10 Winning Products for October 2023! Increase Your Profits Now.

10 Winning Products for October 2023! Increase Your Profits Now.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Choose Shopify dropshipping
  3. The Importance of Finding Winning Products
  4. Exploring Different Niches in Q4
    • The Beauty and Health Niche
    • Other Profitable Niches
  5. Product 1: Eyelash Enhancing Serum
    • Benefits and Target Audience
    • Profit Margin and Pricing
  6. Product 2: RFID Wallet
    • Unique Features and Selling Angles
    • Profit Margin and Pricing
  7. Product 3: EMS Eye Massager
    • Benefits and Market Potential
    • Profit Margin and Pricing
    • Targeting the Older Generation
  8. Product 4: Slip-On Orthopedic Shoes
    • Comfort and Convenience
    • Removing Clarks Logo
    • Profit Margin and Pricing
  9. Product 5: Lace Push-Up Bra
    • Boosting Confidence and Comfort
    • Profit Margin and Pricing
  10. Product 6: Warm Winter Boots
    • Seasonal Demand and Cozy Features
    • Selling Angles and Pricing
  11. Product 7: Lower Back Pain Relief Belt
    • Addressing a Common Pain Point
    • Long-form VSL Style Advertisements
    • Profit Margin and Pricing
  12. Product 8: 360 Wi-Fi Security Camera
    • Providing Home Protection and Safety
    • Offering Bundles and Upsells
    • Profit Margin and Pricing
  13. Product 9: Paint by Numbers Kit
    • A Creative and Relaxing Gift
    • Targeting Different Age Groups
    • Profit Margin and Pricing
  14. Product 10: Leather Repair Kit
    • Solving a Common Problem
    • Appealing to Emotions of Status and Savings
    • Profit Margin and Pricing
  15. Conclusion


In today's highly competitive e-commerce industry, finding winning products to sell is essential for success. As a seasoned Shopify dropshipper, I have generated over 8 million dollars in the past four years by identifying and capitalizing on top-selling products. In this article, I will share with you my expertise and reveal ten winning products that can change your life. The fourth quarter, also known as Q4, is particularly lucrative for e-commerce sales due to the holiday season. While I usually focus on the beauty and health niche, Q4 presents a unique opportunity to explore products in various niches. So, without further ado, let's dive into the top 10 products you should sell right now in October 2023.

Product 1: Eyelash Enhancing Serum

One of the most popular products in the beauty niche is the eyelash enhancing serum. This product offers a simple solution to a common problem faced by many women – short eyelashes. By using this serum, customers can naturally grow longer and more beautiful eyelashes. The angle for selling this product lies in promoting long and sexy natural eyelashes or the absence of fake eyelashes. Furthermore, highlighting how the product enhances one's beauty, especially during the holiday season, can be an effective selling point. With a cost of around $5.80 and a selling price of approximately $27.95, the profit margin for this product is an impressive $22.

Product 2: RFID Wallet

Next on our list is a unique design of an RFID wallet. This wallet stands out from others in the market due to its high-quality appearance and additional features. With an RFID blocker, waterproof capability, and the ability to store change, this wallet becomes an ideal gift for loved ones. The Q4 period, when people indulge in purchasing gifts, makes it an opportune time for selling this product. The selling angles can revolve around being the best gift for your partner or highlighting its anti-theft features. With a cost of goods of the RFID wallet being extremely cheap, selling it for approximately $29.95 can yield a profit of around $26.

Product 3: EMS Eye Massager

Beauty products always have a high potential for sales, and the EMS eye massager is no exception. This innovative beauty device uses EMS pulses and red light therapy to rejuvenate the skin, particularly around the eyes. The product's main benefit lies in removing eye bags and making the user appear younger. With a relatively new presence in the market, tapping into the potential of this product can lead to significant profitability. By selling this device for around $99 (compared to its cost of around $40 on AliExpress), a profit margin of $59 can be achieved. Targeting the older generation, who usually have more disposable income and desire to reduce wrinkles, can be a strategic approach.

Product 4: Slip-On Orthopedic Shoes

Comfort and convenience are highly sought after qualities in footwear, making slip-on orthopedic shoes an attractive product for potential customers. Although the inclusion of the Clarks logo in the marketing material should be avoided, the unique selling proposition of these shoes lies in their ease of wear and extreme comfort. With a previous track record of success, reintroducing this product to the market can be profitable, especially as a gift option. Marketing it as the perfect gift for a loved one or oneself, along with offering a Black Friday discount, can generate high sales. The profit margin for each pair of shoes can be nearly $24, making it a viable product to sell.

Product 5: Lace Push-Up Bra

Boosting confidence and providing comfort, the lace push-up bra has consistently performed well in the past. This product appeals to women who desire larger breasts and the feeling of security that comes with a well-designed bra. Unlike many other bras, this particular product sits comfortably due to its lace traps. The holiday season offers an excellent opportunity to showcase the bra's benefits, emphasizing how it enhances one's appearance at parties. With a cost of approximately $8.92 on AliExpress, and a selling price of $34.95, the profit margin is a substantial $26. Considering the product's appeal and profitability, testing it with a funnel template is highly recommended for scaling success.

Product 6: Warm Winter Boots

With winter approaching, warm winter boots become a necessity for many individuals. These boots offer both comfort and protection in snowy conditions, making them an attractive option for potential customers. Highlighting their features, such as the fur interior and waterproof capability, can be compelling selling points. Promoting the boots as the best choice for a ski trip or emphasizing their vegan properties can further enhance their appeal. Priced at around $39.95 (with a cost of goods of approximately $15), the profit margin is an impressive $25. As video or photo ads speak for themselves in the fashion industry, keeping the marketing material straightforward often yields the best results.

Product 7: Lower Back Pain Relief Belt

Addressing the widespread issue of lower back pain, the lower back pain relief belt is a highly effective product. This belt provides a simple yet powerful solution to a significant pain point for many individuals. Utilizing a long-form video sales letter (VSL) style ad can immensely boost the product's scalability, as most advertisers opt for shorter copy-based ads. By showcasing the belt's features and its ability to alleviate pain effectively, high sales numbers can be achieved. With a selling price of approximately $40 and a cost of goods of around $5, each sale can generate a profit of $35. Capitalizing on the Q4 frenzy, this product has the potential to yield substantial profits.

Product 8: 360 Wi-Fi Security Camera

Safety and security are paramount during the winter months and the holiday season. The 360 Wi-Fi security camera offers customers peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their surroundings remotely. With easy connectivity through Wi-Fi and live video streaming capabilities, this camera becomes an affordable alternative to high-priced security systems. By emphasizing its anti-burglary features and positioning it as the best choice for celebrating the holidays stress-free, sales can significantly increase. Additionally, offering bundles or upsells, such as multiple cameras, can boost the average order value. With a cost of goods of around $13, selling the camera for $39.95 can generate a profit margin of $27.

Product 9: Paint by Numbers Kit

As a creative and relaxing gift option, the paint by numbers kit appeals to individuals of all ages. This kit provides an easy-to-follow method for creating beautiful paintings, removing the intimidation factor often associated with traditional art. The versatility of this product allows it to be gifted to both young and older individuals. Tailoring marketing angles, such as keeping children away from screens or promoting art for beginners, can attract a wide range of customers. With a selling price of $29.95 and a cost of goods of approximately $10, the profit margin per kit is $20. Additional upsells, such as brushes, paints, or frames, can further enhance the average order value.

Product 10: Leather Repair Kit

Solving a common problem faced by many individuals, the leather repair kit offers a simple yet cost-effective way to restore damaged leather. By emphasizing the affordability and the ability to revive expensive furniture, the marketing angles for this product can appeal to a wide audience. Positioning the kit as the solution to saving money and gaining status during holiday parties can evoke strong emotions in potential customers. With a cost of goods of $5 and selling it as a bundle, combining two different color options for $34.95, each sale yields a profit margin of $27. Furniture repair is a common need, making this product highly scalable and promising.

In conclusion, discovering winning products in the e-commerce industry requires a keen eye for market trends and an understanding of consumer demands. The ten products mentioned in this article offer diverse opportunities for successful sales in Q4. Whether it is addressing beauty needs, providing comfort and convenience, or solving common problems, each product presents its unique selling points. It is crucial to test these products using funnel templates and strategic marketing approaches to maximize their potential. With the right mindset and dedication, you can tap into the profitability of the e-commerce market during this lucrative period. Start exploring these winning products today and pave your way to success in October 2023.


  • Discover the top 10 winning products to sell in October 2023
  • Explore different niches during the Q4 period for increased profitability
  • Capitalize on the beauty and health niche and other lucrative markets
  • Eyelash enhancing serum offers natural beauty and high profit margins
  • RFID wallet combines style, functionality, and anti-theft features
  • EMS eye massager rejuvenates skin and taps into the beauty market
  • Slip-on orthopedic shoes provide comfort and make an ideal gift
  • Lace push-up bra boosts confidence and offers a comfortable fit
  • Warm winter boots cater to seasonal demand and provide warmth
  • Lower back pain relief belt addresses a common pain point for customers
  • 360 Wi-Fi security camera ensures home safety and peace of mind
  • Paint by numbers kit inspires creativity and appeals to all ages
  • Leather repair kit saves money and restores damaged furniture
  • Test these winning products using funnel templates for optimal results
  • Profit from the Q4 frenzy and capitalize on the holiday season

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