Automate and Enhance Product Photos with Canva Product Photos

Automate and Enhance Product Photos with Canva Product Photos

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Canva Product Photos?
  3. How does Canva Product Photos work?
  4. Who is Canva Product Photos for?
  5. Availability and Access
  6. Testing Canva Product Photos
    • Uploading photos
    • Bulk editing options
    • Background removal and color accuracy
    • Mock-ups and realistic representation
    • Limitations and drawbacks
  7. The importance of quality product photos
  8. The benefits of learning product photography
  9. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore Canva's new feature called "Product Photos" and its potential benefits for non-photographer makers. Canva, known for its popular graphic design tools, now offers a feature that promises to magically edit and perfect product photos in bulk. We will delve into how this feature works, who can benefit from it, and its limitations. Through testing and analyzing the results, we will discuss the importance of high-quality product photos and the value of learning product photography skills. So, let's dive in and discover whether Canva Product Photos is truly a game-changer for makers seeking attractive product visuals.

What is Canva Product Photos?

Canva Product Photos is a new feature offered by the graphic design platform Canva. This feature aims to simplify the process of editing and perfecting product photos, particularly for non-photographer makers. By uploading their product photos to Canva, users can take advantage of automatic editing tools to enhance their visuals. Canva claims to offer bulk editing options, background removal, and various styling choices to make product photos more appealing and ready for sale.

How does Canva Product Photos work?

To use Canva Product Photos, users need to navigate to the "Product Photos" option within Canva's application. From there, they can upload their product photos or select images from their existing Canva uploads. Canva offers e-commerce and automotive options for bulk editing, allowing users to choose from a variety of backgrounds and styles. Users can then apply these editing options to their product photos, which will be automatically processed by Canva to enhance their appearance.

Who is Canva Product Photos for?

Canva Product Photos is primarily targeted towards non-photographer makers who want to improve the quality of their product photos without professional photography skills. It aims to offer a convenient and accessible way to edit and enhance product visuals, saving time and effort. While Canva Product Photos is designed with makers in mind, it may also benefit other individuals or businesses seeking to improve their product photography without extensive technical knowledge or equipment.

Availability and Access

As of now, Canva Product Photos is in beta testing, and information regarding its release date and accessibility is scarce. While some Canva Pro members may have access to this feature, it is expected to be available to free users as well. However, its availability may vary across devices, as it is currently accessible only on the browser/desktop version of Canva. Users are encouraged to check their Canva accounts to see if they have access to this feature and provide feedback on its usability and effectiveness.

Testing Canva Product Photos

To assess the capabilities and limitations of Canva Product Photos, we conducted a series of tests using various product photos and editing options. We explored the bulk editing feature, background removal, color accuracy, mock-up integration, and overall quality of the edited photos. Through these tests, we gained insights into the effectiveness of Canva Product Photos and its potential as a solution for non-photographer makers.

Uploading photos

The process of uploading product photos to Canva was straightforward and user-friendly. Users can choose to upload new images or select from their existing Canva uploads, allowing for easy access to previously edited visuals. However, we noticed that the number of images that can be uploaded at once is limited to 10, which may be a drawback for users with larger product catalogs.

Bulk editing options

Canva Product Photos offers a range of bulk editing options, including background removal and various styling choices. Users can select from e-commerce and automotive options, which provide backgrounds and effects suitable for different types of products. However, during testing, we found that the background removal feature had limitations, particularly when the product color closely resembled the background. This resulted in incomplete removal and compromised realism in the edited photos.

Background removal and color accuracy

While Canva Product Photos attempts to remove the background and replace it with the chosen styling options, we observed mixed results in terms of color accuracy and overall quality. The edited photos sometimes appeared oversaturated or dark, failing to accurately represent the true colors of the products. This lack of color accuracy can be a concern for sellers as it may mislead customers and negatively affect sales. Additionally, we found instances where the background removal feature missed certain elements, leading to incomplete edits.

Mock-ups and realistic representation

One feature that Canva Product Photos offers is the ability to place products in mock-up settings. These mock-ups aim to create realistic representations of products placed in different backgrounds or scenarios. However, in our testing, we found that the scale, perspective, and overall realism of these mock-ups were often lacking. The products appeared out of proportion, floating, or detached from the background, which could raise doubts about the quality and trustworthiness of the brand.

Limitations and drawbacks

While Canva Product Photos offers convenience and automation, it has certain limitations that makers should be aware of. One significant drawback is the lack of control and visibility over the edits that Canva makes to the uploaded photos. Users cannot view or modify the specific adjustments applied by Canva, limiting their ability to ensure accurate representation of their products. Additionally, the pixel dimensions of the edited photos may not meet certain platform requirements, potentially impacting the quality and clarity of the visuals.

The importance of quality product photos

High-quality product photos play a crucial role in attracting customers and driving sales for businesses. They serve as visual representations of products, conveying their features, colors, and overall aesthetic. Quality photos build trust, increase perceived value, and differentiate products from competitors. In the digital era, where online shopping dominates, visually appealing and accurate product photos are essential for capturing the attention and interest of potential buyers.

The benefits of learning product photography

While Canva Product Photos may offer a convenient solution for non-photographer makers, investing time and effort into learning product photography skills can yield long-term benefits. By learning basic photography techniques, such as lighting, composition, and editing, makers can have full control over their product visuals. They can ensure accurate color representation, adjust lighting to create depth and dimension, and convey their brand's unique style. Learning product photography empowers makers to create compelling visuals that showcase their products' true quality, setting them apart in the marketplace.


Canva Product Photos offers an intriguing concept of automated bulk editing for product photos. While this feature can provide a starting point for non-photographer makers seeking quick improvements, it has limitations in terms of color accuracy, background removal, and realistic representation. The lack of control over edits and potential issues with pixel dimensions may also impact the overall quality of the visuals. Therefore, it is essential for makers to consider investing in product photography skills to ensure accurate and high-quality visuals that truly represent their products. Remember, quality product photos are a powerful tool in attracting customers and driving sales, so dedicating time to learn and improve photography skills is a worthwhile investment for any maker.


Q: Can I use Canva Product Photos on the mobile app? A: As of now, Canva Product Photos is only accessible on the browser/desktop version of Canva. It is not available on the mobile app.

Q: Is Canva Product Photos only for Canva Pro members? A: While Canva Product Photos may be accessible to Canva Pro members, it is also expected to be available to free users. The presence of the "Product Photos" option without a Pro crown indicates its availability to both free and Pro users.

Q: Can I make further adjustments to the edited photos in Canva? A: While you can make additional edits to the edited photos within Canva, you cannot modify or view the specific adjustments that Canva applied. This limits your ability to fine-tune the edits made by Canva.

Q: Are the pixel dimensions of the edited photos suitable for online platforms? A: The pixel dimensions of the edited photos generated by Canva Product Photos may not meet certain platform requirements. It is important to consider the platform's guidelines for image size and resolution to ensure optimal visual quality.

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