Top 10 Pet Dropshipping Products

Top 10 Pet Dropshipping Products

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Paw Plungers
  3. Novelty Pet Beds
  4. Dog Raincoats
  5. Doggie Travel Bags
  6. Cat Litter Mats
  7. Pet Car Seat Protectors
  8. Pet Grooming Products
  9. Pet Motorbike
  10. Pet Fur Removers
  11. Treat Dispensing Ball
  12. Conclusion



Are you looking to start a successful dropshipping business in the pet products niche? You're in luck! Pet products have seen a significant rise in sales, and the trend is expected to continue in 2021. In this article, we will explore the top 10 pet dropshipping products that you should consider adding to your store. Whether you have experience in the pet industry or not, we'll provide you with the necessary information to ensure your success.

1. Paw Plungers

First on our list is paw plungers. These innovative products are designed to clean your pet's paws, and they come in various styles and sizes. When selecting suppliers for your dropshipping store, make sure to work with multiple suppliers to have access to a wider range of products. We recommend adding at least 20 paw plungers to your store to test which variations are the most popular.

2. Novelty Pet Beds

Next, we have novelty pet beds. These adorable beds come in different shapes, colors, and sizes, providing comfort and style for your customers' furry friends. One of the advantages of novelty pet beds is that they offer unique designs that set them apart from traditional pet beds. Add a variety of novelty pet beds to your store, and watch them fly off the shelves.

3. Dog Raincoats

Every dog owner knows the struggle of walking their furry companion in the rain. Dog raincoats are the perfect solution to keep pets dry and comfortable during wet weather. These functional and stylish coats are in high demand and make a great addition to any pet dropshipping store. Offer a range of sizes and designs to cater to different dog breeds.

4. Doggie Travel Bags

For pet owners who love to travel with their dogs, doggie travel bags are a must-have accessory. These bags come with compartments for storing dog supplies such as food, toys, and accessories. By offering doggie travel bags in your dropshipping store, you'll tap into a niche market of pet owners who value convenience and organization while on the go.

5. Cat Litter Mats

Cat litter mats are a popular product in the pet industry. These mats help keep your customers' homes clean by trapping litter particles from their cat's paws. With thousands of positive reviews, cat litter mats are proven sellers that should be added to your store. Choose from various styles and sizes to cater to different customer preferences.

6. Pet Car Seat Protectors

Pet car seat protectors are essential for pet owners who want to keep their car seats clean and free from pet hair or accidents. These protective covers are designed to fit most car seats, ensuring a hassle-free and hygienic travel experience. Offer a range of options, including hammock-style protectors, to cater to different customer needs.

7. Pet Grooming Products

Pet grooming is a highly popular niche within the pet industry. To effectively target this market, micro-niche pet grooming products such as brushes, combs, scissors, electric trimmers, and nail clippers should be added to your store. By providing a broad range of grooming tools, you'll attract pet owners looking to keep their pets well-groomed and stylish.

8. Pet Motorbike

Pet motorbike accessories combine fun and functionality. These innovative products allow pet owners to take their furry friends for a ride while ensuring their safety and comfort. By adding pet motorbike accessories to your dropshipping store, you'll appeal to adventurous pet owners who want to share thrilling experiences with their pets.

9. Pet Fur Removers

Pet fur removers are a must-have item for pet owners who struggle with pet hair on their clothes, furniture, and car seats. These handy tools effectively remove pet hair, making cleaning a breeze. With a wide range of variations available, offer different types of pet fur removers to cater to different customer preferences.

10. Treat Dispensing Ball

Last but not least, treat dispensing balls are a creative way to keep dogs entertained and engaged. These balls have a compartment for treats, which are released as dogs play with the ball. By adding these interactive toys to your dropshipping store, you'll attract dog owners looking to provide mental stimulation and reward their pets with treats.


In conclusion, the pet products niche offers great potential for dropshipping businesses. By strategically selecting and adding the top 10 pet products to your store, you'll attract a wide range of pet owners and boost your sales. Remember to analyze product performance, multiply your success by offering a variety of options, and provide excellent customer service to ensure long-term success in the pet dropshipping industry.


  • The pet products niche has seen a significant rise in sales.
  • Adding a wide variety of pet products to your dropshipping store can increase your chances of success.
  • Paw plungers, novelty pet beds, and dog raincoats are top-selling products.
  • Cat litter mats, pet car seat protectors, and pet grooming products are in high demand.
  • Pet motorbike accessories, pet fur removers, and treat dispensing balls offer unique and engaging experiences for pets and their owners.


Q: How can I find reliable suppliers for these pet products? A: There are numerous suppliers available for pet products. Research and compare different suppliers to find the ones that offer quality products, competitive prices, and reliable shipping options. Additionally, consider using the AutoDS platform, which supports over 20 suppliers and provides convenience in managing your dropshipping business.

Q: How many variations of each product should I offer in my store? A: It's essential to offer a variety of product variations to cater to different customer preferences. It is recommended to add at least 20 products of each type to your store. This will allow you to test which variations are the most popular and adjust your inventory accordingly.

Q: How can I ensure customer satisfaction with pet dropshipping products? A: To ensure customer satisfaction, provide accurate and detailed product descriptions, high-quality product images, and transparent shipping and return policies. Promptly address customer inquiries and concerns, and strive to offer exceptional customer service throughout the buying process.

Q: Can I sell these pet products worldwide? A: Yes, you can sell these pet products worldwide. However, it is essential to consider shipping restrictions and regulations in different countries. Some products may have specific requirements or limitations when it comes to international shipping. Review the shipping policies of your suppliers and communicate any restrictions to your customers.

Q: How can I market these pet products effectively? A: Utilize social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to showcase your pet products. Create engaging content, including captivating images and videos, to attract potential customers. Collaborate with influencers and pet-related accounts to reach a wider audience. Offer promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs to incentivize purchases and encourage customer loyalty.