3 FREE Traffic Strategies to Skyrocket Website Visits

3 FREE Traffic Strategies to Skyrocket Website Visits

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Content Repurposing Strategy
    1. Sharing on Social Media
    2. Creating new content for social media channels
  3. Quora Traffic Strategy
    1. Setting up a professional profile
    2. Finding relevant questions
    3. Providing thorough and helpful answers
  4. YouTube Traffic Strategy
    1. Overcoming the fear of being on camera
    2. Creating video blog posts
    3. Committing to a schedule and utilizing YouTube ads

Content Repurposing Strategy

Generating traffic to your website is essential to your online success. Regardless of how great your content is, it won't have an impact if nobody sees it. In this article, we will explore three underused traffic strategies that can bring in massive amounts of free traffic. The first strategy involves capitalizing on the content you already have. By repurposing and sharing your blog posts on social media, you can increase visibility and attract more visitors to your website.

Sharing on Social Media

If you have a collection of blog posts, you can leverage social media platforms to share them with your audience. Start by sharing each article individually on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. For Facebook, share the entire article with an eye-catching cover image and a link back to the original post. On Instagram, create a story post previewing the article and use the link sticker to direct users to the full content. On LinkedIn, you can share the articles in whole or shorter snippets as LinkedIn articles, adding images and a link to the full article on your website.

Creating new content for social media channels

To maximize the impact of your repurposed content, consider creating new pieces of content specifically for social media channels. For Facebook, you can create a quick video where you offer a valuable tip or piece of advice from the original article, with a link back to the full article for those interested in more details. On Instagram, create a post, story, or reel highlighting one of the tips from the article and direct users to the complete story on your website. LinkedIn allows you to repurpose articles or write shorter posts linked to the original content. Make sure to add images and include a link to the full article.

By repurposing and sharing your existing content on social media, you can attract more visitors to your website and increase engagement with your brand. This strategy is both cost-effective and easy to implement. However, if you want to boost your efforts further, consider running low-budget ads on your preferred social media platform. By creating ads within the platform's ad manager, you can allocate a small daily budget or a predetermined lifetime amount to ensure continued exposure and generate even more traffic to your website.

Quora Traffic Strategy

Another effective way to drive traffic to your website is by answering questions on Quora.com. Quora is a question and answer platform that ranks well in search engines, making it an ideal platform to showcase your expertise and redirect traffic to your website.

Setting up a professional profile

Before diving into answering questions, it is crucial to create a professional profile that showcases your expertise. Include a high-quality photo, a short bio highlighting your knowledge in the relevant field, and a link to your website, usually the homepage. A professional profile helps establish your credibility as an expert and increases the chances of attracting visitors to your website.

Finding relevant questions

To maximize your efforts on Quora, identify relevant questions in your niche that are already ranking on Google. Instead of using the search function within Quora, conduct a Google search by entering "site:quora.com" followed by your topic of interest. This will yield a list of questions related to your area of expertise. Prioritize answering the questions that rank higher in Google, as they receive more visibility.

Providing thorough and helpful answers

When answering questions on Quora, aim to provide high-quality and detailed responses. Ensure that your answer stands out among other responses by offering more comprehensive information and addressing all aspects of the question. Make your answers easy for the average person to understand and avoid condescension or shaming. Incorporate a link back to your website within your answer, directing readers to your relevant content for further insights.

Implementing the Quora traffic strategy can be done on a weekly basis, gradually answering more questions over time. Alternatively, you can outsource this task to a virtual assistant who excels at online research. By investing a minimal amount, you can delegate the responsibility of finding the best questions and crafting well-thought-out answers, increasing your chances of driving more traffic to your website.

YouTube Traffic Strategy

Despite the initial challenges and fears associated with being on camera, utilizing YouTube as a traffic source can yield remarkable results. YouTube provides a unique opportunity to build trust with your audience and consistently generate traffic to your website.

Overcoming the fear of being on camera

While facing the camera may cause some apprehension, it is vital to recognize the potential benefits. Appearing in front of the camera allows you to establish a personal connection with your audience, building trust and credibility. Over time, this connection will enable you to charge more for your services and attract a consistent flow of traffic to your website and business.

Creating video blog posts

With YouTube, you can create videos that serve as blog posts. If you would write about a specific topic on your blog, consider discussing it in a video format. This approach allows you to tap into the vast YouTube audience and attract viewers interested in your niche. By repurposing your blog content into engaging video content, you can expand your reach and generate more traffic organically.

Committing to a schedule and utilizing YouTube ads

For a successful YouTube strategy, consistency is key. Commit to releasing at least one video per week to maintain engagement and momentum. Over time, the compound effect will result in a significant increase in traffic to your website.

To accelerate the growth of your channel and gain early momentum, consider investing in YouTube ads. For as little as five dollars a day, you can pay for ads that target specific search queries. This strategy allows your videos to appear in searches even before they organically earn such placements. This early traffic can act as a catalyst, attracting more viewers and subscribers to your channel, ultimately increasing traffic to your website.

Implementing these three underutilized traffic strategies - content repurposing, Quora participation, and YouTube optimization - can significantly increase the visibility of your website and drive substantial amounts of free traffic. By applying these strategies consistently, you can experience the long-term benefits of a steady flow of visitors and growth in your online presence.


  • Content repurposing strategy: Utilize your existing content by sharing it on social media and creating new pieces of content specifically for social media channels.
  • Quora traffic strategy: Answer relevant questions on Quora, establish a professional profile, and redirect traffic to your website.
  • YouTube traffic strategy: Overcome the fear of being on camera, create video blog posts, commit to a consistent schedule, and utilize YouTube ads to drive traffic to your website.


Q: How long does it take to see results with these traffic strategies? A: Results may vary, but it is important to approach these strategies as long-term plays. While some initial traffic may be generated, significant results typically manifest after consistent implementation over several months.

Q: Do I need to invest money to make these strategies work? A: While these strategies can be implemented for free, allocating a small budget for social media ads or outsourcing Quora research can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of these tactics.

Q: Can these traffic strategies work for any type of business or niche? A: Yes, these strategies can be customized for various industries and niches. The key is to identify the platforms where your target audience is active and adapt the strategies accordingly.

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