Which Lego Star Wars Imperial Landing Craft is the Best? A Comparison of 2007 vs 2018

Which Lego Star Wars Imperial Landing Craft is the Best? A Comparison of 2007 vs 2018

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Comparison of Figures
  3. Playability
  4. Design
  5. Value for Money
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ

Lego Star Wars Imperial Landing Craft Comparison: 2007 vs 2018

Lego Star Wars fans have always been fascinated by the iconic Imperial Landing Craft, which appeared in both Episode 4 and Star Wars Rebels. In this much-awaited comparison video, we will take a closer look at the differences between two Lego sets released in 2007 and 2018, respectively. Delving into the world of stormtroopers, tie pilots, and iconic characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, we will evaluate the figures, playability, design, and value for money of each set. So, let's dive in and see which version reigns supreme!

1. Comparison of Figures

The figures included in a Lego set play a crucial role in enhancing the overall play experience. The 2007 set features five minifigs, including stormtroopers with black heads and orange pauldrons, a tie pilot, and an Ace high pilot. While the figure selection may feel outdated, the inclusion of Imperial characters perfectly complements the theme of the set. On the other hand, the 2018 model offers a wider range of characters with Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, an Imperial shuttle pilot, and two sand troopers. The updated figures are more detailed and visually appealing. The only drawback is the absence of additional stormtroopers to occupy the empty seats inside the landing craft.

Pros of 2007 Figure Selection:

  • Authenticity to the original Star Wars trilogy
  • Fitting characters for an Imperial set

Cons of 2007 Figure Selection:

  • Outdated figure designs
  • Limited selection of characters

Pros of 2018 Figure Selection:

  • Improved figure designs with more details
  • Diverse range of characters

Cons of 2018 Figure Selection:

  • Lack of additional stormtroopers to fill the empty seats

2. Playability

Playability is a crucial aspect of any Lego set, as it determines the level of engagement and imaginative possibilities for children and enthusiasts. The 2007 model features a spacious cockpit where the pilot can sit comfortably. Although the ship can be easily swooshed around, it is important to handle it carefully to prevent the weak connection from breaking. The wings can be lowered into flight mode, adding to the fun play experience. Additionally, the set offers an interior space with chairs and jumper plates to hold weapons, allowing for creative storytelling.

The 2018 version offers streamlined playability with stud shooters on the sides of the cockpit, which can be easily opened to accommodate a minifigure. The wings can also be efficiently lowered into flight mode. However, the standout feature of this model is the ability to remove the top section, revealing a spacious interior with an innovative landing pad mechanism. While the 2007 model excelled in missile launching features, the 2018 version's overall playability is more refined and user-friendly.

Pros of 2007 Playability:

  • Spacious cockpit and interior
  • Fun missile launching feature
  • Ability to drop off the entire section for play

Cons of 2007 Playability:

  • Fragile build, prone to breaking
  • Loose compartments for dropping bombs

Pros of 2018 Playability:

  • Easy access to cockpit and interior
  • Smooth wing-lowering mechanism
  • Innovative landing pad feature

Cons of 2018 Playability:

  • Lack of missile launching feature
  • Messier interior design

3. Design

The design of a Lego set plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of the Star Wars universe. In terms of accuracy and build quality, the 2018 model excels. Its larger underbelly and improved shaping result in a more realistic depiction of the Imperial Landing Craft. The cockpit design is also superior, providing a seamless fit for the minifigure. The combination of studded and tiled pieces adds visual appeal, striking a balance between cleanliness and texture in the final build.

While the 2007 model holds nostalgic charm, its design has aged with time. However, it still possesses certain positive aspects, such as the unique missile launching feature, detachable belly section, and a cohesive Imperial aesthetic. The addition of more tiled pieces would have enhanced the overall cleanliness of the interior. Despite these shortcomings, the 2018 model triumphs in terms of accuracy, stability, and overall design.

Pros of 2007 Design:

  • Nostalgic charm
  • Unique missile launching and detachable belly features
  • Cohesive Imperial aesthetic

Cons of 2007 Design:

  • Outdated design elements
  • Lack of tiled pieces for a cleaner interior

Pros of 2018 Design:

  • Accurate and well-built design
  • Improved cockpit and wing mechanisms
  • Balancing studded and tiled pieces for visual appeal

Cons of 2018 Design:

  • Messy interior design

4. Value for Money

Cost is an essential factor to consider when deciding which Lego set to purchase. The 2007 model was priced at $50 upon release, equivalent to $62 adjusted for inflation. In comparison, the 2018 version was priced at $90, equivalent to $92 adjusted for inflation. The $30 price difference may seem substantial, considering the improvements in the 2018 model. However, the 2007 model still retains value due to its lower cost and the inclusion of Imperial figures. The absence of additional stormtroopers in the 2018 model may impact its perceived value, as it fails to fully utilize the available seating space.

Pros of 2007 Value for Money:

  • Lower cost compared to the 2018 model
  • Inclusion of Imperial figures

Cons of 2007 Value for Money:

  • Outdated design and figure selection

Pros of 2018 Value for Money:

  • Updated design and figure details
  • Enhanced playability features

Cons of 2018 Value for Money:

  • Higher price compared to the 2007 model
  • Insufficient figure selection for the available seating space

5. Conclusion

After a detailed comparison, it is clear that the 2018 Lego Star Wars Imperial Landing Craft surpasses the 2007 version in terms of figures, playability, design, and value for money. Despite the nostalgic charm and unique features of the 2007 model, the updated version offers a more refined and immersive experience. The improved figure designs, innovative play features, accurate design, and enhanced stability make the 2018 model a superior choice for Lego Star Wars enthusiasts.


Q: Will the 2018 Lego Star Wars Imperial Landing Craft fit with other Lego Star Wars sets? A: Yes, the 2018 model is compatible with other Lego Star Wars sets and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing collection.

Q: Can I purchase additional stormtroopers separately to fill the empty seats in the 2018 model? A: Yes, Lego offers various minifigure packs and sets that include stormtroopers which can be purchased separately to enhance the play experience of the 2018 Imperial Landing Craft.

Q: Are the figures in the 2007 model compatible with the figures in the 2018 model? A: Yes, the figures are interchangeable between sets, allowing for customization and creative play scenarios that span different eras of the Star Wars universe.

Q: Are the Lego Star Wars Imperial Landing Craft sets suitable for young children? A: While the sets are designed for older children and adults, younger children can also enjoy playing with them under adult supervision due to small parts that may pose a choking hazard.

Q: Can the Lego sets be displayed as collectibles? A: Yes, both the 2007 and 2018 Imperial Landing Craft sets can be displayed as collectibles, showcasing the intricate design and capturing the essence of the Star Wars universe.