tools to nurture your relationship with your customers and ensure their satisfaction. Learn more about these actions in the "Customer Management Actions" article on our help center.

Analyzing Program Performance

To track the effectiveness and ROI of your loyalty program, utilize the analytics tab in the admin. Access a wealth of data points and actionable insights to understand your program's performance. You can also export data and create custom reports to gain specific insights relevant to your goals. Analyzing program performance allows you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your program for maximum results.

Integrating with E-commerce Tech Stack

Take your loyalty and referral program to the next level by integrating it with your existing e-commerce tech stack. In the "Integrations" tab, you can view and manage different integrations available. Explore how Yappo can seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce platform, marketing automation tools, and more. By integrating with your tech stack, you can streamline operations and provide a cohesive customer experience.


Congratulations on setting up your Yappo Loyalty and Referrals program! We hope this guide has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the steps and features involved in launching and managing your program. Remember to refer to our documentation and step-by-step articles on the Help Center for more specific information and instructions. If you have any further questions or need assistance, our support team is always here to help. Start rewarding your customers and watch your business grow!

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