Streamline Dropshipping with Save Value and Shopee

Streamline Dropshipping with Save Value and Shopee

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Connecting with dropship Suppliers
    1. Singing up for a Supplier Account
    2. Stock and Warehouse Management
    3. Shipping Process
  3. Changes in the dropshipping Industry
  4. Testing Different Dropshipping Suppliers
    1. Experience with Save Value
    2. Benefits of Save Value
  5. Step-by-Step Process
    1. Logging in to Shopee Seller Store
    2. Setting up Shopee Supported Logistics
    3. Registering for Save Value Account
    4. Syncing Shopee Store with Save Value
    5. Browsing Products on Save Value
    6. Selecting and Syncing Products to your Store
    7. Managing Stock and Pricing
    8. Fulfillment Process
  6. Importance of Pricing and Rewards System
  7. Integration of Save Value with Shopee
  8. Fulfillment Automation
  9. FAQs
  10. Conclusion

Article: Exploring the World of Dropshipping

Dropshipping has gained significant traction in recent years as an alternative business model for entrepreneurs. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of connecting with dropship suppliers and understanding the process of dropshipping. Moreover, we will explore the changes that the industry has experienced and how to navigate through the vast array of suppliers available. Specifically, we will share our experiences with Save Value, a popular dropshipping supplier in Malaysia, and highlight the benefits it offers.

Connecting with Dropship Suppliers

Singing up for a Supplier Account

To begin your dropshipping journey, you must first create a supplier account. This involves signing up with a reputable supplier who can provide you with the necessary products and logistical support. Save Value is one such supplier that offers a seamless registration process. Unlike other platforms, Save Value does not require you to have a business account or a SSM (Social Security Organization) to apply. With just a few personal details, you can easily register an account.

Stock and Warehouse Management

Save Value ensures a smooth operation by keeping their stock in their warehouse in Malaysia. This is advantageous for dropshippers as it allows for faster delivery times since the products are already located domestically. By managing the stock and warehouse themselves, Save Value eliminates the need for dropshippers to worry about stock availability. Moreover, they integrate their system with your Shopee (a popular e-commerce platform in Malaysia) seller store to automatically update stock levels.

Shipping Process

The shipping process has undergone significant changes in the past few years. It is essential to understand the intricacies involved to ensure a seamless experience for both you and your customers. By logging into your Shopee seller store and enabling only Shopee-supported logistics such as JNT and DHL, you streamline the shipping process. Additionally, you can add Pos Laju as an option once you have applied for it. It is crucial to limit the logistics options to those supported by Shopee to ensure a smooth workflow.

Changes in the Dropshipping Industry

The dropshipping landscape has transformed over time, presenting both advantages and challenges for aspiring dropshippers. Keeping up with these changes is crucial to stay relevant and succeed in this competitive market. Gathered from our experience, we have tested several dropshipping suppliers in Malaysia. Among them, Save Value has emerged as one of the easiest to use, offering fast delivery and reliable services. The ever-changing industry demands consistent adaptation, and Save Value has proven to be a reliable partner in this regard.


  • Ease of use and user-friendly interface
  • Fast and reliable delivery services
  • Wide range of product options


  • Limited logistics options beyond Shopee-supported providers
  • Potential delays in sync and update processes

Step-by-Step Process

Logging in to Shopee Seller Store

The first step towards setting up your dropshipping business is logging in to your Shopee seller store. Once logged in, navigate to the "My Shipping" section to configure the logistics options available.

Setting up Shopee Supported Logistics

To ensure a smooth shipping process, it is essential to open only Shopee-supported logistics options, such as JNT and DHL. This step ensures that the logistics services you use are compatible with Shopee's platform.

Registering for Save Value Account

To proceed with dropshipping using Save Value, you need to create an account on their official website, The registration process is straightforward, and you can choose between creating an account from scratch or using your Facebook account for convenience.

Syncing Shopee Store with Save Value

To streamline your dropshipping operations, you must sync your Shopee store with Save Value. This integration allows for seamless data transfer, including orders, shop items, logistics details, discounts, and returns. By doing so, you gain access to comprehensive management of your shop's data.

Browsing Products on Save Value

After integrating your stores, you can browse through a wide range of products available on Save Value. The platform offers various categories to choose from, ensuring there is something suitable for everyone's dropshipping needs.

Selecting and Syncing Products to your Store

When you identify a product you want to sell, such as toothbrushes, you can add it to your store with just a few clicks. Save Value provides essential information regarding member cost, profit, rewards, selling price, and availability. Ensure to set an appropriate selling price and optimize the product's description to enhance searchability and increase your chances of ranking higher.

Managing Stock and Pricing

Save Value's integration allows for seamless management of stock and pricing. The platform automates the process, ensuring stock levels are continuously updated on your Shopee store, leaving you with little to worry about in terms of inventory.

Fulfillment Process

When a customer purchases a product from your store, Save Value will handle the fulfillment process on your behalf. Once an order is placed, you will receive a notification on Save Value's platform. The system generates all the necessary documents and tracks the shipment, making the entire process hassle-free.

Importance of Pricing and Rewards System

Understanding the pricing and rewards system offered by Save Value is crucial in maximizing your profits. When you purchase products from Save Value, you receive rewards in the form of credits that are credited back to your account or e-wallet. These rewards help reduce the actual cost of each product, allowing you to price them competitively in your store. The pricing and rewards system enhances the profitability of your dropshipping business.

Integration of Save Value with Shopee

Save Value seamlessly integrates with Shopee, simplifying the dropshipping process even further. By syncing your store with Save Value, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of features, including invoices and fulfillment. Additionally, this integration allows for combined shipping when all the products in your store are supplied by Save Value.

Fulfillment Automation

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of utilizing Save Value is the automation of the fulfillment process. Once an order is placed on your store, Save Value takes care of printing the documents, updating tracking information, and managing the shipment. This effortless automation ensures that your customers receive their orders promptly, enhancing their satisfaction.


Q: What happens if a customer purchases multiple products? A: If all the products in your store are supplied by Save Value, the shipping can be combined. However, if the products come from different suppliers, the shipping will be calculated separately.

Q: How does the pricing and rewards system work? A: The pricing displayed on Save Value includes the rewards you will receive when purchasing that particular product. The rewards are credited back to your account or e-wallet, effectively reducing the cost of the product.

Q: Can I change the pricing of the products on my Shopee store? A: Yes, you have the flexibility to adjust the pricing of the products on your Shopee store even after syncing them with Save Value.


In conclusion, dropshipping offers immense potential for individuals looking to start an online business. Leveraging the benefits of connecting with reputable dropship suppliers like Save Value can significantly simplify the process and boost your chances of success. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly sync your store, select high-quality products, manage inventory, and streamline the fulfillment process. Embrace the world of dropshipping with Save Value, and embark on your journey towards entrepreneurial success.