Achieving a Million Dollar Revenue Day on Shopify

Achieving a Million Dollar Revenue Day on Shopify

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Fifth Watches: A Successful E-commerce Brand 2.1. Launching on the Fifth 2.2. Building a Strong Following on Instagram 2.3. Fostering Scarcity and Exclusivity 2.4. Creating a Compelling Reason to Sign Up
  3. Leveraging Influencer Marketing 3.1. Early Collaboration with Influencers 3.2. Generating Hype and Buzz 3.3. Scaling Up with Influencer Campaigns
  4. Growing the Email List 4.1. Importance of Warm Leads 4.2. Strategies to Build a Quality Waitlist 4.3. Viral Giveaways and List Building 4.4. Retargeting and Converting Leads
  5. Combining Organic and Paid Marketing 5.1. Organic Social Media and Influencers 5.2. Incorporating Paid Advertising 5.3. Explosive Results and the Million Dollar Day
  6. Conclusion

The Fifth Watches: How We Achieved a Million Dollar Revenue Day


Hey, guys! Greta here, and today I want to share with you how I managed to achieve a one million dollar revenue day for one of my multi-million dollar ecommerce brands. In this article, I'll be focusing on my second ecommerce brand, The Fifth Watches, and the strategies we implemented to make this incredible feat possible.

The Fifth Watches: A Successful E-commerce Brand

Launching on the Fifth

When we decided to launch The Fifth Watches, we wanted to make a statement. Since our brand name incorporated "the fifth," we decided to wait until the fifth of the month to launch. This decision created a sense of anticipation among our followers and set the tone for our unique sales approach.

Building a Strong Following on Instagram

Having already amassed a substantial following of around 70,000 on Instagram, we had a solid base of potential customers to target when we launched The Fifth Watches. This large following enabled us to generate significant buzz and attract attention to our brand.

Fostering Scarcity and Exclusivity

One of the pivotal moments for our brand was when we unintentionally positioned ourselves as exclusive. We leveraged our limited sales model, where our watches were only available for a limited time each month, to drive perceived value and increase demand through scarcity. This unique selling point helped set us apart in the market and created a sense of urgency among our customers.

Creating a Compelling Reason to Sign Up

To ensure continued success, we needed to maintain engagement with our audience. As a part of this effort, we built a waitlist through various methods, such as sending calendar invites, using push notifications, and encouraging sign-ups through exclusive access. By giving our waitlist members a head start and making the store accessible only to them for the first few hours, we created a strong incentive for customers to sign up and purchase our watches.

Leveraging Influencer Marketing

Early Collaboration with Influencers

From the start, we understood the importance of influencer marketing. Even before our official launch, we sent samples of our watches to 30 influencers who were excited to be one of the first to showcase our brand. This strategy helped us generate content and create a positive buzz around our products.

Generating Hype and Buzz

On the day of our launch, we coordinated with multiple influencers to post about our brand simultaneously. This synchronized effort created a tremendous amount of excitement and built trust among potential customers.

Scaling Up with Influencer Campaigns

As our brand grew, so did our influencer marketing strategy. We started collaborating with over a hundred influencers each month and even tested out YouTube influencers. This approach allowed us to expand our reach, tap into new target audiences, and ultimately increase our sales.

Growing the Email List

Importance of Warm Leads

Building a substantial email list is crucial for any ecommerce brand. However, it's essential to ensure that these leads have a strong intent to purchase your products. We learned this lesson early on when a previous venture failed to convert a large email list into sales because the leads were not interested in board shorts.

Strategies to Build a Quality Waitlist

To maximize the effectiveness of our email list, we focused on attracting leads who were genuinely interested in our watches. We employed various tactics such as viral giveaways and strategic lead generation campaigns to ensure our list consisted of warm leads with high purchase intent.

Viral Giveaways and List Building

One of our most successful list-building strategies was a viral giveaway campaign. By using a platform called Gleam, we were able to generate 80,000 email leads within just 14 days. This campaign not only converted idle followers into subscribers but also positioned our brand in their minds for future purchases.

Retargeting and Converting Leads

To convert our website visitors into customers, we implemented retargeting strategies to reach out to individuals who had engaged with our brand. By retargeting warm audiences with personalized sequences and abandoned cart reminders, we were able to achieve an impressive return on ad spend.

Combining Organic and Paid Marketing

Organic Social Media and Influencers

To build a strong foundation for our brand, we combined organic social media efforts with influencer collaborations. By leveraging my existing reach on Instagram, we were able to target and drive traffic to our main brand profile. This approach helped us establish front-of-mind recognition and foster trust in our brand.

Incorporating Paid Advertising

As our brand continued to grow, we incorporated paid advertising to further boost our sales. Although we initially partnered with an agency to handle our retargeting efforts, we later realized the importance of having an in-house expert. Through paid advertising, we achieved explosive results and witnessed our million-dollar revenue day.

Explosive Results and the Million Dollar Day

With a well-executed combination of organic and paid marketing strategies, our brand experienced exponential growth. This growth culminated in our first-year anniversary, which coincided with a million-dollar revenue day. The strategies we implemented allowed us to achieve unprecedented success and solidify The Fifth Watches as a top player in the e-commerce industry.


In a highly competitive e-commerce landscape, implementing the right strategies is crucial for success. The journey of The Fifth Watches showcases the power of building a strong following, leveraging influencer marketing, growing a quality email list, and combining organic and paid marketing efforts. By taking a data-driven approach and focusing on generating warm leads, your brand can achieve remarkable results and experience explosive growth.

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