My 3 Years Journey in Shopify Dropshipping

My 3 Years Journey in Shopify Dropshipping

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. My Experience with Shopify Drop Shipping
    • Getting Started: Late 2017
    • First Real Success: 2020
    • Timeline Confusion: Roughly Three Years
  3. Results and Financial Freedom
    • Prospering but Frugal
    • Financial Freedom and Opportunities
    • Dealing with Learner's License Limitation
  4. Expectations and Persistence
    • Unlimited Earning Potential
    • No Guarantees or Quick Wins
    • The Importance of Having a Plan and Learning from Experts
    • Testing Products and Being Consistent
  5. Showing Results and the Power of Upsell Apps
    • Revealing Store Results
    • Using Upsell Apps for Increased Profitability
    • Importance of Funnels and Upselling Strategies
    • Easing Facebook Pixel Management with Apps
  6. Changes in Drop Shipping Strategies and Opportunities
    • Evolution of Drop Shipping Tactics
    • The Rise of Short-Form Content and Social Media Platforms
    • Importance of Quality Video Ads and Consistency
    • Beginner's Advantage in Organic Marketing
    • Drop Shipping's Timelessness and Ever-Changing Tactics
    • Dismissing Clickbait about Drop Shipping Dying
  7. The Real Keys to Success in Drop Shipping
    • Dismissing False Notions about Store Name, Design, and Platform
    • Emphasizing Advertising, Product Selection, and Marketing
    • Perseverance, Consistency, and Avoiding Common Mistakes
  8. Future Plans and Advice for Beginners
    • Maintaining Success and Quality of Life
    • Timeline for Next Update and Mentorship Program
  9. Conclusion

My Experience with Shopify Drop Shipping

Over the past three years (or roughly), I have immersed myself in the world of Shopify Drop Shipping. Though the exact duration of my involvement is a bit unclear, my journey began in late 2017, with my first taste of success materializing in 2020. In this article, I aim to share insights, results, and advice based on my experience. While I won't disclose the exact figures of my earnings, I will provide glimpses into the financial freedom and lifestyle that Drop Shipping has afforded me.

Results and Financial Freedom

Since my last update about ten months ago, not much has changed in terms of my daily life. Although I now earn more money, my frugal lifestyle remains intact. I have the means to indulge in luxuries, travel freely, and enjoy life's pleasures. However, materialistic desires do not drive me, and I find contentment in financial freedom itself. I have moved to a nicer apartment in a different city, but aside from that, my spending habits have not significantly shifted. The only setback is my inability to drive my car due to licensing technicalities, but I eagerly anticipate turning 21 to fully enjoy the vehicle.

Expectations and Persistence

The allure of Drop Shipping lies in its unlimited earning potential. However, it is essential to approach this field with realistic expectations. There are no guarantees of success, and the timeframe for achieving profitability varies from person to person. It can take years of trial and error for those who navigate blindly, lacking a structured plan and reliable guidance. To increase your chances of success and avoid losing money, it is crucial to adopt a proven strategy and learn from experienced individuals. While it is possible to succeed on your own, following a tested recipe increases your chances of achieving success efficiently.

Showing Results and the Power of Upsell Apps

Although I won't disclose my exact earnings, my results speak for themselves. In just over a month, my store has generated over $119,000 in revenue. However, it is important to note that success in Drop Shipping is not solely about the numbers. It also lies in the strategies employed and the tools used to maximize profitability. One such tool is an upsell app, specifically a post-purchase upsell app. These apps offer customers additional products with a simple one-click feature, instantly increasing your profit margins. Apart from the upsell app, utilizing a reliable Facebook pixel app can streamline your advertising efforts and ensure accurate data tracking.

Changes in Drop Shipping Strategies and Opportunities

Over the past few years, Drop Shipping has evolved, necessitating changes in strategies. What worked a few years ago may no longer yield the same results today. Traditional methods, like advertising on Instagram pages or utilizing Facebook ads, have encountered challenges and saturation. However, new opportunities have emerged, particularly in the realm of short-form content and social media platforms. Platforms like TikTok have garnered immense popularity, offering a ripe landscape for organic marketing. By creating captivating video ads and consistently posting on various platforms, beginners can leverage this trend to drive traffic and sales to their stores.

The Real Keys to Success in Drop Shipping

Amidst the myths and misconceptions about Drop Shipping, it is crucial to focus on what truly drives success: effective advertising, meticulous product selection, and solid marketing strategies. Often, beginners fixate on trivial details like store names or designs, mistakenly believing they hold the key to success. In reality, the quality and appeal of your products, combined with targeted advertising and effective marketing, are the true determinants of triumph. Therefore, while attention to detail is essential, beginners should prioritize these three core elements and persevere despite initial setbacks.

Future Plans and Advice for Beginners

As my journey progresses, I anticipate filming my next update in six months to a year. Until then, I encourage aspiring Drop Shippers to take advantage of the Shopify trial and seize the opportunity to start their own stores. Procrastination is the enemy of progress, and the best time to embark on this journey is now. For those seeking guidance and a first-hand learning experience, I offer a mentorship program priced at an accessible $50. This comprehensive program includes my course, store creation support, access to a community on Discord, and weekly group calls for personalized guidance.


In conclusion, my experience with Shopify Drop Shipping has transformed my life, affording me financial freedom and endless opportunities. Despite the challenges and changes in the industry, Drop Shipping remains a viable and promising venture for aspiring entrepreneurs. By focusing on effective advertising, careful product selection, and robust marketing strategies, beginners can carve their path to success. The key lies in perseverance, consistency, and seeking guidance from experienced individuals. So, don't wait any longer – start your Drop Shipping journey today and unlock a world of possibilities.