Uncover the Secrets of 5 Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores

Uncover the Secrets of 5 Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding Successful Shopify Stores
  3. Store Review: Wings E-Store
  4. Store Review: Fab.com
  5. Store Review: E-Wing Athletics
  6. Store Review: Portuguese Store
  7. Store Review: Plushie Depot
  8. A Look at Traffic Numbers
  9. Differentiating Traditional dropshipping Stores from Successful Shopify E-Commerce Brands
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we will be exploring the world of dropshipping stores and reviewing five different examples. While many content creators focus on reviewing big brands with large budgets, we are taking a different approach. We believe that it is important to not overlook the value and potential of dropshipping stores. These stores may not always make it to the top of the rankings, but they can still offer unique insights and lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. So, let's dive into the world of dropshipping and see what we can learn from these five stores.

Finding Successful Shopify Stores

When it comes to finding successful Shopify stores, there are a few methods that we can employ. One common strategy is to use tools like MyIP.ms Shopify, which provides a database of every Shopify store ranked by traffic. However, this method often yields limited results when it comes to dropshipping stores. Another option is to use tools like Sales Source, which specializes in finding dropshipping stores. While there may be limitations on usage based on the plan, it can still provide valuable insights into the world of dropshipping.

Store Review: Wings E-Store

The first store we will be reviewing is Wings E-Store. This Canadian store operates under the domain wingsbc.ca and has been found to drive 688,000 monthly visitors. With over 2,100 products, it can be classified as a general store with a wide variety of offerings. What sets Wings E-Store apart is its inclusion of big brand products, such as Ruffles All Dressed chips. This demonstrates an innovative approach to dropshipping, incorporating wholesaling of popular brands. The store uses the debutify theme, which is known for its user-friendly and customizable features. However, the lack of customer reviews is a notable aspect that could be improved upon.

Store Review: Fab.com

Fab.com is the second store on our list, and it immediately catches our attention with its clean and aesthetically pleasing domain name. This store takes a unique approach by only sourcing and sharing products that are organically made and ethically sourced. By partnering with local suppliers and businesses, Fab.com creates a brand that aligns with its values. It should be noted that the absence of customer reviews is a common theme among the stores reviewed. Fab.com has managed to drive an impressive 2.2 million monthly visitors, suggesting a successful marketing strategy that complements its brand ethos.

Store Review: E-Wing Athletics

The third store we will be exploring is E-Wing Athletics. This store, with a reported 560,000 monthly visitors, focuses on print-on-demand products, particularly shoes. While the product descriptions may be lacking in quality, the overall simplicity and cleanliness of the store's design is commendable. E-Wing Athletics demonstrates the potential of finding a unique niche within a competitive market and capitalizing on the opportunity it presents. With their use of the turbo theme, known for its speed and performance, E-Wing Athletics provides an engaging and user-friendly experience for potential customers.

Store Review: Portuguese Store

Next on our list is a Portuguese store that has been gaining traction with 1.5 million monthly visitors. With a clean and minimalist design, this store showcases a wide range of products that appeal to various customer preferences. The brand prides itself on sourcing the best products from the internet and was founded in 2011. While the design choices may appear simple, the overall congruency and streamlined categories of this store are worth noting. This is a prime example of a general store that has found success through consistent growth and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

Store Review: Plushie Depot

Our final store for review is Plushie Depot, and it stands out as a personal favorite. The clean and well-organized design immediately catches the eye. While it is important to consider the licensing implications of selling products like Pokemon plushies without a license, Plushie Depot excels in delivering an engaging and fun experience. With over 2,500 products and an estimated 2.7 million monthly visitors, this store demonstrates the power of finding a passionate niche and creating a brand that resonates with customers. Despite the absence of intricate design elements, Plushie Depot's simplicity and focus on customer enjoyment make it a standout store.

A Look at Traffic Numbers

As we explore these different dropshipping stores, it is interesting to examine the traffic numbers associated with them. While not all stores provide public traffic data, tools like Sales Source can provide estimates based on user activity. It is noteworthy to see that even smaller brands can achieve high levels of monthly visitors, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. This demonstrates the potential for success within the dropshipping model, irrespective of a brand's size or budget.

Differentiating Traditional Dropshipping Stores from Successful Shopify E-Commerce Brands

Throughout our review of these dropshipping stores, it becomes apparent that there are distinct differences between traditional dropshipping stores and successful Shopify e-commerce brands. While both models can be profitable, the latter often distinguishes itself through its ability to create a recognizable brand identity and provide an aesthetically pleasing user experience. Successful e-commerce brands excel in design choices, customer satisfaction, and organic traffic generation. These are factors that traditional dropshipping stores can learn from and incorporate into their own strategies.


In conclusion, dropshipping stores, despite their position in the rankings, can offer valuable insights and lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our reviews of these five stores have showcased the potential for success within the dropshipping model. By taking a closer look at design choices, marketing strategies, and customer experiences, we can gain a broader understanding of what contributes to the success of a dropshipping store. While big brands may dominate the spotlight, we should not overlook the hidden gems of the dropshipping world. So, let's embrace the diversity of the e-commerce landscape and continue to learn from all corners of the industry.


  • Exploring the potential of dropshipping stores in the shadow of big brands
  • Reviewing five diverse dropshipping stores and uncovering valuable insights
  • Utilizing tools like Sales Source to find successful dropshipping stores
  • Analyzing design choices, marketing strategies, and customer experiences
  • Differentiating traditional dropshipping stores from successful Shopify e-commerce brands
  • Embracing the diversity of the e-commerce landscape and continuous learning