Stunning Apartment Tour & Tips for Traveling in Lebanon

Stunning Apartment Tour & Tips for Traveling in Lebanon

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Tour of the Place
  3. Booking on Airbnb
  4. Benefits of Paying with a Card
  5. Overview of the Apartment
  6. Amenities and Facilities
  7. The Bedroom
  8. The Bathroom
  9. The Balcony with a View
  10. Importance of Having a Stable Living Space
  11. Tips for Finding Electricity-Enabled Places in Lebanon
  12. Introduction to Transferring Money in Lebanon
  13. Using Western Union for Money Transfer
  14. Benefits of Sending Money in US Dollars
  15. Process of Picking Up Transferred Funds
  16. Conclusion

Tour of the Place

Lebanon is a beautiful country with rich history and breathtaking views. In this article, we will take you on a tour of an apartment in Lebanon where the author is currently staying. This apartment, rented through Airbnb, offers comfort and convenience for travelers looking for a home away from home. The author will walk you through the different rooms and amenities of the apartment, providing insights and tips along the way.

Booking on Airbnb

One of the advantages of staying in this apartment is the ability to book it through Airbnb. As a foreign traveler, the author highlights the importance of being able to pay with a card instead of relying on cash. This is particularly significant in Lebanon, given the ongoing currency crisis. By booking through Airbnb, the author can conveniently pay for the apartment without the need for physical cash.

Benefits of Paying with a Card

Paying with a card offers several benefits for travelers. Firstly, it eliminates the need to carry large amounts of cash, reducing the risk of loss or theft. Additionally, paying with a card allows for easier record-keeping, making it convenient for budgeting and expense management. The author expresses their satisfaction with being able to pay with a card, especially in a country where accessing cash from ATMs can be challenging for foreigners.

Overview of the Apartment

The apartment is located in Archifieh, a vibrant area in Lebanon. It is spacious and modern, offering a one-bedroom layout with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. As the author takes you on a virtual tour, they highlight the key features of the apartment, including a large bay window, comfortable couches, colorful dishes, and a well-equipped kitchen with a fridge and a washing machine.

Amenities and Facilities

The apartment boasts a range of amenities that make it a comfortable and convenient place to stay. Despite the current power crisis in Lebanon, the apartment has electricity, allowing the author to work and enjoy uninterrupted access to essential amenities. The author emphasizes the importance of finding places with reliable electricity, especially for travelers who need a stable environment for remote work or other activities. The apartment also features a well-maintained bathroom with a marble shower and a pleasant shower top.

The Bedroom

The bedroom in the apartment is spacious and offers ample room for the author to relax and unwind. They express their delight at having such a comfortable and well-appointed space during their travels. The author also highlights the importance of having a place where they can feel at home and experience a sense of stability while constantly being on the road.

The Balcony with a View

One of the highlights of the apartment is its balcony, which provides a stunning view of downtown Beirut. The author describes the balcony as a pleasant area to hang out and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Archifieh. The balcony offers a unique vantage point to witness the heart of this bustling neighborhood.

Importance of Having a Stable Living Space

For travelers like the author, having a stable living space is essential. It provides a comfortable environment where they can think, work, and have a sense of normalcy amidst their constant travels. The author acknowledges that they are willing to spend a little extra to ensure they have a place that meets their needs, such as reliable Wi-Fi and electricity.

Tips for Finding Electricity-Enabled Places in Lebanon

Given the current fuel and power crisis in Lebanon, finding places with electricity can be challenging. The author shares some tips for travelers looking for accommodations in Lebanon. They recommend researching and asking rental hosts about the availability of electricity before booking. Alternatively, renting an office space during the day can provide a backup location with electricity for work or other activities.

Introduction to Transferring Money in Lebanon

In addition to showcasing the apartment, the author discusses their experience with transferring money in Lebanon. They explain that due to the currency crisis, it is essential to find reliable methods of transferring funds and obtaining fresh dollars.

Using Western Union for Money Transfer

The author shares their experience using Western Union to transfer money from their offshore bank account to Lebanon. They discuss the benefits of sending money in US dollars instead of Lebanese lira, highlighting the favorable exchange rates and the ability to maintain the value of their funds.

Process of Picking Up Transferred Funds

The author walks you through the process of picking up the transferred funds from Western Union. They explain the importance of having a government-issued ID or passport and providing a tracking number to retrieve the cash. Although they were unable to film the process, they assure the simplicity and ease of retrieving the funds.


In conclusion, finding a comfortable and convenient place to stay in Lebanon is possible with options like Airbnb. The author's experience with their apartment showcases the importance of having a stable living space, which provides a sense of stability and the ability to work and relax comfortably. Additionally, the author provides insights into transferring money in Lebanon and shares their positive experience with using Western Union for money transfers. By following the author's tips and recommendations, travelers can ensure a smooth and hassle-free stay in Lebanon.