The Death of Traditional Drop Shipping: Revealing the Ugly Truth

The Death of Traditional Drop Shipping: Revealing the Ugly Truth

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Death of Traditional Drop Shipping
  3. The Hybrid Method: A New Approach to Drop Shipping
  4. Phase 1: Find a Profitable Product
    • Creating a Hybrid Store
    • Choosing an Industry
    • Finding Viral Products
    • Testing Phase
  5. Phase 2: Upgrade and Improve
    • Analyzing Viral Products
    • Identifying Areas of Improvement
    • Website Optimization
    • Enhancing the Ad
    • Improving the Product
    • Introducing the Viral Vault Program
  6. Phase 3: Optimize and Scale
    • Building a Brand
    • Customizing Ads
    • Creating Custom Videos
    • Scaling to Millions in Sales
    • The Success Story of Dylan
  7. Conclusion

The Death of Traditional Drop Shipping

Drop shipping has been a popular business model for many aspiring entrepreneurs, offering the promise of easy profits with minimal investment. However, the era of traditional drop shipping is coming to an end. If you still use the old methods, you are almost guaranteed to fail. In this article, I will explain why the traditional drop shipping approach is no longer sustainable and offer a new strategy called the hybrid method that can lead to success in the ever-changing e-commerce landscape.


In the past five years, I have made millions of dollars in sales through drop shipping and even sold one of my stores for a life-changing amount. However, it was not without experiencing the pitfalls of the traditional drop shipping method. The standard approach involved creating a general store with a wide range of products across various industries. The idea was to experiment with different products, find a winner, and move on to the next. While this approach initially yielded some success, it ultimately proved to be unsustainable and led to the downfall of my business.

The Death of Traditional Drop Shipping

The traditional drop shipping method of operating a general store and constantly searching for the next winning product is no longer effective. This approach lacks a solid foundation and does not build a real business. Instead, it relies on constantly chasing the latest trends and putting all your efforts into one product at a time. This strategy may result in short-term gains, but it can quickly lead to failure when the winning product loses its appeal or competitors enter the market.

The Hybrid Method: A New Approach to Drop Shipping

To succeed in drop shipping in 2023, a new approach is necessary. I call it the hybrid method. This method involves three distinct stages that, when executed successfully, can lead to long-term sustainability and substantial profits. Let's explore each stage in detail.

Phase 1: Find a Profitable Product

The first phase of the hybrid method is focused on finding a profitable product. Instead of creating a general store, you should establish a branded store that specializes in a specific industry that you are passionate about and understand well. This allows you to form a connection with your customers and provides a platform for testing products using ads or organic marketing. To identify potential winning products, look for those that have recently gone viral on social media. These products have already proven their appeal, and by reverse engineering their success, you can increase your chances of finding a profitable product as a beginner.

Phase 2: Upgrade and Improve

Once you have found a product with viral potential, the key to success lies in upgrading and improving upon it. This involves analyzing the existing product, its website, advertisement, and overall customer experience to identify areas of improvement. By making enhancements to the product, website design, and advertisement, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and create a better shopping experience for your customers. For example, improving the website design, making the ad more appealing, and increasing the trustworthiness of the overall brand can significantly impact sales.

Introducing the Viral Vault Program

To simplify the process of finding profitable products and executing successful upgrades, I have developed the Viral Vault program. This program provides everything you need to succeed on Shopify, including hand-picked products, video ads, descriptions, competitor data, and ready-to-go suppliers. Additionally, it offers a beginner-friendly crash course taught by me and industry expert friends, covering topics such as building your store, identifying great products, running ads on Facebook and TikTok, and a unique strategy to profit off of TikTok without spending a dollar on ads. The program also grants access to a private community where you can interact with eCommerce experts and receive guidance throughout your journey.

Phase 3: Optimize and Scale

The final phase of the hybrid method is all about optimizing your entire business around a flagship product. This involves positioning yourself as the primary seller of the product and building a brand around it. By gaining the trust of your customers, you can increase your conversion rate and charge a premium for your product. This optimization enables you to scale your drop shipping business to millions in sales. Additionally, creating custom videos for your ads can significantly improve their effectiveness and enable you to scale your business to new heights.

The Success Story of Dylan

A prime example of the hybrid method's success is Dylan, who went from zero to over four hundred thousand dollars in sales in just 30 days. By following the principles shared in this article, he was able to achieve remarkable results. Dylan's success demonstrates that with the right strategy and execution, it is still possible to build a thriving Shopify store in 2023.


While the traditional drop shipping method is on its deathbed, the opportunities in the e-commerce industry are still abundant. By adopting the hybrid method and focusing on building a real business rather than chasing quick wins, you can carve a path to long-term sustainability and financial freedom. The key lies in finding a profitable product, upgrading and improving upon it, and optimizing your business to scale. Remember, success in drop shipping is within reach, but it requires a shift in approach and the willingness to adapt to the changing dynamics of the industry.