Add 30+ Yards to Your Drives with This 2 Second Tip

Add 30+ Yards to Your Drives with This 2 Second Tip

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Importance of Maximizing Driving Distance
  3. Understanding Clubhead Speed and Launch Angle
  4. Common Mistakes in Setup
    • Ball Position
    • Shoulder Alignment
  5. The Two-Second Fix
  6. Practice Swing with Club Head in the Middle
  7. Adjusting to the New Feel
  8. The Impact on Clubhead Speed
  9. The Impact on Distance
  10. Potential Changes in Shot Shape
  11. Final Thoughts


In the world of golf, being able to hit long drives is a coveted skill. With advancements in technology, there are no secrets when it comes to maximizing driving distance. However, achieving that maximum distance requires getting a few key factors right. In this article, we will explore the importance of maximizing driving distance and discuss a simple two-second fix that can help golfers achieve higher launch and lower spin.

The Importance of Maximizing Driving Distance

Driving distance plays a crucial role in the game of golf. The ability to hit long drives not only makes the golf course shorter but also adds excitement and enjoyment to the game. But how can one maximize their driving distance? It all comes down to two main factors: hitting the ball out of the middle of the clubface and generating clubhead speed. The key is to have the club head moving up through impact, creating a high launch angle and low spin.

Understanding Clubhead Speed and Launch Angle

Clubhead speed and launch angle are critical for achieving maximum distance off the tee. The faster the clubhead speed, the more power is transferred to the ball. Additionally, a higher launch angle helps the ball stay in the air longer, resulting in increased carry and total distance. To achieve these desired outcomes, golfers often adjust their setup. They move the ball forward in their stance, create a little bit of tilt in their posture, and position the club behind the ball. However, a common mistake occurs when golfers change their shoulder alignment during the swing, which affects the club's trajectory.

Common Mistakes in Setup

When it comes to setting up for long drives, golfers often make a crucial mistake that impacts their ability to generate clubhead speed and achieve the desired launch angle. Many golfers move the ball forward in their stance, but they fail to maintain the necessary tilt in their posture throughout the swing. Instead, their shoulders become parallel to the ground, pointing off to the left. This improper shoulder alignment causes the lowest point of the golf swing to shift, resulting in a downward club trajectory and a loss in distance.

The Two-Second Fix

The good news is that there is a simple two-second fix that can help golfers achieve the desired launch angle and maximize their driving distance. Instead of placing the club behind the ball, golfers should position the clubhead in the middle of their stance, approximately five to six inches behind the ball. By doing so, the club will hit the ground behind the ball, ensuring an upward club trajectory through impact. This small adjustment allows the golfer to transfer their weight forward while keeping the sternum behind the ball, resulting in a more optimal ball flight.

Practice Swing with Club Head in the Middle

To get accustomed to this new setup, golfers can start by taking practice swings. With the clubhead positioned in the middle of the stance, the golfer can focus on hitting the ground slightly behind the ball. Although it may feel different at first, practicing this adjustment will help build muscle memory and allow for a smoother transition when hitting actual drives. It is essential to swing at a slower pace initially to develop a sense of the club's movement and the overall feel of the swing.

Adjusting to the New Feel

Initially, it may take some time to adjust to the new setup and swing technique. However, the benefits are worth the effort. By starting the clubhead in the middle and hitting up on the ball, golfers can achieve significant improvements in their driving distance. Along with increased distance, this adjustment also provides golfers with more awareness of their swing, allowing for better control and accuracy. Remember, slowing down and paying attention to the changes taking place can lead to more consistent results and greater overall improvement.

The Impact on Clubhead Speed

One common concern among golfers when making adjustments to their swing is the potential impact on clubhead speed. However, the two-second fix does not necessarily lead to a decrease in speed. Golfers may actually find that by being more aware of their swing and making slight alterations, their clubhead speed can increase or remain consistent. Although the adjustment may feel slower or controlled initially, the added bonus is the potential for a higher clubhead speed resulting from increased awareness and better technique.

The Impact on Distance

The ultimate goal of maximizing driving distance is to hit the ball further down the fairway. With the two-second fix and the associated changes in setup and swing technique, golfers can expect to see a significant increase in distance off the tee. By hitting up on the ball and achieving higher launch angles, golfers can gain 30-40 yards or even more. This improvement can make a noticeable difference in the overall length of the hole, making the game more enjoyable and rewarding.

Potential Changes in Shot Shape

While the two-second fix can lead to impressive distance gains, it is essential to note that it may also impact the shape of the shots. Golfers who are used to hitting down on the ball may experience a change in shot shape, with the ball moving more to the right. This change in path can be compensated for by adjusting the swing from the top and focusing on swinging more from the inside. By doing so, golfers can maintain a more neutral path while still benefiting from the improved clubhead and ball contact achieved through the adjusted setup.

Final Thoughts

Achieving maximum distance off the tee is the dream of every golfer. By making a small yet significant adjustment to the setup, golfers can improve their chances of hitting long drives. Placing the clubhead in the middle of the stance and hitting up on the ball helps golfers achieve higher launch angles and lower spin rates, resulting in increased distance. While the adjustment may take some time to get used to, the potential improvements in distance and overall game enjoyment make it well worth the effort.

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