Ultimate Comparison: 2008 vs 2019 LEGO Star Wars Imperial Dropship!

Ultimate Comparison: 2008 vs 2019 LEGO Star Wars Imperial Dropship!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Comparison of Lego Star Wars Battle Packs
  3. Minifigures Comparison
  4. Playability
  5. Design
  6. Value
  7. M&R Opinion
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ


In this article, we will be comparing two Lego Star Wars Battle Packs: the 2008 Lego Star Wars Imperial dropship and the 2019 Lego Star Wars Imperial Dropship. These battle packs feature a unique vehicle that was never seen in any Star Wars movie, and we will analyze different aspects of both sets to determine which one is better. We will be looking at the minifigures included, the playability of each set, the design, the value for money, and finally, I will share my opinion on the matter.

Comparison of Lego Star Wars Battle Packs

The Lego Star Wars Imperial Dropship battle packs were released in 2008 and 2019, and both come with unique features. The 2008 set (Set number 7667) was priced at $10, which, adjusted for inflation, amounts to $11.74 in 2019. It includes four minifigures: three stormtroopers and a shadow trooper, with a total of 81 pieces. On the other hand, the 2019 20th anniversary edition was priced at $20 and included five minifigures: a shadow trooper, three stormtroopers, and the 20th anniversary Han Solo minifigure. The newer set also contains 125 pieces.

Minifigures Comparison

One of the key elements in battle packs is the inclusion of minifigures. The 2008 set features minifigures with the classic Lego design, while the 2019 set offers updated designs for the stormtroopers and a new shadow trooper design. The choice between the old and new stormtrooper helmet design is subjective, with some liking the new design and others preferring the classic look. The 2019 set also includes the exclusive 20th anniversary Han Solo minifigure. Ultimately, both sets offer great minifigure selections, and it's a matter of personal preference.


Playability is an important aspect of any Lego set. Both the 2008 and 2019 sets provide enjoyable play features. The 2008 Imperial Dropship includes a cockpit seat for the shadow trooper and a landing pad for the minifigures. It also offers additional play options by using the wings as storage for stormtrooper blasters. The 2019 version maintains similar play features, with an updated cockpit design and stud shooters for extra weaponry. The newer set has a more secure attachment for the landing pad, which eliminates wobbling. In terms of playability, the 2019 set is slightly ahead with the addition of stud shooters.


The design of the Lego Star Wars Imperial Dropship battle packs has undergone some changes in the 2019 version. The 2008 set features a regular Lego blue color scheme with black and dark gray accents. The 2019 set, however, introduces a darker blue color scheme with the same black and dark gray elements, along with more blue accents on the wings. The newer set also includes updated sticker designs and a redesigned cockpit piece to provide a sleeker and more modern look. The design choice between the two sets ultimately comes down to personal preference, and in this case, there is no clear winner.


When considering the value for money, the 2008 Imperial Dropship battle pack is the clear winner. Priced at $10, or $11.74 adjusted for inflation, it offers a great set of minifigures and play features. On the other hand, the 2019 set, priced at $20, includes the added bonus of the 20th anniversary Han Solo minifigure but is still considered slightly overpriced compared to the value it provides. If budget is a concern, the 2008 set offers better value.

M&R Opinion

After carefully evaluating both sets, taking into account the minifigures, playability, design, and value, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. While the 2019 Lego Star Wars Imperial Dropship offers updated designs and additional features, the nostalgia and classic design of the 2008 set hold a special place for many collectors. In my opinion, the 2008 Imperial Dropship takes the lead, but opinions may vary.


In conclusion, both the 2008 and 2019 Lego Star Wars Imperial Dropship battle packs are excellent sets with their own unique features and value. The choice between these two sets depends on personal preferences regarding minifigure designs, play features, and nostalgia. Lego enthusiasts are encouraged to consider these factors and make a decision based on their own preferences.


Q: Can the minifigures from these battle packs be used in other Lego sets? A: Yes, the minifigures included in these battle packs can be integrated into other Lego Star Wars sets or used for creative play.

Q: Are the stud shooters included in the 2019 set removable? A: Yes, the stud shooters in the 2019 set can be detached and used separately or stored in designated areas on the dropship.

Q: Are these battle packs limited edition or available for a limited time? A: The availability of these battle packs may vary, but they are typically not limited edition sets and can be found in stores or online retailers for a certain period.

Q: Can multiple sets be combined to create a larger army or scene? A: Yes, multiple battle packs can be purchased and combined to create a larger army or scene, allowing for expanded play possibilities.

Q: Are there any plans for Lego to remake other popular battle packs in the future? A: Lego is known for periodically releasing new versions of popular sets, including battle packs. While specific plans may not be known, it is likely that Lego will continue to release new versions of beloved battle packs in the future.